Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 128

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 128

“It’s Master’s notebook!” Yi looked at the words on it and was immediately shocked.

“Little Brother Ye Feng, how did you get our master’s notebook?!” After all, Walter’s notebook was not something that could be easily circulated.

Even if it was circulated among the people, it was still a very precious treasure.

It could not just appear in the hands of others.

Usually, it was either in a hall, a national museum, or a large family’s treasure trove.

But it was precisely such a precious notebook that appeared in Ye Feng’s hands.

In other words, those who could possess this notebook were basically not ordinary people.

It was very likely that they were Walter’s disciples or something.

“Could it be that this little brother is our master’s disciple? Or should I say, a quasi-elemental inheritor?!” After all, what they saw was the complete version of the Water Element Secret Manual! This was a complete Water Element Secret Manual.

To be able to possess such a complete secret manual was already proof of one’s identity.

Although it was a copy, it did not affect the reading of the contents in the slightest.

If he was not a disciple, then he was a quasi-elemental inheritor.

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)C0M A disciple was still fine.

Although it was the Human Ceiling of combat power, there was still time to take in disciples.

After all, with their experience, they could see at a glance the foundation and talent of the young man.

Hearing this, Ye Feng smiled bitterly and said, “Actually, this notebook was found by me…” Hearing this, the Water Elemental Guard’s face was full of disbelief.

“How is this possible? This is the Water Elemental Secret Manual written by Walter, the Water Elemental Human Ceiling of combat power.

How could it be auctioned off among the people!” Facing the strong doubts of the few Water Elemental Guards in front of him, Ye Feng could only smile bitterly.

He had to thank that brother for all of this.

If he had not sold this incomplete manual to him, then he would not have so many coincidences.

Moreover, this was actually a secret manual written by Dragon-Slaying Wizard Walter himself.

It was simply a huge profit! Moreover, this Water Element Secret Manual had brought him a lot of gains.

For example, the water element Slime subsidiary body in his body had been comprehended from this secret manual.

Under Ye Feng’s ability, the [Analysis] sequence, this secret manual had also been consumed by Ye Feng a lot.

However, the content of this secret manual was too huge, and it also contained several water-type secret texts.

This thing was not something that could be easily deciphered just by relying on his ability to analyze the sequence.

Moreover, the power contained within was too great.

Even with Ye Feng’s current stage, he was unable to withstand it.

As a result, ever since Ye Feng obtained the water element Slime subsidiary body, he had never opened it again.

The biggest factor was still participating in the freshmen assessment, so he did not have much time to read it.

This was really written by Walter, and his water element Slime was also learned from it.

If this was the case, he could actually be considered half a student of Walter! The water element Slime had brought too many benefits to Ye Feng, so much so that his strength had advanced to a large stage.

Moreover, without the help of the water element, Ye Feng would not have been able to increase his strength so much in this Water Training Hall! “Then where is Senior Walter at the moment?” Ye Feng asked.

What he wanted to know now was exactly where Walter was at the moment.

Ye Feng thought for a moment and said, “If we know where he is, perhaps we can try to rescue him?” After all, he was still considered half a student.

If it was really as the Water Elemental Guards said, Walter was sealed somewhere by the Water Elemental Dragon King.

Ye Feng also hoped to be able to rescue him.

However, he had to consider that the surroundings were full of sub-Dragons.

In this place, there might be sub-Dragons lying in ambush nearby.

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)C0M Therefore, Ye Feng did not dare to confirm a certain place.

It was also not good for him to release his perception ability.

If he triggered a sub-Dragon and many of them rushed over, they would not be able to withstand it! Although Ye Feng had absorbed almost 8% of the Dragon Seed just now and also brought him a lot of strength, he had just absorbed it and could not fully display his full strength.

Otherwise, Ye Feng may be able to continue to fight it.

Yi heard the words of Ye Feng, immediately shook his head, sighed, and said: “Little Brother Ye Feng, this, don’t think about it…” Ye Feng puzzled, immediately asked: “Why? Is it really very difficult?” Yi nodded.

“That place is located in the deepest part of the lake.

There is a very strong cage there, and there is a very powerful seal around it.

Let alone how to break the cage, this seal alone is not something that our level can break! ” “Master has been trapped for many years, during which our guards have tried countless times to break through the barrier, but to no avail, and in the end, we all failed.

” As he spoke, Yi kept sighing, as if everything that had happened before was still fresh in his mind.

Every time they tried, their partners died, which was why they had gone from 800 Water Elemental Guards to five now.

Of course, they had a huge battle with the sub-Dragons during this period, and it should have been more than once.

But no matter what, it was very difficult to let Ye Feng know about this.

Yi continued to explain, and Ye Feng also obtained a lot of information from it.

This information was all accumulated by Yi and the Water Elemental Guards over these years.

Moreover, every attempt was accompanied by endless pain.

All this was very heavy information.

Ye Feng naturally listened to every word.

Then, he summoned the system to help analyze it.

After all, such complicated information could actually be analyzed by Ye Feng alone, but it would take a lot of time.

Since Ye Feng could come to this place, it meant that time was running out.

At least, he had to buy some time.

Otherwise, if it was too long, some kind of accident might happen.

So much time had passed.

If another Water Elemental Dragon King was born, all of them would have to die here! [Ding, starting deduction…] [Ding, deducing cause and effect…] [Ding, deduction is complete.

After analysis, the best method is to use the Dragon Seed to create harmony, thus achieving the goal of opening the seal.

] [There is an 80% chance of success in changing the behavior, of which the probability of failure is 20%.

The probability of failure is that the genes are not pure.

] The system quickly gave the result.

Hearing this, Ye Feng also thought about the result of the analysis and what it meant.

Because the barrier was set by the Water Elemental Dragon King, it must have some kind of harmony with the Dragon gene, so it could be entered through the Dragon gene.

The reason there was still a high probability of failure was that this barrier had been set up for a long time, and the genes of the Dragon species in the nearby sub-Dragons that were responsible for guarding the barrier had probably been greatly diluted after multiplying.

Ye Feng was able to collect the genes of the Dragon species because he had to obtain them from the sub-Dragons that were guarding the barrier, so he could not avoid stepping on this probability.

However, Ye Feng had to give it a try.

Otherwise, there was almost no other way.

“Do I need to use the genes of the Dragon in order to open the barrier?” Ye Feng looked at Yi and suddenly asked.

Yi was dumbfounded.

The few companions around him were the same.

They did not say anything.

Moreover, Yi was just about to organize the information in his mind and was prepared to tell Ye Feng this conclusion.

But Ye Feng said it first.

“Little Brother Ye Feng, how did you know?” Yi was already amazed by Ye Feng’s strength.

Now that Ye Feng said something shocking again, it shocked him even more.

They, the Water Elemental Guards, had gone through decades and tried countless methods before they finally came to such a conclusion.

Ye Feng actually knew everything the moment he came.

If this wasn’t terrifying, then what was?!