I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 190

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Return “How are these sea cucumbers so large? And how did you find so many?” Duan Ke yelled, filled with a sense of disbelief.

“This can’t be real!” Although Chu Xian had already answered them, the adults still could not believe what they were seeing.

Such large sea cucumbers, and in such great number – how was this possible? “Eh.

” Chu Xian looked at them speechlessly.

“I got these from the sea, here, you guys can try some!” Gu Li immediately kneeled and picked up a sea cucumber and examined it, squeezing and smelling it.

“These really are sea cucumbers, such large ones.

There are basically none this size on the market.

I remember last time we celebrated the company anniversary we bought some large sea cucumbers around this size, and the dried ones were still 25000 rmb per catty!” “Dried ones for twenty five thousand per catty?” Chu Xian frowned at his words.

“You think twenty five thousand is too low? You have so many here, you can at least make a couple million rmb proft.

If you sell them in gift sets or make deals with large restaurants, the price should be even higher!” Gu Li patted his shoulder.

“Oh!” Chu Xian nodded with some disappointment.

“I thought I could make fifty or sixty million rmb.

Who knew that I could only make a little over ten million!” He had not managed to find information on the price of such large sea cucumbers and had thought the dried ones would be worth seventy to eighty thousand per catty, but it turns out they are only worth a third of that.

A catty of dried sea cucumber was made from twenty catties of living sea cucumbers, and so one catty of his haul was worth less than a thousand rmb!” “Over ten million?” Gu Li repeated in amazement and looked at Chu Xian with disbelief.

“How many sea cucumber did you get?” “About six tons.

” Chu Xian laughed.




“Six! Six tons!” Ma Zhigang turned towards Chu Xian and stammered.

Six tons of sea cucumbers! Over ten million rmb! This… “Brother, no wonder you were so fearless in ramming your ship!” Gu Li patted his shoulder in wordless amazement.

“Hai, I thought they would sell for fifty to sixty thousand rmb.

Looks like I was happy too early!” Chu Xian shook his head.

Gu Li, Ma Zhigang and the others could not stop their faces from twitching… A ten million rmb haul was considered a small haul for one trip… Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “I feel like if I let my son join you for fishing it would be a pretty good career!” Gu Li suddenly remarked.

“Haha!” Everyone laughed, and they looked around some more and could only wordlessly give Chu Xian a thumbs up when they saw the over thirty bigeye tuna.

After looking around some more and appeasing little turtle, the group returned to the Sky Travel Cruise Ship.

Chu Xian waved goodbye as he had Old Mu start the engine and sail back towards Hai Qing.

“If Gu Li wants to buy the sea cucumbers I could sell to him!” Gu Li had some thoughts about buying all the sea cucumbers and selling them to restaurants, but this was a ten million rmb purchase and he needed to go back to his company and discuss it with his family.

Chu Xian lay on his chair and relaxed, closing his eyes and tanning.

The ship sailed very quickly back towards Hai Qing, and at the rate they were moving they would get back just after dark.

“Boss, there’s a sunken ship up ahead.

” At lunch, Old Huang walked over and reported to Chu Xian.

“A sunken ship?” Chu Xian’s face was confused and he stood up to take a look.

A ten-meter long fishing ship was capsized in the water with clothing scattered around in the water beside it.

There were no people and no corpses.

“It must’ve been the storm the other day that capsized this ship, I wonder if the crew is still alive!” Chu Xian shook his head.

The sea changed constantly, and if his ship was caught in a terrible storm it also would not be able to survive.

His only guarantee was his ability to turn into a fish, which was also his Midas’ hand.

The fishing ship sailed quickly forward and neared the harbor at 9pm.

Chu Xian stood on deck and smiled when he spotted a beautiful figure waiting on shore.

The husband travels a thousand miles, and the wife waits for his return.

“Xiao Ying!” Chu Xian called out and ran off his ship.

“You are finally back!” Xiao Ying walked up and hugged him tightly.

Her words showed her deep yearning.

Going out to sea was never just a leisurely cruise and was always filled with danger.

“haha, you missed me so much after just five or six days!” Chu Xian teased loudly.

“You’re so tan!” “It’s because it’s dark out!” “Have you eaten yet?” “Yes!” “No, we have to go eat dinner now!” Xiao Ying hugged his arm and acted girly.

“Okay, okay.

Give me a moment!” Chu Xian patted her shoulder before turning towards Old Huang and the others.

“Take everything out and put it here.

Deal with it tomorrow.

I’m leaving this place to you guys.

” “Yes boss!” Old Huang and the others nodded.

“The new people are army friends of Sword and the others, and they also work for me now!” Chu Xian saw Xiao Ying’s confusion and answered her unspoken question.

“Let’s go, your husband earned a lot this time.

I can buy you whatever you want!” “I am hungry, I want to eat hotpot.

You have to eat hotpot with me!” Xiao Ying smiled.

“Okay, okay.

That’s right, how is the driving going?” “I’ve passed the second part and have to wait until next month to take the third and fourth part, but I’ll already be working then!” “That’s not a problem; you aren’t even that busy in school anyway.

” The two of them laughed and talked as they called a cab and headed into town to find a hotpot restaurant.

The next morning, Chu Xian woke up with Xiao Ying by his side and smiled.

After they both got up, they had breakfast and drove back to the harbor.

When they got there, Old Huang and the others were packing away the sea cucumbers.

Many fishermen were gathered around, pointing and chatting.

“How impressive.

How do you think their ship ended up like this? Did they hit a reef?” “Nonsense, if it was just a hidden reef how did the front cave in like that?” “Then what do you think happened? Strange, how does a fishing ship get battered like this? It’s not like it’s a car on the road.

” “Ai, the owner of this ship is so impressive; either he doesn’t go out to sea, or he goes out and gets his ship hit up like this.

Ah, how painful, the maintenance fee must be in the millions!” Xiao Ying followed along and was startled by their words.

The night before it had been so dark that she had not noticed the terrible damage to Chu Xian’s ship, and she turned her questioning gaze towards Chu Xian.

“We met some Japanese ships catching dolphins, and in order to stop them we had to ram into them.

” Chu Xian shrugged, his face covered with delight.

“really?” Xiao Ying looked at him with wonder.

“Yes, of course.

Alright, it’s not a big deal.

Don’t you want to see what we got this time.

Come up, this time the money I made will be enough to take care of you for the rest of your life, haha!” Chu Xian laughed, holding her hands and pulling her along.

“Did you catch a lot of fish?” Xiao Ying moved on from her worry and asked curiously.

“Come up and you will see!”