I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 154

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 154

“What’s happening? What on earth is happening? Why’re they suddenly attacking us?” the middle-man in the driving cabin yelled out with terror.

“Boss, those people aren’t chasing them! They are their helpers! They want to kill us!” The driver was scared stiff and he suddenly noticed the name emblazoned on the side of their attacker’s ship.

“Boss, it’s the infamous Disaster! They’re a bunch of bastards, robbers, and they have weapons!” “What? Damn it, I didn’t know Paradise Aquariums had such a background.

I had no idea!” “Pong pong pong!” Another three violent thuds struck their ship and someone screamed.

Everyone immediately turned to look.

One of the workers had been hit in the thigh, and he was crawling on the floor and crying out in pain and terror.

“They’re murderers, killers! Pirates!” The middle-aged man steering the ship panicked; their ship had never encountered such wanton violence and it was almost like a sea battle from ancient times.

“Run! We need to run! They have weapons!” The middle-aged man yelled out in panic.

“Yes yes!” The pilot nodded in a panic.

“You want to run? It’s not going to be that easy.

Hold them down for me,” Bro Dragon yelled cruelly.

The three young men controlling the harpoons loaded the chained harpoons.

Each bolt was specially made.

After aiming carefully, they scored clear hits on the ship’s hull.

They quickly tied down the chains to their ships and locked them together.

“Not good, boss! Our ship is tied! We can’t escape!” .



Another crewmate cried out in panic; everyone huddled inside and cowered in terror.

If they were hit by a well-placed harpoon, they couldn’t survive! All they could do was watch as the pirate brutes on the attacking ship prepared knives and weapons as they geared up to board them! The men had no idea what to do! “Surrender, quickly surrender! I don’t believe they would dare to kill us.

Call the port police immediately.

Call the police and report them!” the middle-aged man called out.

Disaster had taken the time to take down and secure ships on either side of it, and their ship wasn’t the only one that was locked down.

The fishing ships had never seen combat or violence and stood no chance against Disaster’s experience and brutality.

The difference between them was as drastic as bastards and scholars.

The lucky ship in the distance watched on as the two pirate ships came and attacked them, and they immediately turned and fled; they had no time to stalk Chu Xian when their lives were at risk! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “I will never follow people from Paradise again! This is insane!” “Boss, Disaster has locked down the two fishing ships!” Old Huang stood on deck, peering through a telescope at the scuffle in the distance.

“En, I know.

” Chu Xian nodded.

The skill and efficiency Disaster used to attack and tie down the two fishing ships had taken him by surprise.

He was very impressed with their powerful harpoon weapons.

Although they had taken three guns from Disaster, their fishing ship wasn’t specially made and it was impossible for them to lock the other fishing ships down.

“Haha, they’re professional pirates!” Chu Xian laughed.

“Boss, what should we do? They’re a bother to us.

” Old Huang frowned and turned Chu Xian.

“What do you think we should do?” Chu Xian smiled at Old Huang.

“Boss, I still think we should deal with them sooner than later.

Otherwise, they’ll always keep dogging us every time we go out to sea in the future!” Old Huang said directly.

“Then how should we deal with it?” Chu Xian asked again.

“Easily!” Old Huang looked at him confidently.

“Let Sword One and the others dive down and sink their fishing ship, or just send them onto their ship and kill them!” Chu Xian listened to his suggestions and was astonished.

“Old Huang, you’ve learned a lot!” “Hehe boss, I’m reading Master Sun’s Art of War these days, war books!” Old Huang chuckled.

“Okay, then do it your way.

” Chu Xian nodded.

“Don’t worry boss.

I’ll win this battle!” Old Huang said confidently, “Sword One, Bass One, go bore holes in their hull; Sword Two and Sword Three, you guys attack while their ship sinks and kill them all!” “Wait, just take them out of the fight and hand them over to the police!” Chu Xian called out immediately.

He still couldn’t get used to stuff like killing.

“And what weapons are you using?” “Water-proof electric drills, the professional tools used to dig wells.

They can pierce steel.

I spent a couple dozen thousand RMB on a few!” Old Huang smiled.

“You thought about it a lot – you even prepared weapons!” Chu Xian looked strangely at Old Huang, very impressed with his competence.

Old Huang laughed as Sword One and Sword Two dove into the water with their weapons in hand.

At the same time, on the two fishing ships Disaster had taken over, all the regular sailors knelt on the deck in front of Bro Dragon.

Although these sailors weren’t normal people and had been chosen for their size and strength, they still couldn’t compare with Dragon and his pirates who’d lived lives of violence and blood.

They’d all been subdued without much trouble.

“Call the boy over there and tell him to come over or we’ll kill you!” Bro Dragon called out scornfully, pointing at the middle-aged man with his knife as he used his other hand to smoke a cigarette.

“Ah” The middle-aged man was stunned then said with confusion, “Brother, who do you want us to call?” “Pa!” Bro Dragon slapped his face.

“You’re asking me who I want you to call? Of course your boss, the boy on that ship over there.

Now! Or I’ll throw you all overboard!” “I.


I…” The middle-aged man held his face in pain.

“Esteemed sir, we don’t know them.

We’re just following them?” “What?” Brother Dragon shouted and slapped him again.

“You don’t know him?” “Yes yes.

” The middle-aged man’s lip bled a little, and he kept nodding furiously.

“We wanted to follow him to find the place where he gets the materials for his aquarium store; we don’t know them at all! Please let us go!” “Don’t know him!” Bro Dragon’s face immediately became surly.

“Da Fei, what do the people on your ship do?” The middle-aged man beside Brother Dragon yelled loudly at the other ship.

“Brother Sheng, they said they were following a boy called Chu Xian and wanted to know where he gets his sea tank materials!” the opposite side replied.

“Mother! They tricked us!” Brother Dragon kicked the middle-aged man angrily.

“Brother Fei, that boy’s fishing ship hasn’t left.

Are they planning something?” Brother Sheng called out worriedly.