I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 167

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 167

“Ah!” The children on the cruise, who had spotted the big bald men, cried out as the intimidating figures took out sharp swords.

The adults beside them immediately took away their telescopes and said things like: “Honey, don’t watch.

” “Are people going to die?” some of the visitors asked with concern.

Sword One and the others were all on board and were slowly walking towards the Dragon Mastiff Mark One crew, glaring coldly at their backs.

A group of five people walking towards them wasn’t particularly inconspicuous, and soon, one of the young men holding a water pressure gun noticed Sword One and the others.

His eyes flashed to the swords they were carrying and he gulped, dropping the gun and retreating a few steps.

“You-what are you doing?” “Stupid Yu, what are you…” But before the reprimanding figure could finish his sentence, he turned around and noticed Sword One and the others as well.

“Who are you? What do you want?” The middle-aged captain sensed something off and spun around, and his pupils shrank.

“What do you think we’re doing? You guys are pretty good with those water guns!” Sword Two stalked forward with a vicious expression.

“What are you doing?” The middle-aged captain said with more panic.

The five mermen were holding their sharp swords and positioning themselves in front of them, and they didn’t have any courage or willpower to fight back.

“Pong!” Sword One walked over and grabbed the middle-aged captain.

He threw the captain onto the deck, tossing him against the deck heavily.




“You tell me what we’re doing.

Weren’t you so arrogant earlier?” Sword One dragged him up and kicked him again.

“Ke!” The middle-aged man coughed violently.

“What are you doing? You’re breaking the law!” “Hehe, illegal? Do you want to try calling the police?” Sword One snorted coldly and kicked him again.

The sailors and fishermen stood to the side in fearful silence without protest.

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COM “You’re trying to steal our school of fish, huh? You’re really courting death!” Sword One sneered at the middle-aged captain lying on the ground then turned his gaze to the Dragon Mastiff Mark Two pursuing the school of fish.

His expression transformed.

“Sword Two, you guys watch over them.

I’m sailing the ship!” Sword One called out to Sword Two and the others.

“What are you doing?” Sword Two asked with some confusion.


” Sword One laughed.

“Let’s crash!” After that, he immediately walked over to the helm, and under the pilot’s panicked gaze, he started handling the controls.

Sword Two watched Sword One’s actions and laughed before turning to stare at the surrendered crew.

The middle-aged captain lay on the deck with a bad feeling in his heart, but he didn’t dare to move and just laid there, clutching his chest.

“Ling ling ling~” His phone rang and the middle-aged captain raised his head to look at Sword Two and the others.

The mermen weren’t paying attention, so he slowly retrieved his phone.

“Boss!” The captain read the name on his screen and picked up the phone.

“What happened? What’s going on? How did they get onto our ship?!” Back on the cruise ship, Director Xu was yelling angrily into his phone while the beauty and middle-aged men beside him exchanged looks.

“I have no idea.

They’ve taken over our ship.

They have weapons, and we don’t dare to resist.

” The middle-aged man looked at Sword Two and the others fearfully.

“Weapons?” Director Xu’s face turned ugly.

“Did they cross any lines?” “No!” The middle-aged captain wanted to say that they had beaten him up, but in the end, he kept silent.

“Okay, okay.

They can have the school.

We don’t want it!” Director Xu said through his gritted teeth.

“Okay boss!” The middle-aged man nodded.

He lifted his head and looked over to Sword Two and the others.

“We won’t fight for this school of fish anymore, please let us go.

” Sword Two glanced at the captain once before turning away.

“What are you doing? We already said we don’t want the school anymore.

” The middle-aged captain’s words fell on deaf ears.

“Hua hua!” At that moment, the ship started moving.

The middle-aged captain was stunned, and he said with some difficulty, “What are you doing?” “You’ll know soon enough!” Sword Two laughed.

Back at the helm, Sword One was aggressively maneuvering the ship.

The pilot beside him said fearfully, “Brother, what are you trying to do?” “We’re getting compensation for our losses, of course!” Sword One sneered.

Sword One was quite bad at sailing, but since he’d observed Old Mu all this time, he knew the basics.

The speed of the ship quickly reached fifty—not too fast and not too slow—and he aimed it directly at Dragon Mastiff Mark 2 in the distance.

“You’re going to hit them?” The pilot guessed Sword One’s intentions and his terror deepened.

“Don’t do anything stupid.

Don’t worry, it won’t sink!” Sword One laughed.

The speed of the ship wasn’t that fast, and even if they hit the other ship, the collision would do some damage at most.

Everything else would be fine.

The pilot obviously understood and stood to the side with a bitter expression.

This collision would cost them hundreds, if not millions, of RMB in damage.

“Yo-you, stop right now!” The middle-aged captain lying on the deck finally understood and yelled out hurriedly.

But Sword Two and the others completely ignored him.

Meanwhile, the people on Dragon Mastiff Mark Two were still blissfully unaware.

They thought Mark One dealt with the enemies and was heading over to join them in capturing the school of fish.

“What’s happening on that ship?” The people on the cruise were confused.

They were too far away, and even people with binoculars couldn’t see clearly.

They had no idea what was happening.

“Oh my god! They’re going to crash!” someone on the cruise suddenly cried out.

They could only watch as Dragon Mastiff Mark One rushed forward at Mark Two without any hint of slowing down.

“What’s happening? What on earth is happening?” The captain of Mark Two also noticed something was wrong and shouted through his walkie talkie.

But very soon after, he opened his eyes wide.

“Pong!” A huge crash sounded out and the two fishing ships shook violently, with the metal at the crash point cracking.

The ship stopped, and Sword One laughed out loud before leaving the helm.

“Beautiful!” Sword Two and the others nodded before looking back at the people on the ship and saying imperiously, “This school of fish is ours.

If you want to compete, we dare you to try!” “Pong pong pong!” Afterward, Sword One and the others jumped into the sea.

In the not-so-far distance, the Mermaid had already caught up.

The five mermen climbed aboard easily as the boat turned and sailed in the direction of the school.

Behind them, the crew of Dragon Mastiff Fishing Group could only watch on helplessly as Chu Xian’s men sailed away.

“So this is how people compete for fish at sea? How exciting!” “Those big bald guys are so strong! They just jumped into the water! They just crashed the ships!” Back on the cruise, the passengers looked on with shining eyes.

Wasn’t this just like a movie?