Waiting For You Online - Chapter 159

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 159

Qin Yang was just too good, he has a free spirit, he’s unruly; but He Jin was like being tangled by a spider web, he couldn’t do anything out of free will.

Although they were together now, He Jin felt like walking on thin ice, and he’d never know whether he’d trip.

He didn’t know if he could climb back up either.

Qin Yang kissed his frozen cheeks.

He Jin tilted his head and couldn’t help but search for his lips.

He kissed him fiercely and trembled.

For the first time, he was so proactive, as if there was no tomorrow.

He wanted to thank Qin Yang for the sweetness and excitement that he gave.

Thanks to Qin Yang, he could eventually be dragged out of his dull life.

He thanked Qin Yang to have satisfied all his wishes regarding love and youth… Only for this period, no matter how long it’s going to last.

I’m going to be with you and you’re going to be with me.

Your existence is going to be the best memory in my life.

The sun slowly rose, Qin Yang opened the tent and took He Jin out.

Qin Yang felt so excited for He Jin’s gesture just now.

He shouted in the snow, “He-Jin-I-Love-You!” He Jin’s heart was beating furiously.

At this moment, he didn’t care whether it’s a rational act, he also shouted, “Qin-Yang-I-Love-You-Too!” He Jin didn’t know why, but at the most happiest moment, he felt a bit sad at the same time, the corners of his eyes were a bit wet.

Qin Yang’s hair slowly turned white because of the snow, and there’s frost on it.

The two seemed to have aged for a few years.

The time passed very slowly, like it’s the eternity.

When they walked down the mountain, He Jin’s legs were trembling.

He couldn’t stand still at all, it’s like he was sliding down half the way.




When they returned to the hostel, it was 8:30am.

The two had a few bowls of hot porridge.

Then, they went back to the room and wrapped themselves in a quilt.

They slept for one morning and went out to eat at noon.

The two found that there were many people outside, and after asking, they realized that since it’s Saturday, and these were the tourists from Harbin and Mudanjiang.

In the afternoon, He Jin felt a little lazy, and he didn’t want to go anywhere.

It seems that he was completely exhausted by having got up early in the morning.

The two returned to their room and drank a lot of hot water.

He Jin was leaning against Qin Yang to get some sleep.

Until dinner time, the two got up from bed to eat.

When ordering, there were suddenly three young girls coming in the restaurant and they looked like college students.

They must be spending the weekend in Snowtown.

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COM When they saw Qin Yang, their eyes immediately flashed.

He Jin clearly heard one of them screaming, “there’s a handsome guy!” Qin Yang ordered some wild vegetables, mutton and pork ribs with stewed noodles.

He didn’t glance at the girls once.

In his eyes, there’s only He Jin.

Since the two had done that thing in the afternoon, now they were looking at each other with a lot of affection.

Qin Yang asked He Jin if he wanted to drink some barley tea, his voice was so low and sweet that it caught the girls’ attention immediately.

When the dishes were served, although He Jin was just next to them, Qin Yang couldn’t help but start serving him the dishes, and urged him to eat more.

He Jin couldn’t really open his mouth, as his cheeks were still pretty frozen.

Now, they hurt when he tried to stretch his mouth open.

He told Qin Yang about it, and Qin Yang said with sympathy, “I forgot to let the agency buy some cream for us.

Later; I’ll look for one in the convenience store.

” As he said so, the girl in the white down jacket on the side of the table suddenly blushed and approached them.

The two guys looked at each other and saw the girl pulling out a can of white ointment from her backpack and handed it over, “here, it’s for you.

” Both Qin Yang and He Jin looked at her with surprise.

She turned to He Jin and explained it carefully, “we have done some researches before coming here.

We’ve heard that the creams sold here are of poor quality.

This is a sheep milk cream from Australia, not only can it prevent frostbites, but it can cure your skin too.

You just need to use it for 7 days.

It works very well.

” He Jin wanted to refuse, as it’s not so polite to accept something from a stranger.

Unexpectedly, He Jin took it, and naturally said, “well, thank you.

” He Jin grabbed Qin Yang’s hand and looked at the girl, “then what about you?” The friend of the girl hurriedly said, “we all have one.

We can share it!” “Um, why don’t we do it this way? I’ll pay you dinner tonight.

” Qin Yang looked at the boss and said, “Uncle Zhang, the bill of that table is on me as well!” The girls started laughing and thanked him.

They looked at He Jin and Qin Yang, and used this opportunity to chat with them, “are you both students?” Qin Yang, “yes.

” The girls became excited, “same for us! Which school are you from?” “Hua University.

” Qin Yang replied, then he wanted to help He Jin put on some cream.

He Jin laughed and pushed him away.

Now that there were other people, Qin Yang didn’t avoid it at all, “I’ll use it after I wash my face.

” “Hua University! Wow! Are you both from there?” “It’s on my hand now, just use it!” Qin Yang insisted.

Then, he quickly wiped off the cream on He Jin’s face, and turned to reply the girls, “yeah, we’re together.

” ‘Hey…” He Jin couldn’t hide.

It suddenly felt cold on his face.

He stared at Qin Yang and put down his chopsticks helplessly, then spread the cream himself.

Qin Yang looked at him and said with care, “how is it? Does it work?” He Jin felt speechless, “how is it possible to be this fast!” After Qin Yang replied, the girls started to quiet down and couldn’t continue… Qin Yang picked up some cream again and wiped it on his other side of the face.

This time, He Jin didn’t hide, he obediently let Qin Yang spread it, and said, “it feels kind of hot.

” Qin Yang frowned, “is it an allergy?” The girl in the white down jacket quickly explained, “it’s okay, it’s normal to feel hot, it just means that your skin is too dry, just like pouring water on a dried land.

After the moisture reaches your skin, you will feel more comfortable and it will stop hurting.

” Qin Yang no longer worried and jokingly said, “you will be a great salesperson for skincare products!” The girl laughed, “not really, it’s common sense…” He Jin smiled and thanked her.

After a while, he really felt better.

Then, they went on with their dinner.

The three girls had stopped talking to Qin Yang and He Jin, after seeing their intimate actions.

When they left, they asked among themselves, “do you think they’re into that?” “Looks like it…it’s so weird.

” “I used to think that homosexuality is disgusting.

But after having seen them, I think that it’s actually quite good and sweet…wait, do I have any problems?” “No, I also think they’re good together, why?” “Maybe because he’s handsome…” “I saw that the way the handsome one looked, when he put on the scream for his boyfriend…ugh, it’s called boyfriend right? He looked so gentle, and I could feel my heart beating…” “Right…” … After Qin Yang and He Jin returned to their room.

They packed their things for a bit.

The next day, they played on a four-wheel drive in the snow.

He Jin took photos with two Siberian husky.

After having lunch, the two took a car to go back to Harbin, then took on a plane back to A City.

It was already 9pm when they arrived.

The trip that’s like a honeymoon one ended in the blink of an eye.

Qin Yang held He Jin in his arms, when they were in the car going back to the dormitory.