Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 19

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 19

The next morning in Ji Manor, Housekeeper Song brought a letter into the backyard.

The Second Mistress had just finished breakfast and took the letter carried by the servant girl.

Unfolding it, she looked at it sentence by sentence and smiled faintly.

“What does the letter say, Mistress?” Yuan’er asked.

After reading it, the Second Mistress put it aside and said quietly, “It’s a letter from the Su Family.

It asks if Miss Su has arrived in Shengjing.

It also asks if we have set the date for marriage.

” Yuan’er smiled contemptuously.

“The Su family is really in a hurry.

We haven’t said if we want to marry their young lady and they are already asking about the wedding.

” As she spoke, she folded the letter and put it back into the envelope.

Suddenly, something fell out of the envelope and floated onto the hibiscus-colored carpet.

With a curious gasp, Yuan’er picked up what had fallen out.

It was an emerald jade pendant, carved with hollowed-out ‘Ruyi’ runes.

The engraving was very light so she did not notice it at first.

“Mistress, look!” Yuan’er handed the jade pendant to the Second Mistress.

The Second Mistress took the jade pendant and froze.

Many forgotten past events slowly surged into her mind with fond remembrance.




At the time, she had still been a young lady of the Zhu Family, not yet of age to marry.

The Su Family had not left Shengjing.

Su Yuejiu’s father, Su Zhenghan, was only a teenager of seventeen or eighteen years old.

The Su Family’s Eldest Mistress and her mother were cousins and were close to each other.

Su Zhenghan was two years older than her and often came to the Zhu Manor.

The two often recited poems together, and after a long time, they developed an affection for each other.

However, before it could develop into a relationship, the Su Family moved far away to Fuyang.

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COM Before leaving, Su Zhenghan came to say goodbye to her, and she gave him this jade pendant.

She had never thought that after more than twenty years had passed he would still have kept it.

Although the two did not have any deep feelings any longer, they still held affection for each other from their youth.

Thus, she reminisced upon it fondly.

Did Su Zhenghan send this jade pendant to ask me to take into account our past relationship and ensure this marriage will go through? she wondered.

Seeing the Second Mistress caress the jade pendant in her palm so fondly, Yuan’er smiled.

“I hope the Su Family are not so naïve to think that if they send a jade pendant they will be able to convince our Second Mistress to have the Eldest Young Master marry their daughter, are they?” The Second Mistress glanced at Yuan’er, and her eyes were a little cold.

With a shock in her heart, Yuan’er knelt down.

“I have misspoke.

I have no other intention, I just feel that the Su Family has underestimated you, my lady.

” Now, although the Second Mistress enjoyed seniority in the Ji Manor, and had given birth to a son and a daughter, it had always been Ji Yuxian who was in charge.

Yuan’er’s words sounded like she was implying that the Second Mistress could not decide matters for Ji Yuxian at all.

The Second Mistress waved her hand, smiled and said, “What are you panicking about? I know what you mean.

This marriage is indeed Ji Yuxian’s matter.

How can I decide for him? It’s just that although I can’t make this decision, for the sake of old ties, it’s only right to visit them.

” Yuan’er looked up.

“Is Mistress going to see Miss Su?” “Mmhmm,” the Second Mistress said, rising to her feet.

“Get the attendants to prepare the carriage.

Let the Su Family know in advance, we cannot risk losing face!” “Yes, I will pass your orders down!” — Meanwhile, Su Jiu received the news from the Ji Manor and immediately met with the gang to discuss how to deal with it.

Su Jiu spoke first.

“Don’t worry.

When that Second Mistress of the Ji Family comes, I will be cautious in my words and deeds, and not talk much!” Nanny nodded.

“That’s good, except for the questions Second Mistress asks which you have to answer, I will handle everything else.

” “What about us?” Ah Shu asked.

“Just leave Chang Huan here.

