Waiting For You Online - Chapter 160

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 160

Not sure whether it’s a habit established after these three days, but He Jin didn’t refuse Qin Yang.

He even thought, “okay, but this time let’s not go to Jingshan.

We’re going to stay nearer to the school.

” It would be Monday the next day, and he didn’t want to be late again.

There are cheap guesthouses and motels near the school, but of course, the conditions are not as good as Jingshan.

Since He Jin accepted, Qin Yang was already very excited, and he was full of those dirty thoughts.

The next day, when the alarm went off, He Jin clearly didn’t sleep enough.

He tried to get up on bed and felt that somewhere in his body was aching furiously… Qin Yang knew that He Jin had got up, and he wanted to get a morning kiss.

Unexpectedly, He Jin pushed him away, he strolled to the toilet with discomfort.

Every movement reminded him of the immoral action of the night.

He felt so ashamed that he wanted to bang himself! He started to think that it’s a huge mistake to stay there with Qin Yang…people say that love makes a person stupid, and looks like he’s foolish now.

Qin Yang supported himself and looked at He Jin’s figure, which was fading away.

He went back to bed, took He Jin’s pillow, and inhaled deeply.

He really enjoyed it and was so happy that he’s around.

After cleaning himself, He Jin felt a little better, and Qin Yang excitedly asked him what he wanted for breakfast.


” He Jin said lightly.

His voice was a little hoarse, too much moaning during the night… Just when he heard his voice, Qin Yang started to have reactions again.

He scolded himself a bit, then used some cold water to clean his face.

Then, the two checked out, got their breakfast and returned to their dormitory.




When He Jin returned, Hou Dongyan had just gotten up from bed, he called from the bathroom excitedly, “ah, brother Jin, here you are! I thought you’re going to skip classes today again!” He Jin felt a little guilty and was looking for an excuse, “it was really late when I arrived in A city last night.

I didn’t want to bother you, so I spent the night outside.

” Hou Dongyan took a long sigh which implied something else.

Then he asked, “was the skiing fun?” “Yeah, it’s very exciting.

” He Jin was tidying up his stuff while briefly telling Hou Dongyan about their trip.

Of course, he left the details with Qin Yang behind.

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COM Hou Dongyan was envious while he was listening to the story, though he still found the whole thing to be a bit of a pity.

If Qin Yang were a woman, then the entire thing would be perfect.

When Hou Dongyan finished packing his things, the two took their textbooks and headed to their classroom.

On their way, Hou Dongyan called He Jin, but he looked sort of weird.

He seemed to want to say something, but stopped immediately.

He Jin thought Hou Dongyan had found out anything.

He asked nervously, “what?” Hou Dongyan scratched his head and whispered, “brother Jin…well, that…I know about you and Qin Yang, and I don’t object it, but the others do not know, is it really a good idea for Qin Yang to post your photos in the friends’ circle?” He Jin’s heart clenched a bit, he looked pale, “what photos? Where did he post them?” Hou Dongyan thought that He Jin had already known.

Looking at how nervous he was, he hurriedly explained, “they are the photos showing you two playing in the snow.

There’re just a few of them, and he posted them on the friends’ circle.

” “Friends’ circle” is a social application linked with the bracelet.

It’s mostly used by all the contacts stored in the bracelet, forming a circle.

Users can send messages on the bracelet and share with his contacts.

He Jin wasn’t that into social App, and Qin Yang also told him that he’s never on “me”, so he thought they were the same in this aspect.

Never had he thought that Qin Yang would send anything on the friends’ circle! With a lot of worries in his mind, He Jin switched on his bracelet anxiously.

He found the round icon that he’d never clicked on before, and entered the “Friends’ Circle”, he looked for Qin Yang and searched for his recent posts.

The latest one came from midnight the previous night, at half-past two – “Lover in my arms, can’t be more satisfied.

” The picture showed that He Jin was sleeping peacefully in Qin Yang’s arms.

The angle was very well captured, since He Jin’s face wasn’t shown, only the back of his head.

Qin Yang was smiling in the photo, showing his chin and neck…although the two were in their blanket, and no one really knew who that was, but He Jin knew that Qin Yang took it after the two had their intimate moment.

At that time, he was already asleep.

In the comments section, He Jin could see the replies from their common friends.

Jiang Baijian, “we woke up early to see you showing off, you deserve to die!” (Fire) It’s like their shameful private life was not completely public.

He Jin felt complicated.

And Hou Dongyan must have seen it too? God, how is he supposed to act in the future? Looking further down, it was a status posted two days ago.

The message was written by Qin Yang, “my heart belongs to him, and my love as well.

” There were three photos.

The first one showed a close-up of the two guys’ snow boots; on the second one, there wasn’t anyone, just a character “Qin” on the snow, and a slender, pale hand next to it; on the third one, the two were lying on the snow, and Qin Yang was kissing He Jin.

He Jin had seen the original version of this one, but on the version that’s posted, his face was covered by a raccoon.

He Jin was feeling complicated and anxious.

Although all the pictures showed a very romantic side of the couple, and no one knew who he was, but a few details would be enough to make people fantasize.

Since Qin Yang was so famous at school, He Jin dared not even think how many people would have seen them already.

On the replies below, he could only see those from Hou Dongyan and Jiang Baijian.

Jiang Baijian, “eh eh, I guess I know who this is.

” Hou Dongyan only replied with some ellipsis, He Jin seemed to be able to feel how speechless Hou Dongyan was, his face was once red, once pale.

He Jin couldn’t focus during his afternoon classes.

After it ended, he called Qin Yang immediately.