Waiting For You Online - Chapter 214

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 214

Side story (4) After eating dinner and singing karaoke, on the way home, He Jin recalled Wild Crane’s accusations again.

When Qin Yang saw the red light, he stopped and shifted gears, He Jin could not help but reach out his hand to cover Qin Yang’s back of the hand, and gently rubbed it.

“What happened?” Qin Yang turned his head in surprise, and found that He Jin wasn’t looking at himself, but there’s clearly emotional attachment in his actions.

Qin Yang smiled, “did you suddenly realize that I’m good?” He Jin, “…” Now, Qin Yang was no longer the same.

He just shocked the friends in the restaurant with his imposing manner.

After three years of experience in entertainment, there’s already “starlight” in him that made him unique, making him dazzle in the crowd.

He Jin didn’t want Qin Yang to become too proud.

He deliberately teased him, “in fact, comparing with you, I prefer Leisure Cloud’s kind.

” Qin Yang raised his eyebrow, “ah ha?” “Leisure Cloud is a low-profile person.

Although he doesn’t look as good as you, he’s very calm.

” This is indeed true.

From the beginning, He Jin found Qin Yang too high profile.

Comparing to him, he found himself to be really ordinary, and he’s constantly worried about not worthy of Qin Yang.

“So being handsome is wrong?” Qin Yang was a bit pissed off and he said somewhat angrily, “then what can I do to give you a sense of security? Announce to the world that I love you? But you don’t like that.

” .



He Jin paused and shook his head, “Since I started watching your live broadcast a long time ago, I have seen so many people calling you ‘husband’.

Until now, you don’t know how much time I spend to get myself used to the fact that my lover is the most welcomed person in the world…” When he said that, He Jin felt a bit shy.

He blushed a little and tilted his head, “I thought that I wouldn’t care, but after being with you, I found that I’m just an ordinary person, and I’m constantly worried about being not as good as you think, or that you’d stop loving me one day…” This sudden showing of affection made Qin Yang’s heart beat fast.

Seeing that Qin Yang didn’t react, He Jin continued somewhat uneasily, “haven’t you noticed that…when Wild Crane saw you, he was staring at you?” He actually liked the straightforward character of Wild Crane, as his facial expression told everything.

If he had a character like his, would Qin Yang love him even more? “Also, when we were in KTV, those girls had all their eyes on you…” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM After hearing this, Qin Yang found it hilarious.

He Jin was obviously being jealous! He continued driving home in a good mood, and as soon as he entered the door, he immediately pressed He Jin against the wall and started kissing him.

“Hey, what are you doing…” He Jin was struggling.

Qin Yang held him down and didn’t let him go.

He acted like a tamed lion and when he was looking at He Jin, he looked both domineering and gentle, “silly, just let them watch me, I only have you in my eyes anyway.

What do you say?” After that, he kissed He Jin again.

He Jin, “…” Since he first knew He Jin, he had realized how restrained he was, and he never had such a long, sweet talk.

Even if he had any thoughts, he only kept them with himself.

It was such a rare opportunity to hear his inner voice.

Of course, he was happy to death! No matter he’s jealous or insecure, it only means that He Jin cared about him.

Right? He Jin couldn’t breathe, but he didn’t push away Qin Yang either.

He was holding Qin Yang’s neck and started responding to his kiss affectionately.

Qin Yang was so seduced by his actions and he couldn’t wait to bring He Jin to the bathroom.

He was biting his ears eagerly and murmured, “let’s shower together.

” The bathroom was less than ten square meters big.

The glass door of the shower room had the two men squeezed together.

Qin Yang was not patient anymore, “wifey, let’s move out.

” He Jin, “…um?” Qin Yang started splashing hot water on He Jin while holding him, “it’s too small here and we can’t do anything.

I want to…with you in the bathtub!” He Jin blushed immediately after seeing Qin Yang simulating that action, “didn’t you say that we’d start right where we parted? How come you’re…” He couldn’t continue.

Qin Yang was such a beast.

After returning home, he immediately torn off his “male idol” façade.

Afterwards, He Jin collapsed weakly on the bed and asked Qin Yang, “if you never fell in love with me, would you have a girlfriend by now?” Qin Yang turned over and put his head on He Jin’s chest coyly, “how do I know? Since I’ve ever realized it, I’ve always been in love with you only.

” He Jin, “then have you ever imagined that I was a girl?” “I thought you were a girl from the beginning,” Qin Yang began to tell how he had been feeling all along, somewhat resentfully, “if you were a girl, I would never have been tortured so bad.

You know how purely straight I am.

” How could this guy say that he’s “straight”? He Jin rolled his eyes, “if you’re straight, then what are we? Do you see me as a girl?” Qin Yang grabbed He Jin’s private part and He Jin couldn’t help but gasp, “what do you think I take you as?” He Jin asked angrily, “then what did you mean when by you said you’re straight?”