I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 196

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Golden Bachelor Part One Translator: Aristophaneso  “Not at all! Not at all!” Song Qingfeng laughed and shook his head, and it was very clear that he enjoyed the compliments immensely.

“Xixi, Xiao Xian, don’t you think that he shows off even better than you do!” Xiao Ying smiled cheerfully and whispered in Chu Xian’s ear.

“Eh!” Chu Xian gave her a speechless look.

“I have always tried to be a little low key, okay?” “Qie!” Xiao Ying looked at him with mock disdain and curved her lips.

“Please wait for a moment, everyone, our boss is here.

I need to go over there!” At that moment, a few cars arrived at the bank and Song Qingfeng immediately stood up; after a quick farewell, he ran over.

“A big boss.

A boss with a networth over a hundred million rmb; this is a real rich person!” “That’s right, look at Qingfeng, even when he’s attending to a boss he’s still quite stylish, aih!” The gathered people looked towards the cars on the bank and sighed quietly in admiration.




“Oh, Dad, are you also working for this boss?” Chu Xian asked Xiao Ying’s father curiously1.

“It can’t really be considered a full on job, we just run errands and help decorate rooms.

” Xiao Ying’s father shook his head and replied.

“Qingfeng is the manager of our third decorating team, and his brother Qingzhi is the senior manager of the boss’ entire decorating company.

Qingzhi has seven managers under his supervision with hundreds of workers reporting to them; those two kids are considered very successful in our village.

” “I heard that this boss is very rich, and owns two or three companies.

” Xiao Ying’s father added.

“Oh!” Chu Xian nodded, and turned to look in the distance.

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COM On the bank, a dozen or so middle-aged people and three older persons were walking together towards the riverside, all of them dressed in UV-protective, sporty fishing wear.

Song Qingzhi guided them along very cheerfully, explaining things here and there, and Song Qingfeng followed along beside them as a smiling attendant.

“Tsk tsk, I heard Qingfeng say that these people were all very rich, at least millionaires, and that one in the white shirt must be their boss, Sir Wang!”  “You can only be successful if you go along with a big boss; in a few years it might be Sir Song!” “They’ve already made it.

They’ve bought their houses and their cars outright – how many young people can do that nowadays?” Just as Chu Xian narrowed his eyes to get a better look at the group walking towards the riverbank, he heard the conversation from the people nearby and a small smile appeared on his face.

“Xiao Ying, we’re going to meet an acquaintance!” Chu Xian cocked his head and looked at Xiao Ying, speaking with a huge smile on his face.

“What?” Xiao Ying looked at him in surprise.

“An acquaintance? Who?” And then Xiao Ying saw his huge smile and immediately asked again, “You recognize someone in that group?”  “En!” Chu Xian nodded.

“Xiao Xian, how come you know people wherever you go!” Xiao Ying looked at him with curiosity.

“I met him on the trip out to sea!” Chu Xian stood up.

“Although we aren’t very close, we can go over there and say hello!” “En.

” Xiao Ying nodded.

“Mom, Dad, there’s a friend over there that we are going over to say hi to!” Chu Xian told Xiao Ying’s parents.

“A friend?” Xiao Ying’s father looked curiously over in the direction Chu Xian pointed in.

He nodded, “Okay you guys go ahead!” “En!” Chu Xian grabbed Xiao Ying’s hand and walked over.

“Sir Wang, many people from the nearby villages have come over, and the photographer is also over there.

We’ve prepared some banners over here!” Song Qingzhi pointed as he spoke.

“En!” Sir Wang nodded and turned to a middle aged person beside him.

“Old Wu, after everything is prepared I’ll send you a copy of the information.

” “Okay.

” Old WU nodded before turning his attention back to the surroundings; suddenly, his gaze stopped.

“What caught your eye?” Sir Wang noticed him staring and asked with a happy laugh.

“Sir Wu must have been impressed by the beautiful view.

There is a pomegranate garden up ahead; they taste very good, and the flowers have blossomed.

Later if Sir Wang and everyone else wants some pomegranates, I can go over and buy some.

” Song Qingzhi said with a smile.

“En?” But very quickly he realized that his boss’ behavior was a little strange, and he was staring up ahead with surprise in his eyes.

