I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 114

I Can Turn into a Fish - Chapter 114

The customers and Chu Xian leaned over the aquarium, examining it from every angle.

Many of them were ornamental fish enthusiasts and knew a little about aquariums.

Everyone gave input on what they thought was beautiful.

As time went by, new customers came in and noticed Chu Xian and the others discussing the aquarium, and they joined in eagerly.

After almost twenty minutes of moving the stones, seagrass and Christmas Tree Worms here and there, they finally nodded with satisfaction.

Finally, Chu Xian placed five jellyfish into the aquarium.

All five were different species and were colored differently.

They then placed the small shrimp, clown fish, little bee fish, strawberry fish, white parrots and so on inside until a dozen or so fish species swam around in the tank.

“Beautiful! Amazing! It’s like its own little sea world! Fantastic!” A customer couldn’t help exclaiming as he took out his phone and took pictures.

“Yes, a sea world.

And just imagine looking at the aquarium in the dark.

Amazing!” “Beautiful, like a dream.

You don’t need any other lighting – natural lighting like this is perfect.

” Chu Xian looked it over and also felt that it was very beautiful.

Although there were some flaws in the design, layout, and shape of the stones, the many beautiful creatures more than made up for it.

The Christmas Tree Worms were especially outstanding! “Handsome, is this aquarium for sale?” .



A chubby woman asked without tearing her eyes away from the aquarium.

“I’m sorry, this is temporarily not for sale.

Although it’s beautiful, there are still many areas I’d like to improve.

I might open a store in the future that specializes in this type of aquarium!” Chu Xian looked at the passionate woman and shook his head, but he had already decided to open that store in his head.

There was a huge limit on the ornamental fish lover market because it was a mostly male demographic.

Women weren’t especially interested in larger ornamental fish, but aquariums were different.

Almost all women wanted to buy one to put in their living rooms or bedrooms.

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COM Beauty was difficult to resist.

“Handsome, you can make another one later.

Please, sell this one to me!” the chubby woman asked again flirtatiously, refusing to give up.

“Eh, beauty.

The aquarium still has some major flaws.

The mountains don’t look real, and the aquarium itself is cheap.

When I sell them in the future, I will replace these with better materials and it’ll look more beautiful,” Chu Xian replied with some exasperation.

“No problem, I still think it’s very nice, much prettier than the one I saw in an aquarium store in downtown Jing Hai.

Please sell it to me,” the woman asked again.

The other customers smiled.

“That’s right.

Even though there might be some flaws in our design, the Christmas Tree Worms, shrimp and jellyfish are incredible.

I really want to see what it looks like at night.

” Chu Xian looked at the woman then smiled.

“How about this – I have another aquarium here and there are plenty of shrimp, stones and Christmas Tree Worms here.

You can design your own, and I won’t charge you anything.

You can have it for free!” “Wow, really?” The woman screamed excitedly.

“Really? For free? And you’ll let me design it?” “En, really!” Chu Xian nodded.

“Handsome, you’re amazing!” the woman said excitedly, reaching forward to hug Chu Xian.

Chu Xian awkwardly refused the hug.

“There’s no need to be so warm.

Just design it, and I’ll watch from over here.

” “Beauty, you’re so lucky.

If the boss wanted to sell, it would be at least five thousand RMB if not ten thousand.

” a customer beside her said jealously.

If he had known earlier, he would also have begged and flirted.

After all, he thought he was still more good looking than this overweight sister… “Wow, so expensive, heeheehee!” The woman laughed excitedly.

“Thank you, handsome.

I have to make a call.

My best friend is a professional designer!” Chu Xian nodded casually then moved the finished aquarium to the table they ate lunch at.

“Xiao Hua, you have to come quickly.

Quickly, quickly! I won big! A handsome guy offered me an aquarium for free.

It’s amazing! What are you thinking? Come over quickly! If you aren’t here in thirty minutes, we aren’t friends anymore!” !! Chu Xian was speechless as he couldn’t help but listen to the fat girl yelling on her phone.

Xiao Hua (small flower)? Why did they have such boring names? Perhaps when they came, they would be two flowers together.

“Eh? Boss, your goldfish store has this kind of aquarium? It’s beautiful – how much is it?” A middle-aged man walked in and immediately walked towards the aquarium on the table.

“Uncle, this one isn’t for sale,” Pupu said sweetly from where she sat by the table.

“Not for sale? What a pity! This is the most beautiful aquarium I’ve ever seen! The creatures and plants are incredible, like a sea world!” The middle-aged man shook his head.

“That Christmas tree isn’t a plant.

It’s a worm called the Christmas Tree Worm.

” Chu Xian walked over and smiled.

“Oh, it’s very beautiful.

” The middle-aged man nodded.

“En, I’ll be opening a new store soon to sell this kind of aquarium!” Chu Xian replied.

The middle-aged man nodded.

“I’ll come to take a look when you do!” Chu Xian nodded with a smile then sat across from the fat beauty and watched as she moved things around as some of the other customers gave her advice.

“Er Hua!” (1) About ten minutes later, a feminine voice called out.

Chu Xian almost tripped.

[Er Hua? F***, there really were two flowers!] “Xiao Hua, you’re finally here!” Er Hua called out happily, turning around and greeting the newly arrived Xiao Hua.

Chu Xian looked up.

To his amazement, the new woman was actually a beauty.

She was tall, at least 175 cm, and if she wore high heels, she might be taller than him.

She had luscious breasts and red-blonde hair with a hue he couldn’t quite distinguish and she was wearing a pair of hotpants.

She was a beautiful woman with a great body and curves in all the right places! “Come, over here! I’ve waited for an hour!” Er Hua urged her.