I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 166

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 166

“Boss, the fishing ships are here!” Old Huang walked over to Chu Xian.

“Should we dodge?” “No, I want to see what they can do.

” Chu Xian shook his head.

He stood on deck and looked over at the Dragon Mastiff Mark One as it sailed over to them.

“Crewmen of the ship in the distance, this territory belongs to Dragon Mastiff.

This is your final warning Leave immediately or we won’t be polite!” On the Dragon Mastiff, the middle-aged captain looked over at the Mermaid twenty or thirty meters away from them with cold eyes, staring at the young man standing at the front of the ship.

As he spoke, six people beside him held up a trio of water pipes, a pair of men holding each of them.

These were high-pressure water guns, the sort used to put out fires.

If it hit a man within range, it could force them back seven or eight meters.

It was extremely powerful and could seriously ruin someone’s day.

“We found this school first!” Old Huang called back loudly.

“Three!” “If you guys start something, don’t blame us for ending it!” Old Huang yelled once again.

“Two!” The other man showed no signs of stopping.

“Alright!” Old Huang’s face became fierce and he turned back to Chu Xian.

“Boss, you should retreat to the cabin first.

Let us handle this!” .




” Chu Xian nodded.

After a glance at the cruise ship in the distance, he added.

“Don’t be reckless!” “Don’t worry boss, I know the laws!” Old Huang laughed.

Chu Xian nodded and walked back to the cabin.

With a distance of twenty to thirty meters between the ships, the high-pressure water guns had no hopes of breaking through the glass windows of the cabin.

After all, water guns weren’t as powerful as harpoons.

“One!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM As the middle-aged captain finished counting down, they immediately began shooting their guns and spraying their water beams at the Mermaid.

The scene sent the passengers on the cruise ship into a furor.

“So this is how they compete for fish at sea? How exciting!” (1) “Wow, wow, wow! A water beam.

The water from the fishing ship is so powerful, and they just shot it at the other ship!” Some of the younger boys and girls cried out, and the adults beside them exchanged glances and laughed.

They weren’t too surprised.

“Get out of here, or don’t blame us for not being polite!” The middle-aged captain saw that everyone on the Mermaid was wet and he laughed proudly – new fishing ships were so easily defeated! “So this is how you fight for fish? This really broadens my horizons!” Chu Xian watched from inside the cabin as Old Huang and the other mermen were drenched.

He chuckled to himself.

At first, he had been curious about how the other ship would attack them, but once he saw the powerful water guns, he understood.

When he left the coastguards’ office last time, the coastguards gave him a copy of the various management rules of the sea.

Aggressive weapons were forbidden on fishing ships and most other ships, which meant that harpoons were illegal.

A small infraction would be punished by a five hundred thousand RMB fine, and if the offense was serious, the license for the ship could be revoked.

The punishment was quite considerable, and the harpoons Chu Xian stole from the pirates had been confiscated, but afterward, they passed by the spot where Disaster sank and rescued six harpoons from the water.

These harpoons had been hidden in the Mermaid’s hold ever since, reserved for the future.

But if they took out the harpoons now, they would still suffer even if they scared away the other ships, so they couldn’t use the harpoons.

“Director Xu, so this is how you compete for fish? How impressive!” “Haha, these water guns were specially made for my use.

They can use sea water and can be shot without stopping.

It’s quite entertaining to use and they aren’t illegal at all!” On the cruise ship, Director Xu looked on and laughed.

In truth, all large fishing ships were equipped with high-pressure water guns, but their strength wildly varied.

It was very expensive to equip the highest quality of pressure pipes, and no one would waste the money if they didn’t need to.

On the Mermaid, with the force of the water beams blasting them, Old Huang and the others couldn’t stand up at all.

“Enough, counter attack!” Old Huang yelled at Sword One and the others, and the mermen quickly jumped into the water.

“EN? These people actually dived into the ocean? Haha, what trash.

Where can they run?” The middle-aged captain laughed and mocked them.

“Shoot inside the cabin.

” When he saw the enemy’s crew jumping into the sea, the middle-aged captain immediately had his men change targets and shoot the kitchen and living cabins.

The powerful water beams shot forward.

The ship had drainage, so they weren’t afraid they would sink the ship.

But when Chu Xian saw his cabin flooding, his face turned cold.

“Stop!” After shooting for another minute, the middle-aged captain waved his hand and the water beams stopped.

He yelled again, “Leave this place or I’ll flood your entire ship! You have one minute.

If you don’t start leaving by then, get ready for another bath!” The middle-aged captain yelled, but the Mermaid was completely silent without a trace of motion.

He didn’t care at all; at sea, high-pressure water guns were the most powerful weapons, and the ones on his ship were much stronger than standard guns.

What he didn’t know was that under the surface of the sea, five mermen had already arrived beneath their ship.

Sword One was standing on Sword Two’s shoulders and was quickly climbing up the side of the ship.

“Mom! Look – do you see those bald uncles climbing out of the water?” On the cruise ship, a little girl with a telescope called out to her mother in excitement.

“How are they climbing out of the sea?” The young mother caressed her daughter’s head and replied with some laughter.

The cruise ship was two to three hundred meters away from the other ships and they could only see the water beams.

They couldn’t see any people clearly.

“Look, they’re climbing out of the sea.

If you don’t believe me, look!” The little girl handed the telescope to her mother.

The young mother smiled and took the telescope.

“Okay, okay.

Mom will look.

” “Huh?” She was stunned.

She could clearly see five large bald men in leather jackets climbing up the side of Dragon Mastiff Mark One.

The words of the little girl quickly attracted the attention of the other telescope-wielding passengers.

“F*ck me! They’re climbing onto the ship!” A young man couldn’t help exclaiming.

On the Dragon Mastiff, after Sword One climbed onto the ship with the help of Sword Two, he quickly reached down and helped the others climb up.

The sound of the waves completely masked the sounds made by Sword One and the others while climbing.

After they were all on board, Sword One and the others gestured with their arms and long swords appeared in their hands.

The mermen smiled cold smiles and lurched forward.