Waiting For You Online - Chapter 156

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 156

He Jin wasn’t sure if he’d overthought.

If it were just sleeping, it wouldn’t matter if the sound insulation was poor.

After mid-March, it was almost the low season of travel.

And it was Thursday.

When they arrived, the whole Snowtown was so quiet that it looked like a giant, sleeping bun.

They didn’t need to worry about being disturbed at all…Unless Qin Yang was thinking about something else! The guide, Mr.

Sun was outside waiting for them.

The two didn’t stay any longer; they took their hats and gloves and headed for dinner.

The restaurant was in a private house of Snowtown, on the side of the hostel, and they had the same owner.

This kind of family-run business, including a restaurant and hostel, was widespread all over Snowtown.

Qin Yang had entrusted the travel agency to arrange everything, not only were they in relatively good conditions, but they were also full of local characteristics.

At noon, they only had a meal on the plane, and after a long cab ride, the two were already starving.

They ordered a pot of meat, sauerkraut with stewed frozen tofu, pork belly, onion and the fungus.

Soon, a tempting smell came from the kitchen.

“No, no, I’m starving to death…” When they smelled the food, they both couldn’t hold it anymore.

It was cold in Snowtown, and it’s the perfect moment to eat! When they looked at the newly cooked dishes, they looked pretty rough, but the smell was so attractive, the two held a big bowl of rice and started eating immediately.

They quickly swept away everything on the three dishes! After the feast, He Jin touched his stomach and leaned on the brick.

He looked a little drunk.

“Let’s go out for a walk.

” Qin Yang was still full of energy.

The two put on their hats and scarves, they were holding hands and started walking on the snow.

He Jin was thinking – in the morning, he was still having lessons in Hua University that’s far away, and now he’s walking in the snow with Qin Yang …it’s unbelievable! For this kind of thing, it would never have happened in his previous 22 years, when he had always been following the rules rigidly.




Qin Yang was right when he said that he’d brought He Jin surprises in his life.

Although this kind of “surprise” always challenged He Jin’s inherent character and style of doing things, and he’d always feel uneasy and uncomfortable when the decision was made.

But once he slowly got adapted to it, he’d enjoy everything that Qin Yang brought him… Since the first time they met in the game, this person had shown him the virtual world, and in reality, he’d brought him to walk in the snow.

This is a person who could indeed control his emotions.

And his feelings were totally under his influence… He Jin hadn’t thought through what he’s going to do with his relationship with Qin Yang.

It’s like an adventure for him.

He had no idea what to plan.

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COM But he didn’t want to think about it now.

He just wanted to enjoy the present.

With the sound of walking on the snow, the red lanterns, and a person that he loved, who’s holding his hands…so, this is the feeling of being in love.

It’s lovely, sweet…his heart was crazily beating, and he felt being melted in this affection and warmth.

On the street of Xueyun Street, there were canes of gourd being sold.

There were beautiful fruit candy strings placed in a glass box, like a crystal that glows.

Qin Lan took He Jin to buy two candy strings.

Even it was about minus 10 degrees outside, they were being sold in the open air.

This is literally an “icy” candy gourd! With a mouthful of sugar ball, and a frosty sweet and sour taste, He Jin felt an immense pleasure, like like when he was eating a candy gourd in “Demon God”.

However, in the game, it was a sensation caused by the brain, and now it’s a genuine pleasure.

Qin Yang saw that He Jin still had some candy left on his mouth, he took off his gloves and helped him wipe it off.

He Jin was shocked by this action.

He turned to see Qin Yang rubbing his fingers across his mouth.

His eyes suddenly flashed, and he felt shy.

Qin Yang immediately got closer, held He Jin’s cold chin and kissed him.

He Jin widened his eyes, he was nervously wondering why Qin Yang would have the guts to do so.

There were still other people on the streets… Although it was a low season, there were still a few tourists visiting at this hour.

However, there were still several meters apart between one and the other.

The light was dim, and people couldn’t see each other very well.

Qin Yang was sucking his two cold lips, and the more he kissed, the more he refused to let go.

“Hey…” He Jin pushed him away uncomfortably, exhaling, and a white mist was coming out of his mouth.

His lips became hot and damp, and there was a white frost on it in seconds.

Qin Yang was holding his face.

One of his hands was still with a glove, and another was cold and freezing.

He was looking at him closely, forehead to forehead, and exhaling like him.

He said, “let’s go back, um?” He had no idea how explicit he looked at this moment.

He was full of infatuation.

Even with his toes, He Jin immediately knew what was going to happen when they returned to the hostel.

But under such an atmosphere, the two were so into each other and he couldn’t say no at all.