Waiting For You Online - Chapter 213

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 213

These words evoked the memories of everyone, and several people who’d had experiences offline all commented — Nine Hall, “haha, I now recall.

Wild Crane is really good-looking!” Dead Water, “yes, and he appeared small too.

” While they were chatting, someone changed the subject and it was about He Jin this time, “among us, we haven’t seen Twig Fence and Ah Jin, how about we all meet once?” Everyone agreed, but after suggesting a few dates, Twig Fence still said that he’s overseas and he couldn’t return to China.

Nine Hall was annoyed, “you’re always the troublesome one!” Dead Water, “what if we meet first, and you could join us remotely?” Twig Fence, “…” At last, they set the date around the launch of the smart baby of Qin Yang’s company.

In just a few months, things with He Jin’s new job went smoothly as well.

As he was a clever guy and very hard-working, his ability was limited in those three years, when he was working in his previous company in Q city.

Now, he’s working in a company based on scientific research and innovation, it’s relatively free and his colleagues were mostly young people, he felt much more relaxed.

Qin Yang had already announced that he’d quit the entertainment industry, since he wanted to shift his focus on the investment of electronics and games.

Fortunately, his ten years of experience in the game and three years in the entertainment industry had earned him a rich network of human resources, and he’d always have a smooth development.

With He Jin joining him, he’s pretty confident to succeed even more.




The day before the launch of the Smart Baby, Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane especially flew to the capital from C city.

That night, Qin Yang booked a hotel to welcome them.

He also invited Dead Water and Nine Hall.

The six of them gathered.

Although Qin Yang had already described to him how they looked like, He Jin still had a different impression when he finally saw them in person.

Wild Crane was indeed a good-looking guy, he had a pair of big eyes, delicate and smooth skin.

No one can tell that he’s over thirty; Leisure Cloud was tall, and his outlook was so-so.

In reality, he wasn’t very talkative, same as how he was in the game.

He Jin was told that he’s a businessman but he wasn’t really convinced.

For him, Leisure Cloud had a gentle and elegant temperament, and he’s very comforting.

Dead Water was a pianist in reality.

His ten fingers were slender and he had an elegant temperament.

Nine Hall looked shyer than expected and he blushed easily.

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COM As Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane were also a couple in real life, He Jin paid more attention to them.

He found many small details showing their mutual understanding and affection.

For example, Leisure Cloud would silently give Wild Crane his favorite dishes, and he’d also serve food and pour wine to him.

There was a dish of shrimp on the table, while everyone was chatting, Leisure Cloud was silently peeling shrimp for Wild Crane…He’s a man, a successful businessman, and he didn’t care about peeling shrimp for his lover in front of everyone! Wild Crane also enjoyed being served by his lover.

After dinner, Leisure Cloud carefully took the coat and scarf for Wild Crane.

He was as thoughtful and caring as a nanny.

However, whatever he was doing didn’t look pretentious at all, he was so used to doing them.

If He Jin didn’t pay close attention, he wouldn’t find out these details.

He Jin had initially thought that in their relationship, Leisure Cloud was the more giving one, but his impression was changed after a conversation with Wild Crane.

Everyone knew about him and Qin Yang by now, Wild Crane was curious and asked about the latest update of their relationship, like if they’d come out of the closet.

Although in the society, people started to be more open-minded to same sex couples, they were still the minority.

When they met the same kind, they naturally couldn’t help getting more curious than usual.

Wild Crane seemed to have a strange power that can make people involuntarily put down their defenses and open up their heart.

Also, as he’s older, after chatting with him some more, He Jin began to tell him almost everything about his relationship with Qin Yang.

“What? You left him for three years and ran away?” Wild Crane looked both empathetic and furious about what had happened, “Ah Jin! You’re too bad!” He Jin also realized how bad he was, but aside from walking way, he really couldn’t think of an alternative at that time… He asked Wild Crane, “what was it like when you came out of the closet?” “Well, I told my parents directly.

They knew that I was going to be with Wang, um,” Wild Crane paused, as if he didn’t want to tell He Jin the real name of Leisure Cloud, “to be with Leisure Cloud.

My mother said that she’d die in front of me…I really love my parents, and I was losing my mind when they wanted to separate with me! I didn’t want to leave Leisure Cloud either.

Indeed, my parents are the ones that gave me life and raised me up.

I have to pay them back.

However, I still need someone who can make me happy, and I want him to be with me for the rest of my life.

I can’t destroy my later half of my life for my previous half, right? Once I thought about how much pain I’d give to Leisure Cloud if I left him, I knew that it’d torture me forever…that’s why I could only choose to hurt my parents.

Well, this is the truth anyway.

It wouldn’t be correct to lie to them, and I think they’ll still forgive me one day.

It’s just a matter of time.

” He Jin now had mixed thoughts.

Indeed, in the past three years, he had also been tortured from having separated from Qin Yang.

He also had to take care of his face and stopped himself from contacting Qin Yang…and he made himself endure all the pain.

Although Wild Crane seemed more innocent, he thought much more clearly.

Also, from what he’d told He Jin, Wild Crane and Leisure Cloud were both deeply in love with each other.

While Wild Crane was talking, he looked with empathy at Qin Yang who’s not so far away, “if Ruthless really loves you, what you did hurt even more than digging out his heart!” He Jin, “…” Right, if only he could be a bit braver and fight for the future with Qin Yang, the two wouldn’t have suffered for three years.

Wild Crane, “it’s good now that you’re back together.

Cherish it.

” He Jin nodded slightly.

Wild Crane smiled and patted on his shoulders, as if there’s nothing left to worry about.