Waiting For You Online - Chapter 167

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 167

Before starting the internship, Qin Yang accompanied He Jin and got him a three-piece suit for white-collar employees – a suit, a tie and a pair of black shoes.

For these matters, He Jin was quite ignorant.

He searched online about “experiences of new employees” before realizing what he’s supposed to do.

“This job is quite troublesome.

You even have to wear a suit…” “Well, I have no other choices.

” He Jin pointed to the notes taken in his bracelet, “there is a request, which says that the administrative and management personnel must arrive at work with formal wear.

” Qin Yang did not really think that He Jin’s job was troublesome, it’s only that he didn’t want any other people to see He Jin in a suit.

In his eyes, everything about He Jin was perfect – he was already unbelievably cute and handsome in Qin Yang’s eyes, and even more adorable in a suit.

He didn’t want any other people to look at him when he’s in a suit.

He Jin stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself, now appearing several times more handsome than in casual wear, he asked Qin Yang worriedly, “so, how do I look?” Qin Yang’s fingers rubbed through his collar and whispered in his ears, “I’m hard.

” “You’re nuts!” He Jin blushed, he pushed Qin Yang away and pulled his tie in front of the mirror, “I’m serious.

Does it look okay?” Qin Yang smirked and looked at him for a while, then said, “this suit is not worthy of you.

” He Jin, “What do you mean?” Qin Yang pulled his arm and said, “take it off, I will bring you to another shop.

” .



He Jin looked at Qin Yu with confusion, and while the staff was looking at him and Qin Yang weirdly, he was saying while unbuttoning it, “this is the most recommended suit online, and it suits people who first start working.

The price is reasonable, and the cut is also okay.

It costs only about 1000 yuan…” It’s like Qin Yang couldn’t hear him at all, he dragged He Jin to the floor with luxury brands.

When they saw a logo with an eagle, Qin Yang pulled He Jin inside.

Of course, He Jin recognized the name of the brand – it’s Armani.

“You are nuts!” He Jin’s foot were like rooted on the ground, he dared not walk inside.

Qin Yang went behind He Jin and pushed him inside, then tempted him, “this is to celebrate you as you’ve got a new job.

I’ll buy it for you.

Just listen to me.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM As soon as they entered, a young salesperson enthusiastically greeted them.

She asked them very politely what they were looking for.

She might have seen the luxury clothes on Qin Yang, and she dared not act slowly.

“Find a suit for him, for work.

” Qin Yang pointed to He Jin.

He Jin’s face went pale, there were no price tags with the clothes on the shelves, but he’d also heard that suits from this brand would cost at least 10,000.

With his internship, he’d earn 4000 per month.

If he wore this to work, wouldn’t his boss think that he’s showing off? It’s just not too appropriate! The young salesgirl quickly measured the size of He Jin who’s petrified, then quickly chose a suit that’s good for him.

Although He Jin wasn’t a fan of luxury brands, he also believed that “people rely on good clothing’s”.

After trying it on, he really saw a huge difference.

The saleslady told him the price.

After some calculation, He Jin realized that it was even more than his two months’ salary together…not really worth it! Qin Yang saw that He Jin was interested, he got close and gently said to his ears, “my guy deserves the best.

” He Jin was moved by this phrase “my guy deserves the best”, and he tried not to laugh.

If Qin Yang offered him this gift earlier, he would surely reject firmly.

Before, he would do everything to be economically independent of Qin Yang, but now, he was so excited by Qin Yang’s “gift”, and he’s so pleased with it.

After being together for several months, He Jin gradually understood that when two people are together, money is not the most important.

Come to think of it, even if Qin Yang’s broke now, and he could only give He Jin a cheap tie, he’d still receive it with gratitude, and that’s because he loved Qin Yang.

Holding a bag with his new suit, He Jin has already begun to think about the kind of gift he would give to Qin Yang for his birthday, or even on their Anniversary.

Finally, he started the 9 to 5 job.

He Jin got up at 8am and walked for about 15 minutes from his apartment to the train station, then took the train for 20 minutes, walked for 5 minutes more until he reached the office.

When he first entered the office, the receptionist of the company and a young person immediately greeted him.

As he was wearing a suit, He Jin looked more confident than usual.

However, perhaps he’s in such an expensive and good-looking suit that he felt kind of shy.

Luckily, his colleagues didn’t really care about brands, and they hadn’t noticed it at all.

His direct boss, though, noticed it immediately and he checked him out from top to bottom, “nice suit.

” He Jin’s direct boss was the company’s executive manager, and he graduated at Stansford.

His surname was Cui, 36 years old and he’s a successful businessman.

He’s very friendly and has a nice family.

He was very caring for He Jin.

He taught him a lot of things in a few days.

He Jin has a strong learning ability and was making rapid progress, and he was also appreciated by his boss.

When the temperature was over 30 degrees, Qin Yang felt distressed that He Jin had to take the subway, so he began sending him to work and picking him up every day.

Very often, he’d complain about He Jin having less time to be with him.

But he’s overall very supportive to He Jin.

Everything seemed to go smoothly – he’s with someone he loved, and he’s working very hard for his future.

This is the best state in He Jin’s mind.

He had stopped struggling that he’s gay, and he’s no longer pessimistic, he even became a lot more confident than before.

When it was almost the end of July, there was a little change in their life – the official organization of Demon God called Qin Yang and asked him to be the long-term spokesperson for the company.

He would be highly remunerated, but he’s also required to show his real face in front of the audience.