“What a coincidence! Haha, what a coincidence!” Sir Wang suddenly clapped, and he picked up speed and headed forward.

“It’s him!” Sir Wu smiled a small smile and immediately followed along.

Song Qingzhi’s face was covered with astonishment – who could make Sir Wu so happy? He looked over and saw Chu Xian and Xiao Ying walking towards them; he shook his head quietly, but very quickly his expression turned awkward.

“Haha, Brother Chu Xian, I didn’t think that I’d see you here.

This is fate, fate!” Sir Wang quickly walked over to Chu Xian and called out cheerfully and enthusiastically.

His enthusiastic words immediately attracted everyone’s attention, and with faces covered in stunned astonishment they watched the important man talk to Er Dong’s son-in-law.

“Sir Wang, it really is a coincidence.

How come you are back so soon?” Chu Xian asked curiously.

“I just got off the cruise this morning and directly came over here.

What is brother Chu Xian doing here?” Sir Wang was also very curious.

“Hehe, I came to visit my girlfriend’s home and meet my father and mother-in-law!” Chu Xian laughed.

“Haha!” Sir Wang laughed.

“Then this must be your girlfriend.

What a beauty, ah right.

Little brother, little sister, let me introduce myself.

I am Wu Dafu, my name is very easy.

You can just call me brother Wang.

”  “En, Brother Wang, nice to meet you.

Just call me Xiao Ying!” Xiao Ying reached out and shook his hands.

She’d already been by Chu Xian’s side for many years, and the important people that she’d met were numbered in the dozens.

Sir Wang did not seem as arrogant as some of the people she’d met in Hai Qing City, so she was not timid at all.

“Sir Chu, hello, hello.

I’ve heard about you for a long time.

I am Wu QiAn, I also live in Hai Qing City!” Sir Wu inserted himself and reached out an enthusiastic hand.

“Brother Chu Xian, this is a friend of mine from Hai Qing City, hehe.

He runs some clubhouses.

” Sir Wang immediately introduced.

“Nice to meet you Sir Wu!” Chu Xian took his hand.

“Nice to meet you, nice to meet you.


Chu, nice to meet you as well!” Sir Wu nodded and shook Xiao Ying’s hand as well.

“Sir Wu, you can call me Xiao Ying!” Xiao Ying laughed.

“Okay, okay!” Sir Wu laughed.

“Brother Chu Xian, since you are already here in Jiu Yun City I can take you around and show you the city.

If you don’t have anything planned for tonight, we can go and drink a little.

” “Next time, next time.

I’m staying at Xiao Ying’s place and don’t have much time.

If Head Wang comes to Hai Qing City I can take you around.

” Chu Xian shook his head and refused.

“What a pity.

” Sir Wang shook his head with some disappointment, but he did not have any resentment in his heart, after all the two of them were not even on the same level.

Although Sir Wang might have more money than Chu Xian, he was awed by the power that Chu Xian had in Hai Qing City, and by the friendship and gratitude that the Gu family had towards him.

“There will always be a chance in the future.

My girlfriend’s family lives here, so I will probably come visit quite regularly!” Chu Xian did not go overboard and Sir Wang’s impression of him was quite good.

“Haha, that is even better.

Then let’s make a deal, next time you come give me a call!” Sir Wang laughed and replied.

“Sir Wang, who is this little brother.

Are you not going to introduce him?” At that time, the group of people who’d arrived with Wang Dafu caught up and examined Chu Xian curiously.

“Come, come, let me introduce you.

This is Brother Chu Xian, he and I recently met.

Sir Chu is from Hai Qing City, and is very powerful in that city!” Sir Wang introduced him to the other people.

“Hello everyone!” Chu Xian nodded.

“Nice to meet you, nice to meet you!” When the group of people heard Sir Wang’s words they all nodded and greeted politely.

“Okay, okay.

” Sir Wang said.

“Xiao Song, you can go arrange things and begin!” “En en, yes, of course!” Song Qingzhi was still rather stunned, but he reacted quickly and hurriedly nodded.

He glanced back at Chu Xian, his face still covered with astonishment.

“Come, come.

Brother Chu Xian, your father and mother-in-law are over there?” Sir Wang pointed.

“Then let’s go over there to fish and chat!”