Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 10

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 10

It was getting late, and Hu Dapao and Ah Shu were snoring as they flopped over the table.

Su Jiu stood up and said, “Let’s call it a day.

If the Ji Family asks anything, Nanny will handle it!” “Yes, yes!” the nanny replied respectfully.

As she looked up at Su Jiu, she murmured, “I’ll boil some water and help Chief take a bath!” “No need!” Su Jiu replied, but suddenly recalled that she was Miss Su.

It was fine for Su Jiu not to bathe and be filthy, but Miss Su was another story.

“All right then,” she agreed.

“Thank you!” “Of course!” The nanny bowed and left.

As Qiao An glanced at her retreating back, his brows knitted together.

“This nanny is not just a mere coward!” Su Jiu nodded slowly.

This woman was smart and knew how to play to their strengths without forgetting their weaknesses.

Even after being captured by them, she could still analyze their situation calmly.

Though she acted like a coward, she was definitely no fool.

But the smarter she was, the more careful they had to be! If she could watch her young lady die before her, she might betray Su Jiu as well.

If a foolish man betrayed them, it was easy to deal with; but a calculated betrayal might be a fatal blow.




So, they had to guard themselves against her! Qiao An looked away and sighed.

“Chief, do you regret entering Shengjing?” Su Jiu smiled.

“There’s nothing to regret.

Rather than let everyone starve in those earthen houses, I would much better do something big.

I have never regretted anything in my life! Besides, the wealth of the Ji Family may not all come from legitimate means.

We do not kill good people, we only snatch ill-gotten wealth.

We are just digging a little from the Ji Family’s golden hill.

There’s nothing wrong with that!” Besides, she thought, we’re bandits! There aren’t any good people among bandits! I never prided myself on being a good person! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Qiao An nodded with a smile.

“I followed the right person!” Su Jiu thumped her hand on Qiao An’s shoulder.

“It’s fine, everyone ate buns today, and we will feast tomorrow.

It’s most important to be happy in life.

Don’t worry too much.

No matter what happens, I will protect everyone!” “Yes!” Qiao An nodded.

“See which rooms we can sleep in, ask the rest to go back and sleep!” “All right, I’ll take a look first!” The two came out of the hall, separated and went to take a look at the other rooms.

There were four primary rooms in total.

The one to the west had an embroidered bed and vanity, which was prepared for Miss Su.

The middle two rooms were living room and dining room.

People could sleep in the east room and east compartment.

The west compartment had a stove and firewood and was used for cooking.

Although the yard was not large, and couldn’t compare to mansions, it was vastly better compared to the three earthen houses they had lived in previously.

Thus, they were deeply satisfied.

In the west room, the water in the tub had been changed four times, and the nanny could not lift the basins of water anymore.

She asked Chang Huan to help fetch more water.

By the fifth time, the water finally stayed clear.

Behind the screen, Su Jiu began to feel a little embarrassed as she sat in the tub.

“It’s been so long since I took a bath.

Sorry for the trouble!” Su Jiu grew up with a bunch of men.

Although she didn’t guard herself against them, she also knew that she was different from the others in the gang.

At first, she was afraid of others laughing at her, so she secretly ran into the stream in the woods to wash up.

As she grew up, she discovered changes in her own body and was disgusted.

Thus, she simply did not even take baths, and let herself be filthy.

The mud on her body was unnaturally thick.

“No, no, it’s my duty to serve you, Chief!” The nanny smiled, and there was no disgust in her eyes.

Instead, she was merely incredulous.

Under the candlelight, the woman’s long inky hair flowed down to her waist.

After washing it, it was smooth as satin.

After the dirt on her body was washed away, her skin was fair and delicate, highlighting her alluring curves.

She was even more delicate than the rich young ladies the nanny had served.

The real Miss Su had used rose oil to let her skin remain supple.

She even let servant girls knead her skin in turn so that it remained delicate.

However, even she couldn’t match up to Su Jiu, someone who hadn’t bathed in a few years.

If she knew this, the nanny wondered, wouldn’t she be jealous to death? Of course, at this time the nanny did not know that her young lady had not died yet.

The nanny rubbed Su Jiu’s shoulder and then rubbed fragrant soap on her back.

As the light fragrance of the sweet-scented osmanthus permeated the room, Su Jiu sniffed and asked, “What is this?” “Fragrant soap.

Young ladies all use this!” “What do they do with this?” “It smells good!” The nanny smiled meaningfully and whispered, “Men love its smell!” “Nonsense!” Su Jiu hummed coldly.

“I don’t like to smell it!” You really think of yourself as a man! the nanny thought.

Standing up in the water, the nanny took an undergarment and set to help Su Jiu put it on.

Su Jiu hurriedly sat back in the water, looking at the pale pink scrap of cloth.

“What is this?” “This is what women wear too!” the nanny laughed, pulled Su Jiu up, wiped her dry with a towel, and put the undergarment on.

Su Jiu stood in the water with her arms open.

She frowned and said, “It feels strange!” “It’s not, all women have to wear it.

You’ll get used to it!” For some reason, after spending time with Su Jiu for a while, the nanny no longer feared her as much but instead pitied her.

A woman somehow became a bandit and led a life of thievery.

She didn’t even know what an undergarment was.

Where are her parents? she wondered.

How could they have the heart to abandon such a beautiful daughter? Although Su Jiu looked vicious and rude, after actually spending time with her, the nanny realized she was as straightforward and innocent as a child.

The nanny’s heart softened as she began to treat her with sincerity.

After putting on her nightdress, the nanny brushed Su Jiu’s hair as she looked at her carefully.

The nanny smiled.

“Miss, you’re beautiful!” Her body was symmetrical, slender but not bony.

Her features were delicate, and every feature was just right as if carved meticulously by the gods.

Their Miss Su was a famous beauty of Fuyang, but this Su Jiu was more beautiful than the real Miss Su.

She was outstanding even in Shengjing, which was renowned for beauties.

Moreover, if she looked closely, Su Jiu’s eyes and their Miss Su bore an incredible resemblance.

Su Jiu stretched lazily.

She was quite comfortable after she took a bath.

She was about to fall asleep, and listened to the nanny’s words and chuckled.

“What’s the use of being pretty?” Whoever’s fist is strongest is the boss! Su Jiu thought.

In the afternoon, after her face was washed, Su Jiu thought that she looked vicious and ferocious based on the terrified reaction from the nanny.

what made me look look pretty now? Su Jiu was puzzled.

But she was too lazy to look into the mirror.

Yawning, Su Jiu got up and went to the bed.

She lay down and fell into the brocade quilt.

Su Jiu sighed, thinking that her muddy bed had always felt more comfortable.

How am I going to sleep on a mattress this soft? Wondering this to herself, she slowly drifted off to sleep.

The nanny put down the drapes, blew out the candlelight, and then stepped back.

She never thought to kill Su Jiu and then run away.

She knew she couldn’t possibly succeed, so she would not even try.

When the nanny closed the door of the room, in the dark, Su Jiu’s closed eyes opened slowly.

Her lips raised in a smile.

Fortunately, this woman is really not stupid! she thought.

If she had to choose between a stupid and a clever person, Su jiu of course would like to leave a clever person around.

Even if she betrays me! Sui Jiu thought.

Survival depended on the individual’s capability.

And anyway, Su Jiu thought, a battle of wits against clever people is always more interesting!