Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 123

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 123

“According to my analysis, this might not be impossible.

However, we should not ignore the fact that they are symbiotes.

Perhaps they can rely on their powerful symbiotic bodies to survive this attack,” Carter explained from the side.

After all, this was the best explanation he could think of.

If Su Fei, who was ranked third on the list, died so easily, then the assessment would not be able to continue! After all, this was a freshmen assessment.

How could it be so easy to injure the top five people on the list? If they could not handle it, then low-level people like them, who had yet to enter the ranks, would be sent to their deaths.

Hearing Carter’s words, everyone fell into silence.

If that was the case, then this freshmen assessment would be too difficult.

Moreover, they didn’t know what kind of situation would happen.

It was really worrying.

“Then, according to your analysis, what should we do?” Everyone began to talk.

After all, Carter’s ability to think had already perfectly predicted many events in the previous few incidents.

Moreover, it was in line with the sequence of events, so Carter was very popular.

At the same time, Liang Gang looked over.

He also wanted to ask this question, but he was too embarrassed to ask because of everyone’s gazes.

Although he had already made a decision in his heart, this decision was not what he wanted.

“I think that we only have one choice now.

” Carter looked at everyone and said, “That is, to give up.

” “Why? Didn’t we agree? No matter who it is, they have to pass this assessment.

Have you forgotten what you said?” Feng Lan heard this, she immediately looked at Carter in surprise.

She was the first person to respond.

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)C0M “Yes, I haven’t forgotten.

However, the reality does not allow us to continue staying here,” Carter said with a determined look, “We have already lost a comrade.

Do you want us to continue taking risks? If we continue taking risks, it’s very likely that we’ll all be annihilated.

The consequences are not something that you and I can bear.

Moreover, this incident is very likely a plan aimed at us.

” Carter looked at Feng Lan and spoke with a grave expression.

When everyone heard Carter’s words, they fell silent.

Indeed, the current situation was very disadvantageous to them.

If they continued to stay here, it was very likely that they would die here.

And right now, they had no other choice but to give up.

This way, they could leave this place.

They didn’t need to be like right now, trembling in fear in this place.

They could be killed at any time.

This assessment was to prepare for the freshmen, so fighting and killing shouldn’t be their main topic.

There were many ways to obtain points, and they didn’t have to surround and hunt such a great danger! Perhaps, before the main body of the great danger could even be seen, they would first be struck by wave after wave of impact and die at the scene! However, Liang Gang and the others were not freshmen in the true sense.

Instead, in the lake area of this Water Training Hall, there had always been a group of relatively weaker freshmen here.

And now, this group of freshmen was about to reach their limits.

[Congratulations, Host, you have killed the Blue Sub-dragon! You have obtained a large number of attribute gains! !] [Ding, devouring the Blue Drake, Physique +1%!] [Ding, devouring the Blue Drake, Evolution Progress +3%!] [Ding, devouring the Blue Drake, Physique +2%!] please keep reading on MYB0XN0VEL(.

)C0M [Ding, devouring the Blue Drake, Number of Sub-Bodies +10!] [Ding, your ability, [Goddess Scattering Flowers] has evolved into [Slime Storm].

Obtained skill effects, number of Slime subsidiary bodies has increased multiple times!] [Ding! Devouring the Blue Drake.

Obtained Dragon Seed! [Dragon Seed (8%)]] At this moment, the Blue Drake’s corpse had also been devoured by Ye Feng.

Such a large body, and it contained endless energy, giving Ye Feng countless attribute bonuses! After all, this Blue Drake was an existence that was preparing to become a true Dragon.

If it had not met Ye Feng, it was very likely that it would have jumped to become a true Dragon! The difference between a true Dragon and a Flood Dragon was very obvious.

Even if it was a true Dragon of the lowest level, with Ye Feng’s level, it was definitely impossible for him to be a match for it.

Ye Feng was lucky he had met a Blue Drake instead of a true Dragon.

If it was a true Dragon, Ye Feng wouldn’t have been so lucky.

“This wave of improvement is so obvious!” Ye Feng looked at the Sea Stone Trident in his hand and the corner of his mouth revealed a smile.

This was an extremely good piece of equipment.

Moreover, this equipment could not only be used as a weapon for offense, but also for defense! After all, the Sea Stone Trident required a large amount of spiritual energy to be activated.

If it was used for defense, it could also absorb the spiritual energy released by the other party and convert it into its own power.

Finally, it could be released! This was simply a low-cost, high-output transaction! Not only could it be used for battle, when Ye Feng activated the trident, he could clearly feel his combat strength continuously increasing! In other words, this trident could also increase his combat strength! The Blue Drake’s spiritual energy was too vast, so much so that Ye Feng was currently at full spiritual energy! It was not until he had digested the entire Blue Drake that Ye Feng paused for a moment.

‘This bone can be used in the future.

’ Ye Feng looked around and found a few large bones scattered on the ground.

These were all dropped by the Blue Drake.

As a special kind of bone, Ye Feng did not choose to devour them.

After all, it was so special that he thought it would be useful in the future.

Ye Feng picked it up and looked at it carefully.

It was still a thigh bone and a skull.

Although it was only two bones, with the Blue Drake’s huge body, even two bones were a few meters tall! But Ye Feng still had a way.

He directly stored it into the storage space of the bracelet.

This thing would definitely be of great benefit to his future advancement! Ye Feng had obtained a lot of benefits from killing the Blue Drake this time, which made him very satisfied! With a thought, Ye Feng summoned his attribute panel and began to check his harvest this time.

[Symbiotic Body: Magic Slime] [Attributes: Strength 1070, Agility 870, Vitality 1010, Spirit 960, Resistance 500] [Special Attributes: Poison Immunity, Venom, Swift Walk, Viscosity, Sharpness, Water Element (Lord of the Lake)] [Sequence: Perception, Split, Devour, Regeneration, Mimicry, Evolution, Analysis] [Skills: Slime Storm, Perfect Possession, Severed Tail, Stench, Leader’s Oppression, Ultimate Spiderweb, Sharp Blade, Starfire Meditation, Spirit Exploding Shark] [Water Elemental Ability: Water Breaking Arrow, Water Binding, Tidal Surge] [Evolution Progress: 96%] ‘There’s actually 9% of the Dragon Seed! Did I get such a big harvest this time?!’ Ye Feng was a little surprised.

After all, during the devouring process, the system’s broadcast was similar to a spamming of the screen.

Every time it absorbed a bit, it would broadcast a bit.

Ye Feng sensed the constantly changing power in his body and did not pay attention to it.

However, when he saw so much increase in the Dragon Seed on his attribute panel, he was immediately shocked.