 The rest of you must stay in your rooms and not come out!” Nanny said, and looked at Qiao An.

“If they really ask, Master An will say that he is a housekeeper, and Master Shu and Master Pao are attendants who drive the carriage.

That would make sense!” Qiao An nodded.

“That’s good!” Nanny looked at Su Jiu again.

“Since the Ji Family is not here yet, I will teach Miss some etiquette at this time, so we don’t let the cat out of the bag.

” “Etiquette?” Su Jiu’s eyebrows raised.

“Yes!” Nanny nodded and went to the center of the room.

“I’ll show it to Miss first!” After that, Nanny walked over with small delicate steps, bowing with her head down.

“Greetings to the Second Mistress!” Spurt! Su Jiu spat out her mouthful of tea, then wiped her mouth with her sleeve and waved her hand.

“I can’t do that.

Don’t force me to do this!” “This is the simplest way, Miss, just learn it!” Nanny stepped forward and pulled on Su Jiu’s sleeves.

Hu Dapao and Ah Shu stood watching the excitement and did not forget to start teasing.

“Come on, Chief, do it!” “Do it!” “Get out!” Su Jiu scolded furiously, “You just want to see me make a fool of myself! Go back to your rooms, no one is allowed to come out without my orders!” Qiao An smiled and said, “Study hard Chief.

I’ll take them away, and Chang Huan will stay and learn with you!” Chang Huan immediately looked like he would rather die.

Although Hu Dapao and Ah Shu wanted to see Su Jiu and Chang Huan learn the greetings that women perform, they dared not disobey her.

They reluctantly followed Qiao An out the door.

There were only three people left in the room, and Nanny closed the door and said, “Now that it’s quiet, Miss, you may learn as quickly as possible!” Su Jiu frowned and refused, and then tugged Chang Huan behind her, smiled and said, “Chang Huan first!” Chang Huan was Miss Su’s personal servant girl and would have to do the greetings.

Chang Huan howled, plopping on the ground and holding Su Jiu’s leg.

“Chief, you might as well kill me!” If Chief as a woman can’t do it, how can I? he wondered.

I would rather get stabbed.

He was sure that if Hu Dapao and Ah Shu saw him behave like a woman, they would laugh at him for the rest of their lives.

“Be good, be obedient!” Su Jiu patted his head.

Hugging Su Jiu’s leg, he refused to let go.

“Chief, I’ve always been loyal to you.

How can you do this to me?” Su Jiu rolled her eyes and grabbed him by the shoulder, pulling him up.

“Cut the drama and learn quickly! If you don’t learn, I will kick you out of the gang right now.

” Chang Huan looked at her sadly, wiped his tears, and then walked behind Nanny with a look of death.

Nanny looked at the two exasperatedly.

She couldn’t understand why they would rather die when it was just a simple greeting! “Chang Huan, you are a servant girl, so when you bow, you should call yourself that.

” Nanny explained and bowed again, “I, a servant girl, greet Second Mistress.

” Chang Huan knelt down stiffly, his butt in the air.

“I, a servant… servant girl… what?” Nanny corrected his posture and repeated patiently, “I, a servant girl, greet the Second Mistress.

” Chang Huan intentionally said in a higher tone, “I, a servant girl, greet the Second…Second Mistress.

” “Hahaha!” Seeing Chang Huan’s dramatic actions with his butt in the air, coupled with the shrill voice he was putting on, Su Jiu burst out laughing, nearly falling off the chair.

Chang Huan scrambled up angrily and squatted on the floor, arms across his chest.

“I’m not learning anymore, I’m done!” Nanny shook her head and sighed, knowing that it was a little difficult for Chang Huan.

After all, he was a man.

She could not expect him to accept things immediately.

“I’ll go out to see if the visitors from Ji Manor have arrived.

 Miss and Master Huan, you had better practise first!” Nanny said, and she opened the door and went out, thinking that if she wasn’t here the two might be more comfortable