Waiting For You Online - Chapter 155

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 155

Waiting For You Online – Chapter 127 (II) – Xuexiang Snowtown Qin Yang pulled him off the car, they went to the airport check-in counter together, and they used the ID card to retrieve the air tickets.

He Jin looked at the tickets – they were heading to Harbin.

He was completely stunned.

The plane took off after 50 minutes.

They successfully arrived there on time for  the security check-in time forty-five minutes in advance.

It seems that Qin Yang had left no space for consideration for He Jin.

When He Jin realized it, he was already on the plane…it was just too insane! With fear, he looked at the city that was getting smaller and farther away from the window.

Next to him, there was only Qin Yang whom he was familiar of.

He Jin had stopped asking, “where are we going?”, but he only said with confusion, “I still have classes tomorrow.

When are we coming back?” Finally, Qin Yang told him, “we’re going to the Snowtown for skiing.

And we’ll be back on Sunday.

” He Jin’s guess was proven right, he was a bit annoyed, “why didn’t you discuss with me before?” Qin Yang grabbed his hand and held it in his hand, “for a surprise.

” For He Jin, it’s not a surprise, but a shock! He Jin was completely unprepared mentally.

He was twisting uncomfortably on his seat, “then, are we going to spend the night there? I haven’t brought anything, not even clothes for change…” He was looking at his pair of slip-on and was worried sick.

Qin Yang just brought him there impulsively, they might be freezing to death! But now that they were on the plane already, it’s not like they could spread their wings and fly away, like in “Demon God”.

He could only follow Qin Yang.

Qin Yang comforted him, “don’t worry.

I’ve prepared everything.

” He Jin reckoned they were the two people with the least number of baggages on the plane.

Aside from some cash and an ID card, he’d brought nothing! .



After having lunch on the plane and the two-hour plane ride, they arrived in Harbin in the blink of an eye.

The temperature of Harbin was similar to that of A city, only with drier air.

When they got off the plane, Qin Yang made a phone call and took He Jin straight out.

The contact person of the travel agency was already waiting for them outside.

The car ordered by Qin Yang was only in service for them.


Qin, everything you’ve ordered is ready.

Just put your luggages in the car.

This is the driver Mr.

Xu, he is responsible for driving to take you to Xuexiang, where there will be someone serving you.

Remember to keep your bracelet switched on.

” After that, the person left.

The two got on the bus and saw two identical black mountaineering bags in the back seat, and two large shoe boxes on the side.

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COM Qin Yang opened the bag, which contained ski suits, warm pants, hats, masks, gloves, socks, simple toiletries… and underwear for changing! He Jin was also flipping through the backpack, when he saw the underwear, he felt his ears getting hot…were they going to sleep together during these three days? Qin Yang saw that the travel agency had bought everything according to his requirements.

He satisfactorily zipped the backpack, checked the shoe box on the side and saw two pairs of boots for skiing, one bigger, one smaller and they looked identical.

Qin Yang took the pair of size 39 and handed it to He Jin, “try them on.

” He Jin, “…” Qin Yang placed the boots between the seats, and said, “I bought it according to your size.

” According to the person in charge of the travel agency, the staff had to change several brands to find this size.

He Jin soon recalled that when Qin Yang took him to buy a racket last semester, he had asked about his shoe size on the subway.

However, at that time, he seemed to have told him…one size bigger… (=_= ) He Jin bent over and took off his shoes.

Under Qin Yang’s gaze, he put on these boots easily…obviously, they were a little big for him… “How are they?” “Argh…” He Jin, who had set a trap for himself, said shyly, “they’re fine.

” In fact, He Jin couldn’t feel the difference that much.

The hair inside the boots was very thick.

If it really didn’t work, there were still several pairs of thick socks in his backpack, he could also wear two more pairs…(=_=) It took them more than four hours to arrive Xuexiang.

Qin Yang said, “here we are, so don’t overthink.

I will tell Hou Dongyan about it, if there’s anything urgent, he’ll tell you.

And we’re going to enjoy these three days.

Okay?” He Jin, “…” Hou Dongyan was really aware of everything! “Be happy!” The two guys were wearing the same scarf, and Qin Yang happily went near to He Jin and started teasing him.

He Jin felt a bit itchy, he pushed him with a smile.

“Don’t be childish…” Indeed, here they are, what could he do aside from enjoying himself? “When did you plan this?” Qin Yang, “Monday, when you were angry out of no reason.

” He Jin was stunned.

When he thought of that, he felt a bit guilty.

He grabbed Qin Yang’s hand, “I’m ok, I just needed time to think it through.

” At this moment, He Jin felt more stable mentally, and he’d stopped thinking about the matters with school.

He was starting to look forward to this trip.

The car was warm and air-conditioned.

After some time, both of them started to get sleepy.

They slept together all the way.

The driver sent them to the ferry station, bought tickets, and watched them board on the cable car before leaving.

It was eight o’clock in the evening when they arrived Xuexiang.

The sky was completely dark now.

The person welcoming them was a villager who had been cooperating with the local travel agency.

He was an uncle named Mr.


He first led Qin Yang and He Jin to the accommodation.

When He Jin looked far away, it seemed that the whole world in front of him was covered with thick snow, there was a round snow hat on the roof of a wooden house, marshmallow-like, and there were red lanterns hanging in front of each house, making the snowy ground look red too.

Everything seemed so quiet and warm in front of them, just like in a fairy tale.

They instantly fell in love with this place.

They were staying in a family hostel.

Of course, the conditions were not comparable to a starred hotel, but it’s also the best in the area.

It costed seven or eight hundred yuan for one night.

Uncle Sun took them into the room and said, “just put down your belongings in the room.

I will wait for you outside and take you to have dinner.

” There was a warm orange light, burning charcoal fire, one of the windows was an all-glass one, which was covered by the snow outside… The room looked neat, and there’s only one bed in it.

After Qin put down his stuff, he looked around and said to himself, “can this room block any noise?”