Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 11

Wife Doting Addiction:My Abducted Tsundere Husband - Chapter 11

Shengjing, Ji Manor.

When Housekeeper Song returned, he told Yu Yong, the Chief Housekeeper of Ji Manor, about Miss Su’s accommodations.

He was only a Third Rank Housekeeper and was not allowed to enter the main courtyard.

After Housekeeper Yu heard everything, his expression remained unchanged.

He nodded slightly to show that he understood.

Housekeeper Song retreated from the housekeeper’s yard, looked around, and went straight to the backyard.

Along the way, he passed flowers and willows and various plants, around one corridor and over the next, until he stopped at an intricately carved door.

After waiting to be summoned in, he bowed and entered.

There were intricate pillars in the yard with rockery and flowing water.

One couldn’t help but admire the elegant and dignified environment as Housekeeper Song was led by servant girls to the flower hall of the East Pavilion.

The flower hall was covered with tapestries embroidered with gold-threaded peony patterns.

The hall was furnished with mahogany furniture.

As the scent of incense curled, the atmosphere was luxury and tranquility.

A beauty sat by the window, a woman who was around 40 years old.

She was donned in hibiscus-colored robes with chrysanthemum flower prints and a satin snow silk skirt.

Her hair was adorned in simple and elegant hairpins and her eyes were closed.

Two servant girls were massaging her legs gently.

The room was quiet, and the woman’s face appeared soft and gentle.

She was well taken care of and looked much younger than her age.

Hearing the sound of footsteps outside, the woman slowly opened her eyes.

With her sharp gaze, gentle expression immediately turned somewhat cold and strict.




Perhaps she had experienced too much pain to remain innocent, her pair of soft, beautiful eyes were tainted with shrewd worldliness, a jaded disposition.

This didn’t fit her demeanor, only adding to what made her intimidating.

Housekeeper Song bowed as he entered.

“I have come to pay my respects to the Second Mistress!” “Mmm!” the woman hummed faintly, taking the ginseng tea the servant girl had poured for her and sipped lightly.

“Have you seen Miss Su?” “Yes!” The housekeeper did not dare to meet her gaze, but there was a pleasing smile on his face.

“She does look pretty,” he confessed, “but not as pretty as Shengjing women.

Her words and actions seemed nervous as if she did not know how to handle things properly!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “She’s a young noble lady, that’s normal!” As the Second Mistress smiled her eyes curved and hid all the calculations in them.

Still under the guise of being gentle and kind, she asked, “Where have you arranged their accommodations?” “The Ji family’s estates are in the outer city.

Since it was getting late, I found a yard to settle Miss Su for the time being!” The Second Mistress’ eyes narrowed, just slightly, but she kept a smile on her face.

 “How could you just find a random yard?” she remarked aloofly.

“If outsiders knew, they would think our Eldest Young Master had mistreated Miss Su! The Su Family can be unkind, but we can’t be unrighteous!” Housekeeper Song let out a cry in chagrin, and raised his hand to slap himself.

The sounds rang the air before he replied, “My Second Mistress is right, I have been inconsiderate in my arrangement!” “All right,” she said, “you may leave!” The Second Mistress blinked, then turned to the chief servant girl, Yuan’er, and instructed, “Housekeeper Song has worked hard, reward him with 50 silver taels!” “Thank you, madam, thank you, madam!” Housekeeper Song immediately knelt on the ground as he gave thanks.

When Housekeeper Song was gone, the Second Mistress stopped smiling.

Her gaze flickered, and her face became unreadable.

“Madam, would you like to see this Miss Su?” Yuan’er whispered, massaging her shoulders.

“Of course.

She’s here after all!” The Second Mistress gently twisted the beads on her wrist as she suggested coyly, “I’ll just leave her alone for a few days before meeting her!” Yuan’er smirked.

“The three young ladies in the manor might go meet her first!” The Second Mistress shook her head.

“Ji Yuxian’s attitude is not clear.

Even if they are curious about this Miss Su, they won’t take action!” Yuan’er nodded.

“Madam is right!” Ji Yuxian turned a blind eye to Miss Su’s arrival into Shengjing, apparently not deeming it worth his attention.

At this time, if the concubines in the house went to find out more and make things difficult for Miss Su, they would be reprimanded.

They are not so stupid, the Second Mistress thought.

—— The next day, Su Jiu got up at dawn, picked up yesterday’s dress and took a long time to dress herself.

She did not know where the straps were tied, and was about to throw it away out of impatience.

However, just then, the nanny came in with a basin of water.

Putting down the basin, she came to help Su Jiu dress as she said, “From today onwards, I will call you Miss, and I will help you dress and bathe.

I got up early, and seeing that there’s rice and vegetables in the kitchen, I cooked porridge and made breakfast.

Wash up and come eat, Miss!” Su Jiu was very unaccustomed to being waited on.

After the nanny had properly dressed her, she said, “I’ll wear it myself tomorrow and not bother you!” The nanny bowed her head, without yesterday’s fear on her face, leaving only a subordinate’s respect.

“It is my duty to serve you, Miss!” “I’m not a real young lady, you don’t have to wait on me.

Just help us deal with the Ji Family!” Su Jiu stepped over to the table, poured a cup of cold tea and gulped it down.

She then went to the basin and threw a handful of water over her face.

The nanny hurriedly handed over the cloth towel.

After Su Jiu wiped her face haphazardly, she was about to walked out.

“Wait!” The nanny hastened to catch up, “Miss, haven’t you combed your hair yet?” Su Jiu looked at her long hair spread behind her, and grit her teeth.

“How godd*mn troublesome!” The nanny pressed Su Jiu on the chair, and as she caught a glimpsed of Su Jiu’s impatient expression, the nanny did not dare attempt an exquisite hair style.

She only combed it into a bun and secured it with the golden hairpin.

Luckily her face is so beautiful, the nanny thought, so she looks good no matter what.

Outside the door, Chang Huan was snoozing against the osmanthus tree in the yard.

Ah Shu and Hu Dapao were sparring with broadswords.

Next to them, Qiao An sat at the stone table reading.

Hearing the opening door, everyone looked up at Su Jiu and froze.

Although they had accepted Su Jiu wearing women’s clothes yesterday, when they saw Su Jiu come out like this, they couldn’t help but feel that this was not their Chief.

After seeing their expressions, Su Jiu’s gaze flickered with exasperation.

She lifted her skirt and tucked it in at her waist.

Leaping into the air, she kicked out her left leg, landed on her right foot, and held onto Ah Shu and Hu Dapao’s arms at the same time.

Without waiting for the other to react, a clang rang the air, as Su Jiu grabbed the two broadswords from both of her men.

She kicked Ah Shu and Hu Dapao as they staggered back.

Su Jiu’s moves were fast and accurate, and she went straight for the vital spots.

If it wasn’t for them being comrades, Ah Shu and Hu Dapao would be dead.

“Chief is the best!” Chang Huan flew down from the tree and landed behind Su Jiu, a flattering smile on his handsome face.

“I haven’t seen you for a night, and your martial arts has already improved!” “Get out of the way!” Su Jiu slanted him with a glance, and her cold gaze swept over everyone.

“I’m dressing up as a woman for all of you, so whoever dares look at me weirdly, don’t blame me for turning against you!”