Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 129

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 129

Everyone looked at Ye Feng as if he was a god and Ye Feng was instantly embarrassed.

They scratched their heads, Ye Feng smiled and said, “Actually, it’s very simple.

I can just make a casual guess.

Because the barrier was set up by the Water Elemental Dragon King, and there are a large number of sub-Dragons guarding around it.

To be able to support a barrier seal for such a long time, I can’t think of any other way except for the Dragon genes.

” Hearing Ye Feng’s explanation, everyone also deeply felt the young man’s incomparably meticulous deductive ability.

Once this young man came, he did not even need to go to the scene to take a look.

He was already comparable to them who had been trying for decades! These few Water Elemental Guards’ opinion of Ye Feng immediately increased by a few levels.

If they did not have their master, they would have followed Ye Feng on the spot.

“That’s right.

The energy of the barrier is extremely huge.

This is a barrier that the Water Elemental Dragon King has meticulously set up.

Ordinary people are unable to enter.

Not to mention forcefully attacking, the energy contained within the barrier is enough to kill any quarreling powerhouse.

Even our master is unable to break through it,” Yi said.

“However, this is a barrier set up by the Water Elemental Dragon King after all.

It also contains the genes of its Dragon species.

If we can mix up the barrier and use enough genes of the Dragon species to enter it, it’s actually not impossible,” Yi continued to add.

Then, he took out a sheepskin scroll.

Ye Feng looked over.

As Yi slowly unfolded it, an underground topographic map appeared in front of Ye Feng.

It was said to be a map, but the drawing here was very sloppy.

Ye Feng could not tell what it was at all.

He could barely tell that it was a map.

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)C0M “This is the distribution map of the nearby sub-Dragons.

They are mainly concentrated in a certain area.

Because there are many of them, the distribution area is also very large.

” As Yi spoke, he pointed at a blank area.

“This is where we are.

” Ye Feng looked over and it was indeed as Yi said.

Other than this empty area that was slightly cleaner, the other places were all marked out.

The entire map was like stars surrounding the moon, surrounding a place.

Ye Feng immediately understood that this was definitely the place where Walter was sealed, and also where the enchantment was located! But this place was still quite far from where they were.

Perhaps it was because the closer they were to the area of the enchantment, the more sub-Dragons there were.

The remaining five Water Elemental Guards could only temporarily settle down in this place.

But there was another advantage here.

There was a small path here.

Basically, it could bypass most of the marked points, which was the region where the sub-Dragons lived, and go straight to the location of the enchantment.

Moreover, this place could also observe the surrounding environment very intuitively.

Ye Feng looked at this complicated map, and his heart was already full of admiration.

After all, this map was so detailed that it even marked the main active area of the sub-Dragons, as well as the secondary active area.

It was even detailed to the time period.

This seemingly incomparably detailed map was the result of them spending an unknown amount of time and effort to survey it over and over again.

Moreover, many of their companions might have been sacrificed in the process.

“I believe you have already guessed that the deepest place is where Master appeared the last time, which is also where the enchantment is located.

We have been trying all along, but unfortunately, we can’t enter at all…” Yi said.

Ye Feng nodded.

It was inevitable that they could not enter.

The enchantment set up by the Water Elemental Dragon King, even the Water Elemental Human Ceiling could not break through.

It was a symbiote that represented the peak strength of the Dragon race.

How could it let someone break through this barrier so easily? But Ye Feng already had his own ideas.

According to the system’s prompt and Yi’s explanation, he needed to use the Dragon’s genes to break the barrier.

But these genes were not obtained casually.

It had to be at least 50% pure, and the higher the purity, the higher the probability of breaking it.

There was a necessary connection between these two.

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)C0M This was also the reason why the system had notified Ye Feng that there was a probability of failure.

Above 50% of a Dragon’s gene purity was already considered a very powerful existence.

The Flood Dragon that Ye Feng had encountered for the first time only had 1% of a Dragon’s gene purity.

And the Blue Drake that Ye Feng had fought with the last time also only had 9% of a Dragon’s gene purity.

The strength of the Blue Drake was already Ye Feng’s limit.

If he wanted to collect more Dragon genes, he would have to keep fighting.

Although Ye Feng’s attack power was not strong, and if his opponent was a sub-Dragon, he would definitely be weaker, but Ye Feng had a trump card.

That was because he had the three-piece Sea Stone Set and the water element Slime.

Relying on these two, coupled with his own 9% Dragon Seed… Ye Feng completely had the ability to confront the stronger sub-Dragons.

As the purity of the Dragon Seed increased, Ye Feng’s ability would also increase to a higher level.

Ye Feng also asked Yi for more information.

For example, the purity of the Dragon species’ genes reaching more than 50%, which was equivalent to a second-generation Dragon.

“Other than the second-generation Dragons, there are also n-generation Dragons, which are the second-generation of the second-generation Dragons, all the way to the n-generation Dragons.

As the number of generations increases, the Dragon’s genes become more diluted, and vice versa!” Yi saw that Ye Feng’s knowledge acceptance was not bad, so he told all of this information at once.

Hearing this, Ye Feng’s first reaction was still somewhat shocked.

After all, this was the first time he learned that among the Dragon race, there was such a strict hierarchy! And these were only sub-Dragons! If it was a true Dragon, how strong would it be!? According to Yi’s words, every generation of Dragons would have extremely powerful strength.

Moreover, the earlier the generation, the stronger they would be! The strength of the initial second-generation would definitely be above the third-generation, fourth-generation, fifth-generation… n-generation! However, according to the conversion of cultivation levels, the number of sub-Dragons with the earlier generation was not many, but their strength was extremely powerful! And the largest number were fourth and fifth-generation species! “Little Brother Ye Feng, I’m very happy that you can bring up the idea of helping us, but the truth is very cruel.

There are still many laws that you are not qualified to come into contact with yet!” Yi sighed and looked at Ye Feng before continuing to persuade him.

“Once you come into contact with them, you will realize that the entire world is far darker than you can imagine! While there is still time, I advise you to run quickly! ” “Since you have the strength to slay a sub-Dragon, you must not underestimate your enemy.

Bring this truth out alive and tell all the humans!”