Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 122

Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime - Chapter 122

“Sister, this Spirit Fruit is too delicious! Are you sure you can buy such delicious Spirit Fruits from Zhutian Mall?!” Li Yao was a little incredulous, his family also had many Spirit Fruits, but this was the first time he had eaten such a pure ecological Spirit Fruit.

“Of course, if you like it, I can give you a few more after the assessment!” Su Fei said with a smile.

After all, the other party could also give her the Fish Gills Potion, so it could be considered as returning the favor.

Li Yao nodded.

His body was recovering well enough to continue the rest of the journey.

After the agreement was made, the two of them flew like the wind and rushed toward the end of the lake.

At this moment, an uproar suddenly came.

The impact this time was several times more than the previous one! A cold current swept past.

The entire lake surface, which was originally boiling, instantly froze and turned into frost water! When the two people at the bottom of the lake saw this, they instantly turned pale with fright.

Their Fish Gills Potion was about to lose its effect.

Most importantly, Li Yao only had the last bottle of potion in his pocket! They had wanted to find out the situation as soon as possible, and then decide who would take the treasure.

No matter what, they would split it equally.

But now, it seemed that this last bottle of Fish Gills Potion had become the only bottle of Life Saving Potion! “What’s going on?!” Li Yao’s face turned black.

He was originally worried, but now that this had happened, he was even more panicked.

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)C0M On the other hand, Su Fei was still maintaining her absolute calmness.

“I can be sure that this is a cold current that erupted from the depths of the lake, and it’s very strong!” Su Fei analyzed, and her body could not help but start to tremble.

The water temperature was originally boiling, and their bodies could barely withstand it.

After all, they were all high-level symbiotes, so these special environments were still acceptable.

But now, the water temperature continued to drop.

In just a minute, the water temperature had dropped from 80 degrees Celsius to -100 degrees Celsius! This temperature difference, if it was an ordinary person, they would have died a long time ago! But they were not ordinary people.

One symbiote was an Angel, and the other was a Direwolf.

They were both top-level symbiotes.

The attributes that they brought were naturally not something that ordinary symbiotes could compare to.

Soon, the water temperature continued to drop, reaching more than -150 degrees Celsius.

This temperature was enough to destroy all thermostatic creatures.

The powerful strength of the symbiotes continued to maintain their physical strength.

However, the surrounding water had already begun to freeze! If they didn’t do anything, they would be completely sealed in this place! “Sister, the water temperature is dropping crazily.

Take this bottle of Fish Gills Potion and quickly go out.

I know you still have the ability to hold on until you get out!” Li Yao said as he took out the bottle of potion with great difficulty.

He stuffed it directly into Su Fei’s hand.

Su Fei’s face was also full of worry.

She didn’t expect such a terrible environment to appear in this godforsaken place.

Although she still had power in her body, she could only hold out until she broke out of the water.

It would be impossible for her to bring Li Yao with her.

But what could she do when she reached the water’s surface? Such a strong impact could kill her at any time.

Su Fei did not say anything.

She was thinking of all kinds of methods.

In fact, she still had one last trump card.

That was the teleportation device.

This teleportation device was also called the Point Teleportation Device.

However, there was only one Point Teleportation Device that could teleport people to any location.

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)C0M It contained some kind of secret power, so it could only be used once.

In other words, after using it once, there would be no effect if it was used again.

Su Fei was still hesitating.

After all, if she took out such a device, then she would be violating the rules.

There was a rule in the freshmen assessment, which was to refuse to use any device.

Once it was discovered, the candidate would be disqualified! Su Fei did not dare to use it rashly either.

Participating in this assessment was also strongly recommended by her family, and she was also very interested in the qualifications to enter the Academy.

After all, Cloud Mist Academy was one of the best academies in China.

If she could enter and further her studies, it would be a dream opportunity! Moreover, breaking the rules in the freshmen assessment meant that she would have to bear a series of consequences.

In short, Su Fei would not use it until the last moment.

As time passed, the temperature of the surrounding water also gradually solidified, and layers of ice began to form.

The surface of the lake above them also began to freeze at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The most important thing was that this kind of ice came from the extremely cold power within the Blue Drake’s body.

Not only was it different from ordinary ice blocks and difficult to break, but it also constantly emitted the aura of the extremely cold power.

It continuously suppressed the human body, and it could also cause the majority of the power in the human body to quickly drain away! This was the main reason why they were trapped.

The speed at which their bodies recovered was far from being able to keep up with the speed of the flow, so naturally, they didn’t have any means to escape from this place! At this moment, in the distance, the people by the lake couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw the power erupting from the center of the lake.

Due to the powerful impact and the intense cold current, they had no choice but to activate their spiritual power to resist this wave of attack! However, many of them were low-level symbiotes.

Before they could activate their spiritual power, they were thrown hundreds of meters away and directly hit the mountain! Seeing that many people were sent flying, some experts also frowned.

This strong impact must have come from the center of the lake, which was at least several kilometers away from them.

However, this impact could last for a long time and could cause a lot of damage to them on the shore.

At the same time, it also meant that the originator of this power was extremely powerful! It was at least a B- grade creature! Of course, it might not be a creature, but the probability of this happening was too low.

It was impossible for a human to be able to produce such a powerful impact, right?? If there really was such a thing, then it would be impossible for them to participate in the freshmen assessment.

Instead, they would be supported by Cloud Mist Academy and would be directly exempted from admission! Clearly, it was impossible for such a person to exist in this assessment.

“D*mn, this wave of impact is too strong.

Just now, Su Fei and the twin-bladed man went into the lake.

I wonder how they are doing!” “It’s not far from the truth.

If they can’t withstand it, then they will end up dead.

They have a lot of points.

One is ranked third on the leaderboard while the other is ranked 12th.

If we split them up, it will definitely allow our points to rise by quite a large level!” “Good idea.

But if such a strong impact can’t hurt them, then it will be a waste of hope.

Let’s wait and see first!” “No need to wait and see.

With such a strong fluctuation, don’t even think about it.

They will definitely die!” Liang Gang said with a sinister smile while holding a dog tail grass in his mouth.

“Brother Gang, how are you so sure?” Li San asked curiously from the side.

Liang Gang waved his hand.

He put on an extremely arrogant look.

“Are you stupid? With such a powerful fluctuation, even we on the shore suffered a lot of damage.

They are in the center of the lake, which is also the center of the impact.

If they don’t die, they will definitely be crippled!”