I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 155

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 155

Brother Dragon started angrily at the Mermaid, his expression indescribable.

“Don’t let them escape! Kill him!” “Go back to the ship!” the middle-aged man cried out, waving wildly at the rest of the crew.

“You dared to rob us and break my arm? I’m going to make you pay!” Brother Dragon muttered as he jumped down and returned to the boarding boat.

“Not good Brother Dragon, there’s water on the ship! Not good! The hull is leaking!” The pilot cried out as he burst onto the deck.

The three young men dropped their harpoons and ran over.

“Brother Li, where’s the water coming from? Where’s the leak?” “The lower hold! The lower hold! The ship could sink!” The man shouted in a panic.

The young men immediately ran towards the cabin, but the pilot shook his head and chased after them.

“There’s no point – there’s already a giant hole down there.

It can’t be fixed.

We need to get to the emergency boats!” “F*ck! The water’s already filled the lower hold! We need to go; the ship is sinking!” The group of people ran to the escape boats.

Brother Dragon and the others on the small boat were also stunned.

“No! Our ship! What happened?! Why’s our ship sinking?” Brother Dragon’s eyes fell open as he watched in stunned horror as his ship slowly sank into the water.




“F*ck! Shipwreck is sinking as well! Shipwreck is sinking!” One of the men screamed out in alarm.

Brother Dragon’s heart sank, and he screamed in fury as he swung around to look at Shipwreck.

“Motherf*cking b*stard! I’ll tear you limb from limb!” “Who are you going to kill?” A cold voice called out from behind him.

Brother Fei spun around and his heart jumped as he took in the three large, bald men staring down at him with glaring eyes.

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COM “Sink!” Sword Two, Three, and Four yelled out in unison as they each grabbed a side of the boat and capsized it! “Ah!” The pirates screamed as they flew through the air and hit the water with large, painful splashes.

“Knock them out!” Sword Two called out with a derisive snort as he swam over to Brother Dragon and knocked him out cold.

Sword Three and Sword Four quickly took out the other pirates and threw them back onto the boat.

“Go, there are a dozen more people on the other ship!” Sword Two’s squad moved quickly as they darted forward like arrows at Brother Dragon’s companions on Shipwreck.

Using the same method, they easily took out a considerable number of the men on the ship and ran after the stragglers they missed.

“Who are you people? Are you courting death!” The pirates yelled out in anger and tightened their grips on their knives as the big bald men ran around knocking their companions unconscious.

“Attack!” Sword Two yelled.

In a flash, a sharp sword appeared in his hand.

It was over a meter long and incredibly sharp! “Kill them all!” The pirates screamed and charged at the swordfishmen.

But they were much slower and weaker than Sword Two and his team.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Cries of pain filled the air.

The violent hooligans dropped their knives and grabbed at the deep wounds on their arms.

“Pong, pow!” Sword Two and the dynamic trio stepped forward and punched the pirates, knocking them unconscious on the deck.

“Boss, we got them all!” Old Huang called out from the deck of the Mermaid, putting down the telescope he was holding.

“En, not bad, not bad at all!” Sword One and Sword Two were working within the range of Chu Xian’s control field, and he was very satisfied with their abilities.

“With enough mermen, I could establish my own navy; I’m just lacking in weaponry.

” Chu Xian thought to himself, shaking his head as he thought.

“Bring us next to them!” Chu Xian shouted.

The Mermaid quickly came abreast the sinking Shipwreck.

The assorted men on the two fishing ships, that had been stalking Chu Xian, were looking around in astonishment and fear.

The arrogant Brother Dragon and his men had been taken out in short order by these intimidating bald men.

“Boss, what’s going on here? Where did these big bald guys come from? Look, the ship we were following is coming over.

” “I don’t know! How would I know what’s happening?!” The middle-aged boss was stunned.

The two ships had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked them, and now these strong bald men appeared and knocked them all out, apparently sinking their ship.

Were these the legendary wild seas? How come no one told him it was so terrifying? “Boss, what do we do? Those big bald guys are coming over!” The crew of the fishing ship called out fearfully as Sword One and Sword Two came aboard.

“Stay there, don’t move!” Sword Two and the others called out to the people hiding in the cabin.

“Yes, yes!” The men didn’t dare resist.

After all, they’d all seen how this group of bald dudes had easily taken out the pirates firsthand.

They didn’t have the balls to plan anything.

“Boss!” All the swordfishmen called out a greeting as a handsome young man stepped onto the fishing ship.

The middle-aged boss in the cabin looked over and felt his mind trembling.

It was him, the young man they chased and stalked; had he been chasing after his own death? Chu Xian boarded the ship and looked around, glancing at the unconscious pirates littering the deck with an approving nod.

He moved towards the cabin.

Inside, Chu Xian looked at the frightened crowd before turning to one of the middle-aged men.

“You’re the boss here?” he asked.

“Yes, yes that’s me.

This lowly one is Zhen Youyun, and this big brother is?” The middle-aged man looked at Chu Xian, cold sweat dripping from his face.

“You were chasing me all this time, yet you didn’t know my name?” Chu Xian looked him over and chuckled.

“Do you need me to tell you what my name is?” “No no, no need.

Big Brother Chu, I was wrong.

I shouldn’t have followed you.

I was wrong, I was wrong, please let me go!” Zhen Youyun stuttered and fumbled as the words came spilling out of his mouth.

He always thought he lived on the edge, but there was no comparing to these people who fought with swords and knives without so much as a “how do you do.

” And especially on these wide and vast waters, they could really kill him and suffer no consequences.

“Just look at you!” Chu Xian shook his head.

“I’m a good, law-abiding citizen.

I’ll forgive you this time, but I’ll make no promises for the future.

Take out your phone and call the police!”