I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 113

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 113

The sun was already rising as he drove home, and as soon as he got back, Chu Xian collapsed into bed.

When he woke up, it was around noon.

After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he went to the kitchen and started preparing the lobsters.

He learned from his uncle how to cook lobsters, and although the ones he was preparing were a little bigger, there wasn’t much difference in the preparation method.

He prepared a normal garlic lobster dish, and after removing the sand sacs and gills, he added some cooking wine and went to buy some garlic, tiger lily buds, bean threads then started cooking.

(1) After about an hour, Chu Xian finished cooking the giant lobsters and they smelled delicious.

Wild giant lobsters were much better than anything you could find in a restaurant.

He stored them in a thermal box then drove to the store.

He couldn’t finish four giant lobsters by himself, so he brought some to Tang Qiumeng.

He didn’t have any other intentions, but he asked her for a detailed structure of a human and fish.

She had probably finished by now and he wanted to go over to pick them up from her.

Just as he entered the store, Pupu, Grandpa Feng and Tang Qiumeng were eating around the table.

Chu Xian smiled and walked over.

“Hey, what a coincidence.

I brought some lobsters.

Let’s eat!” “Chu Xian, I already finished the things you asked me for.

I was busy the last few days, so I was only able to bring them over today! Here!” Tang Qiumeng smiled and pointed at the A4 papers on the table.




Chu Xian nodded.

“Thank you.

Have some of these lobsters, heehee.

I hope you like them!” After Chu Xian went out to buy some steamed buns, they looked down at the table and started eating.

“I didn’t know you were such a good cook,” Tang Qiumeng said as she ate the lobsters.

“Hehe, I’m alright!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM That afternoon, Chu Xian went out to buy some fine nets then he drove back to the same coast he went to the night before.

After making sure no one was around, he swam into the sea, dragging the nets.

As soon as he was fully in the water, Chu Xian transformed into a fish and swam towards the seagrass area.

“I’ll catch some small shrimp, gather some coral, and some jellyfish as well, oh, and the Christmas Tree Worms as well.

En, these stones are quite pretty as well, I’ll grab some.

” Chu Xian busied himself, using his two claws to carefully pick things up.

“F***, I made the claws too sharp.

I accidentally killed a Christmas Tree Worm!” Chu Xian frowned a little.

With a thought, a pair of arms slowly stretched forward from his head.

The arms weren’t thick – more or less similar to a human’s – but they stretched forward more than a meter.

“Heehee, it’s very easy now!” After using up a little over forty energy points to create the two arms, Chu Xian’s current energy level was 1523.

The energy hadn’t decreased by much, but Chu Xian’s fish form was far more terrifying with two human-like arms protruding from his head.

After he used his hands to carefully place a dozen Christmas Tree Worms in the net, Chu Xian went to catch some jellyfish as well.

Afterward, Chu Xian carefully brought them to the shore and placed them in the two aquariums he brought.

He grabbed some sand from the beach and drove over to Gu Wu street.

There was less traffic in the store now that the fad had died down, and there were only two or three customers inside.

Grandpa Feng noticed Chu Xian carrying an aquarium and rushed over to help out.

“Xiao Xian, what are you holding?” “Jellyfish, Christmas Tree Worms, Shrimp, and fish.

They’re all from the ocean!” Chu Xian said as he placed the aquarium on the floor and headed back to his car to retrieve the other one.

“Careful, Grandpa Feng!” The aquariums were half filled with seawater and were very heavy.

Chu Xian also took out the stones he’ grabbed from the seabed and placed them on the ground.

“Xiao Xian, what are you doing?” Grandpa Feng asked curiously.

“Heehee, just wait and see!” Chu Xian said mysteriously.

After spreading the sand out evenly in the aquariums, he placed the strange stones inside and started arranging them.

The customers who just entered the store noticed the jellyfish inside the aquariums and watched curiously as Chu Xian worked.

Chu Xian was an amateur aquarium decorator, but he had seen many beautiful aquariums, so he moved the stones around and covered them with sea plants.

He looked at the aquariums from different angles, tweaked it a little then placed the Christmas Tree Worm inside.

“Little brother, are you making an ornamental aquarium for creatures from the ocean floor?” a customer asked as he looked from creature to creature.

“That’s right!” Chu Xian chuckled.

“I’m still experimenting.

If it works out, I’ll sell it!” “Tsk tsk.

These Christmas Trees are worms, right? I’ve read about them on some online forums.

They live on the seabed and are incredibly rare.

Little brother, where did you get so many?” A customer with some knowledge asked in astonishment.

“Heehee, business secret.

” Chu Xian smiled.

“Is it easy to take care of jellyfish and Christmas Tree Worms?” another customer asked.

“Very easy.

It’s easy to raise the worms, and even easier to take care of the jellyfish,” the knowledgeable customer answered.

“What kind of shrimp is this? It’s completely blue! Beautiful!” “Who knows? Look it up!” They chatted as they looked on, and soon, they were taking out their phones to look up the beautiful shrimp! “Yo, I found it.

It’s called a Yabby.

The farmed ones are a couple hundred RMB each, and the wild ones are even more expensive!” “These little shrimps are Sakura Shrimp, and those are Black Shell Shrimps.

This one is Red Cherry Shrimp, and, holy crap, this one is a Crystal Shrimp.

This site says these are almost as precious as gold! This small Crystal Shrimp should be worth at least a thousand RMB!” The customers exclaimed excitedly, gathering closer to the aquarium.

“Little bro, how much will you sell this aquarium for?” one of the customers asked curiously.

“I haven’t decided yet!” Chu Xian paused to think.

“At least five thousand RMB, but depending on the size of the aquarium and the creatures inside, ten thousand or even a hundred thousand is also possible!” “Eh, at least five thousand! So expensive!” the customer said, shaking his head.

“Haha, it’s not that expensive!” Chu Xian laughed.

The customers smiled bitterly, but when they remembered the price of the goldfish in this store, they felt it was more reasonable.

A tank of goldfish cost at least ten thousand RMB.

“Look, what do you think? How does it look?” Chu Xian asked after placing three Christmas Tree Worms inside.

“Put this blue one over there a little, yeah, and this stone, I think it should be like this!” (1)