Waiting For You Online - Chapter 168

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 168

That night, Qin Yang picked up He Jin from work, he told him this news immediately.

“I haven’t accepted the offer yet, and I told them that I need to think about it.

” Qin Yang was holding the steering wheel and gently rotating it.

There’s a little pride in his tone, especially when it came to the remuneration.

He was telling He Jin excitedly, “being a spokesperson will get me six million per year, and 10 million in 2 years, plus these will be the amounts before tax.

I’ve heard also that this would be the same amount that they pay first-line celebrities.

The shooting updates will be no more than three times.

Seeing that I was hesitating a little, they told me that I could raise any suggestions if I wanted.

” Six million……! He Jin was so surprised that he couldn’t keep his mouth closed.

His internship would only pay me less than 4000 per month.

Even if he could sign a permanent contract after graduation, he heard that he’d start at 100,000 per year.

However, seeing how Qin Yang was doing…he could easily gain 200,000 per month just by being a host in the game.

And when he heard about how much he’d earn by being a spokesperson, the figure was even more shocking…6 million, how important must a person be to earn this figure? He Jin had thought that he could gradually reach the level close to Qin Yang by working hard, but now, he must admit that for someone as blessed as Qin Yang, there’s no way to compare with him at all, he could only look up to him.

“So how do you think?” Qin Yang tilted his head and looked at He Jin, his handsome facial features were particularly brilliant under the street lights outside the window.

Although Qin Yang was asking He Jin his advice, his thoughts and decision were fully expressed on his face – he was interested and he wanted to do it.

What would He Jin say? Would he object it? Make him feel bad? Of course not.

Indeed, He Jin didn’t want Qin Yang to expose himself in front of the public, as he would be affected as well.

He’d already learnt his lesson after the rumours in the University.

The atmosphere of Hua University was still relatively academic, and after moving out for a month, those rumours disappeared.

However, once they spread nationwide, what could they do if those netizens started digging their background? But after thinking about it, how could a young person at his 20s have no desire to money and fame? Qin Yang was facing such a big and rare opportunity, and He Jin didn’t want him to give it up just because of his fear.

If that happened, He Jin would blame himself for being too selfish.

Seeing that He Jin was into his deep thoughts, Qin Yang asked, “are you worried that there’d be troubles after I get famous? In fact, I thought about it too, and I was also worried about it.

But I’m no longer bothered.

There’re so many successful people in the world, and they’re on interviews and magazines every day, aren’t they also living quite well? Frankly, we can only have the lives we want once we climb to the top level of the society.

” .



What Qin Yang had said revealed his strong ambitions for the future.

He wanted to climb up and become a successful person.

He Jin had no reason to be an obstacle on his way forward.

“If you want to do it… just do it.

” He Jin smiled at Qin Yang even though he didn’t feel like it.

For him, it was quite difficult to say this.

Qin Yang was indeed very happy.

He held the steering wheel with one hand and stretched the other hand to grab He Jin, “honey, trust me.

” He Jin looked outside and his ears were red, “don’t be so disgusting.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM When staring at the lights and cars outside the window, He Jin became somewhat worried.

This seemed to be a good thing on the surface, but He Jin felt that the calm life that he had perceived before might be just an outcome of self-deception.

“Oh, by the way,” After Qin Yang drove for a while, he asked, “I have to go home this weekend.

Can you come with me?” He Jin was stunned, “go to your home?” “Yes, I haven’t been back for a long time.

It’ll be my sister’s birthday this weekend.

Auntie Jiang called me and wanted me to join for dinner.

” Qin Yang glanced at him, “I’ve told her that I’m living outside with you.

Auntie Jiang told me to bring you along.

” He Jin recalled the gentle woman and nodded, “okay.

” On the weekend, He Jin casually put on a clean casual outfit and went out with Qin Yang.

At first, he thought that he was only having dinner with Qin Yang’s stepmother and his siblings, so he only bought a delicate little cake for his sister as a gift.

Later, he was shocked to see Qin Yang’s father too! At the beginning of the year, he spent a few nights at Qin Yang’s house.

At that time, his father was busy working, and He Jin had to go out early for work, it’s actually his first time meeting Qin Yang’s father.

He Jin immediately became nervous, he felt that he was not dressed properly and he hadn’t brought any gifts along either.

He perceived himself as being impolite.

Qin Yang secretly laughed at him, “why are you so nervous? Even the ugliest wife needs to meet her father-in-law, on top of that, you’re not ugly.

” He Jin was speechless, when he thought of his relationship with Qin Yang, he was so embarrassed that he didn’t even know where to place his hands.

Qin Yang didn’t really look like his father.

His father was a little shorter and fatter, and he had rougher facial features.

He looked quite young, around 40 years old, and had a style of a businessman.

Qin Yang pushed He Jin in front of his father and said honestly, “dad, this is He Jin, my boyfriend.

” He Jin, “…!!!” This sentence had shocked He Jin too much.

He face went pale immediately, and he felt as if he had nowhere to hide.

Whatever he was afraid of, Qin Yang could always voice them out without a care nor worry.

“Oh, when you turned 17, you stole my bottle of whiskey and you got so drunk.

It’s all because of this kid?” Qin Yang’s dad was carefully checking out He Jin.

It seemed like he was smiling but he wasn’t.

From the angle of his mouth, He Jin had found the shadow of Qin Yang.

The way his father looked at him wasn’t offensive, but it made He Jin a little embarrassed.


” Qin Yang didn’t care much.

His dad asked He Jin a few questions, such as where his hometown is, and what he was studying as major.

When he was in the middle of it, Qin Yang interrupted him rudely, “don’t ask anymore.

He’s just here today for dinner.

” Auntie Jiang joined, “yeah, it’s a rare opportunity to meet Xiao He.

Why don’t you ask less? You’ll make him uncomfortable.

” He Jin helplessly tried end the conversation, “it’s alright…” He wasn’t afraid of talking to older people, but he didn’t want to be seen as the “future daughter-in-law”, as this is really strange.

Qin Yang’s father found it funny and complained a bit, “I’m really not sure who’s closer to you!” Everyone in the family was surrounding each other and eating.

They lit candles and sang birthday songs to their little sweetheart.

They also gave her presents.

The environment was so warm and filled with such enthusiasm that it made people jealous.