I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 197

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Golden Bachelor Part Two “Hello, Sir Wang!” Xiao Ying’s father was astonished when he noticed Chu Xian walking over with Sir Wang and the others, and as they neared he hurriedly stood up to greet them.

“No, no, you can’t greet me this way.

I am your daughter and son-in-law’s equal, even though you are only a couple years older than me.

In the end you are still my elder, so you don’t have to be so respectful!” Sir Wang heard Xiao Ying’s father’s greeting and hurriedly waved his hand.

“Hehe, I work at your company!” Xiao Ying’s father noticed Sir Wang’s shock and smiled as he replied.

“Yi, really? How much older than me are you? We should just talk amongst ourselves, older brother.

Since you work at my company than we have fate!” Sir Wang walked over and extended his hand.

“Haha, that’s right, what a coincidence.

I hadn’t imagined that Xiao Xian and Sir Wang actually know each other!” Xiao Ying’s father said with some emotion.

“Haha, to get to know brother Chu Xian is my fortune, big brother, you can’t call me Sir Wang, just call me Xiao Wang or Old Wang.

You are Chu Xian’s father in law; it’s not suitable for you to call me Sir Wang!” Sir Wang said firmly.

“Xiao Ying’s father laughed awkwardly: Come, come, take a seat, take a seat!” “okay, okay, big brother, it’s no big deal, we just came over to chat!” Sir Wang hurriedly handed over a folding chair.

“Its fine, Mom, Dad, Sir Wang and I are friends, it’s fine to be more casual.

” Chu Xian noticed his father-in-law’s awkwardness and immediately spoke up to help him.

“That’s right, big brother.

Chu Xian and I are friends, if I knew you were Chu Xian’s father-in-law, I would have already invited you over for some drinks!” Sir Wang said happily.




“Not at all, not at all, you two can talk, I will go fish!” Xiao Ying’s father smiled.

Sir Wang nodded and turned to Chu Xian, “Brother Chu Xian, when are you going back?” Chu Xian turned to Xiao Ying, “When are we going back?” “We’ll stay for at least three to four more days!” Xiao Ying smiled and took a seat next to him.

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COM The nearby Song Qingfeng was hurriedly bringing over two more chairs, and as his eyes brushed over Chu Xian he could feel his face getting red.

“As you wish, we can stay as long as you like.

” Chu Xian nodded.

“Haha, it looks like brother Chu Xian is afraid of his wife, haha, good, good!” Sir Wang laughed when he saw how the couple interacted.

Chu Xian chuckled.

“Sir Wang, is this fishing competition something you’ve organized?” “Old Wu and I run it together.

We opened up an eco-club?? (what is this) and the business is pretty good, so we’re getting ready to open some chain stores in other cities, and right now we’re doing some promoting.

” Sir Wang laughed before continuing.

” Brother Chu Xian, we’ve been preparing to open a location in Hai Qing City in the next year or two, are you interested in investing? If you participate we can open the club this year!” “Not now!” Chu Xian shook his head.

“I have many things going on right now, and we are preparing to open some branch locations for the aquarium stores.

We can talk more after I’ve finished working on these branch stores.

” “I’m really jealous of you, brother.

Your aquarium store is incredibly popular, and even though everyone knows about your profits nobody can copy you.

” Sir Wang sighed with admiration.

“The business is pretty good.

Maybe we can collaborate in the future.

” Chu Xian nodded and replied.

“Collaborate?” Sir Wang’s eyes lit up, and he asked enthusiastically.

“Brother Chu Xian, you mean to collaborate on the aquarium stores?” “En, I have an indea, and if it turns out well I will definitely let Sir Wang know!” Chu Xian nodded.

“Haha, then I’ll have to give brother Chu Xian a lot of thanks!” Sir Wang said excitedly.

With the aquarium market right now, any cooperation would result in millions of rmb for Sir Wang, so how could he not be happy.

Chu Xian laughed and the businessmen chatted about various things together.

In the distance, the Jiu Li Village villagers looked on, glancing over from time to time as they whispered amongst themselves.

“Yi, I got a bite!” At that moment Xiao Ying’s father shouted out excitedly, quickly pulling up his catch – an over three catty heavy chub.

“Go dad! Go for first place!” Xiao Ying clapped happily and walked over to the side and sat down.

Not too long later, another big carp that weighed around five catties took his bait, and Xiao Ying’s father quickly reeled it in excitedly.

Chu Xian laughed happily.

Under his control, fish would come after a given amount of time to bite the hook, and Xiao Ying’s father could barely control his happiness.

The event went on until four pm, and the staff went around counting the number of fish that the participants had caught.

In the end, the clear winner was Xiao Ying’s father in a dominant first place.

“Come, come, Uncle Zhang, this is the price money.

Let’s go over there to take some pictures!” Under Song Qingzhi’s guidance, Xiao Ying’s father held up the hundred thousand rmb cheque for a picture.

Xiao Ying’s father looked down at the cheque in his hand and felt he was in a dream; in fact, the entire afternoon had felt like an unrealistic haze, and he had not even been that focused when he was fishing, and had been listening to the conversation his son-in-law was having with the others.

But he felt that his luck was incredibly good, and that it was his son-in-law who had brought this luck.

He was certain, and his eyes were even more familial as he looked over Chu Xian, and his heart had grown even more to regard Chu Xian as his son.

After bidding farewell to Sir Wu, Chu Xian and the others drove back to Jiu Li Village.

Wen Song Qingzhi and his brother saw the Rolls-Royce, bitterness filled their heart; how could this man be normal when Sir Wang welcomed him so warmly and he drove such a luxurious car? “Xiao Song!” As Sir Wang was getting in his car he turned around and called out to Song Qingzhi.

“I’m here, is there any request that Sir Wang has?” Song Qingzhi immediately ran over and replied.

“What department does Xiao Ying’s father work at in the company, what does he do?” Sir Wang asked.

“Sir Wang, he works as a normal decorate for Team Three.

” Song Qingzhi replied immediately.

“En, give him the supervisor position.

Mm, forget it, I’ll let him know myself!” Sir Wang spoke, thought for a moment, shook his head, and then got into the car.

Song Qingzhi stood awkwardly to the side – the supervisor position was a very good job, not at all lacking compared to his own, and had a lot of room for profit in the grey areas of the business; he had fought hard for seven to eight years to get to where he was, and Xiao Yings father… aih, even if he was jealous he could do nothing about it! “This is this real golden bachelor!” The villagers from Jiu Li Village had all been stunned speechless today, and they could only watch on with sighs of amazement.

That middle-aged man who had so eagerly called Song Qingfeng a golden bachelor could only blush to himself.

Song Qingfeng was just a gopher compared to that young man! Chu Xian and the others returned home, and Xiao Ying’s parents brought them over to their maternal and paternal uncle’s houses, bringing many presents that made the two families very happy.

At night, the whole family gathered together and had dinner, and Chu Xian was finally recognized by the whole family.

In Jiu Li Village, the circumstances at the fishing event were quickly spread and made known to everyone in the village.

Xiao Ying had found herself a super-rich boyfriend.

Xiao Ying’s boyfriend and Song Qingzhi’s big boss from the city called each other brothers.

Someone even looked up the price of the blue cabriolet and found out that it was worth five million rmb, and this news made all the villagers even more stunned and speechless.

Over the next few days, many people visited Xiao Ying’s home.

Everyone knew that Xiao Ying’s family had struck gold, and that she had caught a rich and powerful man!