I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 189

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 189

Chapter 189: The Amazing Sea Cucumbers Translator: Aristophaneso  Chu Xian and Li Long kept talking, and Li Long’s father quickly become more relaxed and even let out a small smile.

“Chu Xian, you were here! We couldn’t find you!” At that moment, Gu Li and the others walked over and saw Chu Xian talking to that young man they’d encountered.

They quickly walked over and greeted them.

“En, we were talking about some business!” Chu Xian laughed.

“So, are we going back?” “Let’s go back, it’s already past one.

” Ma Zhigang nodded and replied.

“Okay!” Chu Xian nodded and said his goodbyes to the Li family pair.

“So how did your business conversation go!?” Gu Li looked at Chu Xian’s big smile and asked with some interest.

“Very good!” Chu Xian nodded.

“Chu Xian, what kind of business are you thinkg about? Are you going to Thailand?” Ma Zhigang was also curious and asked.

“Sea snakes.

My business is all related to the sea.

” Chu Xian replied.

“The sea industry is very profitable.

The sea is full of resources, if you can find the right entryway, it’ll be easy to make money.

” Gu Li laughed.




“Haha, it’s not bad!” Back on the Sky Travel Cruise Ship, Ma Zhigang arranged a room for Chu Xian.

Chu Xian lay down on his bed and fell asleep.

The next morning, Chu Xian woke up past 8 and brushed his teeth and washed up before heading down to the restaurant.

“What a coincidence, sister, little turtle!” Chu Xian called out, walking up to Gu Li’s family.

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COM “Good morning, Big Brother!” Little turtle saw Chu Xian and immediately stood up excitedly and called out.

“Good morning!” Chu Xian tousled little turtle’s hair and smiled.

 “Are you preparing to leave?” Fei Ya smiled as she made small talk.

“En, I’ve already been out to sea for five days.

It’s time to go back!” Chu Xian nodded and laughed.

“Chu Xian, how was your haul in this trip?” Gu Li asked with interest.

“Pretty good!” Chu Xian laughed.

“Big brother, when are you going to teach me how to catch sharks.

If you can’t teach me how to catch sharks, can you teach me how to catch other fish?” Little turtle called out as he stood up, running over to Chu Xian and squeezing into his seat.

“That’ll have to wait until you grow up.

When you’re older I’ll take you out to fish.

” Chu Xian smiled.

 “But I want to go catch fish right now!” Little turtle cried out with a puppy eye stare, “You’re still too young, you won’t be able to reel them in!” After breakfast with Gu Li’s family, Chu Xian walked outside.

When they heard that Chu Xian was leaving, Director Wang, Ma Zhigang, and Duan Ke all headed out to bid him farewell.

“Okay, I’ll be leaving first.

See you guys in a few days!” Chu Xian waved.

 “Brother Chu Xian, I’ll come find you immediately after the vacation.

WE can talk about the movie details!” Duan Ke said.

“No problem!” Chu Xian nodded.

 “Big Brother, I want to go on your ship with you!” At that moment Little Turtle ran up and grabbed his arm.

“Big Brother has to go, you can play with him another time!” Fei Ya smiled and dragged Little Turtle! “No, mama, I want to go look at the ship.

I want to grow up and catch fish with big brother!” Little turtle was naughty and refused to give up.

“Little turtle, if I let you take a look will you be a good boy!” Chu Xian laughed as he watched the little boy pout.

He held the child’s arm and asked.

 “I want to go see!” Little turtle nodded, stretching out his words.

 “Okay, okay.

Big Brother will take you along for a tour!” Chu Xian picked him up and walked over to the ship.

“Okay, okay, daddy, mommy, I’m going to take a look!” Little turtle laughed happily.

Little turtle was four and a half years old and more properly should have called Chu Xian uncle, but he insisted on calling him big brother.

“Then let’s all go and take a look.

I’ve never been on a fishing ship before!” Gu Li decided that he might as well accompany his little brat on this tour.

“En, no problem.

You can all come!” Chu Xian nodded.

Chu Xian carried Little Turtle onto the Mermaid, and the little fellow peered in all direction with inquisitive yes and kicked his legs.

“Big brother, put me down!” “Okay, okay!” Chu Xian nodded and placed him down on the ship deck.

As soon as his feet touched the ground, little turtle immediately dashed over to the bridge.

“Ah!” Almost as soon as he ran in, Little Turtle cried out in fear and darted back out.

“Big brother, big brother, there’s a bad guy inside!” Chu Xian looked into the bridge and laughed.

“He’s not a bad guy, he works for big brother!” “What bad guy, little turtle, what are you yelling about!” Fei Ya came over when little turtle cried out in fear.

“Mommy, inside!” Little turtle pointed at the bridge.

At that moment, Old Huang, Old Mu and the others came out one by one.

“Boss!” Old Huang, Sword One, Sword Two and the others knew how to act and marched out and greeted Chu Xian.

But the recently remolded Sail One and Sail Two and the others were still a little stiff, their expressions plain and stiff, robotically calling out and repeating the greeting.

And because they were short on clothes, Sail One and the others wore only a simple tanktop that left half of their impressive muscles showing.

Each of them were over 190cm, and their explosive muscles, shining bald head completed their incredibly intimidating appearances.

With their physique and loud voices, even Gu Li and Ma Zhigang took a couple steps back.

“Okay, okay.

You guys can go back inside the bridge!” Chu Xian waved the mermen away.

He turned to look at the amazed expressions on his guest’s faces and laughed awkwardly.

“These are my employees, some of them are new and came over from another ship!” “Chu Xian, your employees could be mercenaries, how impressive!” Gu Li laughed and looked at Chu Xian with a peculiar gaze in his eyes.

 “Haha, I am just a small person making his living on the seas.

” Chu Xian laughed.

“If you guys want to look around, let’s go to the other cabins.

There is not much else on the ship!” “Big brother, lead the way!” Little turtle grabbed Chu Xian’s arm and called out.

Little turtle pulled on Chu Xian’s hand until Chu Xian took the lead and brought them down to the storage cabin.

The twenty eight meter long fishing ship was quite large, and the others all followed behind.

“Big brother, what are these!” As soon as they entered, little turtle looked at the sea cucumbers that filled the cabin and asked in a puzzled voice.

“These are sea cucumbers!” Chu Xian replied.

But just as he finished his sentence everyone fell silent, and even the sound of footsteps disappeared.

Chu Xian was puzzled by the sudden change and turned his head; everyone of the adults were staring at the piles of sea cucumbers in stunned amazement, and Duan Ke was even rubbing his eyes in disbelief.

“Sea cucumbers? Such large sea cucumbers? Oh heavens, this can’t be real!” Gu Li cried out in astonishment.

“Of course they are real.

My luck was pretty good, so I managed to pick up some in the sea!” Chu Xian laughed.