Waiting For You Online - Chapter 146

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 146

Ah Jin Is A Guy Initially, the team was in a more inferior situation.

And now, it was about to turn the defeat into a victory.

After winning this team match, there would probably be no one saying that they did that out of luck.

And no one would dare to say that Ah Jin only knew how to depend on the others to survive! When watching how the Haagen-Daaz couple fought, the audience saw everything.

As Fire’s wife, Ah Jin’s role was irreplaceable, as his role in it was very essential.

Not only him, but every member of the Sentimental team also used all of his power, and every one of them was important! The match of nearly three hours finally came to an end, and the official voting platform was also closed at this moment.

As for now, the votes of the two teams are – Sentimental team: 535,298 votes Haagen-Dazs team: 187,611 votes It was nearly a three-times difference — among the 5 million people, the Sentimental team got 10% of the votes! The audience was thrilled, and the host also announced excitedly to everyone, “congratulations to the first edition of ‘Demon God’ official team match.

The winning team is the Sentimental team!” At this moment, Hou Dongyan, who was sitting in an Internet cafe watching the game, was staring at the screen and did a rough calculation – god damn! There were about 530,000 votes, amounting almost 5 million.

How impressive! It turned out that the 500,000-bonus set in the game wasn’t the most important part, it’s the number of votes that counted the most! Indeed, for a fan of the game, it’s really nothing to use 10 yuan to vote.

When someone was excited and rich enough, he’d naturally spend over a thousand.

Even Hou Dongyan had spent 30 yuan for 3 votes just now.

Anyway, that’s not the main point.

When there were a lot of people, the number of votes would increase, there would naturally be more money! And this is China.

Everyone gives you a coin, and you will become a billionaire! .



When you think of that, the official organization of “Demon God” is indeed quite evil! The live broadcast room has not been closed, and the host continued, “the audience should not rush to leave.

Next, we will have several players from the winning team for a live interview.

Let’s hear what they say!” At the end of the game, a small number of viewers who were supporters of the Haagen-Daaz team were so frustrated that they closed the webpage immediately.

But almost of them were still sitting in front of the computer, looking at the screen, since they were looking forward to the next session, including the interview of the fans of the Fire couple, which was just full of gossips! The members of the Sentimental team returned to the waiting area and were told that they couldn’t leave.

Then, all of them were sent to an interview room.

The host, who had asked them to make a pre-match declaration, was sitting right in front of them.

And he kept congratulating the team excitedly.

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COM He Jin wasn’t really concentrating, and Fire suddenly held his hand, it felt surreal…have they really won? Have they won the “Demon God” final match? The members were sitting on the sofa, and the host asked, “after winning the match, what do you want to say? Here, you can say anything you want…why don’t we start with Fire?” Fire smiled and told the host that he’d pointed to the wrong direction, and that’s where the holographic simulation happened, and where the audience was, “thanks.

We made an oath that we would win, and I’m happy to have lived up to everyone’s expectations.

” No wonder he’s used to being a host, he’s always so calm in all situations.

And he pre-set speech was also convincing enough.

Then, Fire pinched He Jin’s hands.

He Jin was shocked and he looked at Dumpling next to him, implying him to say something first.

The warm little guy certainly knew how to conquer the female audience’s heart.

Dumpling swayed his wings and made these ‘Ji Ji’ sounds, showing how excited he was.

Everyone couldn’t help but start laughing, then Ah Jin said, “thanks, everyone…in fact, I was quite surprised.

” The host was surprised too, “you didn’t expect to win?” He Jin was a bit shy, “yeah…as I’ve only been in the game for less than half a year.

I feel like I’m not as powerful as my mates, and I’m afraid to make them lose…” When he said this, he felt Fire pinching his hand again.

He Jin turned his head and exchanged a look with Fire.

Although he still felt uncomfortable with Qin Yang’s lying, he had to make things clear to himself.

At least, during the cooperation with Fire, he felt connected to Fire… Translations by AsianHobbyist Website.

This loving glance was undoubtedly interpreted by the audience as “publicly displayed affection”, people started commenting and screaming on the bullet screen.

He Jin looked at the host and he continued, “I am not sure how I had performed; I just knew that Fire was protecting me all along…” Many people who first had doubts about He Jin, were touched by his humility now.

All of a sudden, they started typing compliments on the bullet screen, encouraging him that he’d done a great job.

The host also said, “you’ve done it well.

Let alone the team match, let’s recap the first fairy pets PK, you won it all by yourself, so don’t ever underestimate yourself! Also, you’ve achieved this in such a short time, and you’ve even won the final match.

I’m sure we can’t find a second player like you!” He Jin looked at Twig Fence and smiled, “there’s another one.

Twig Fence has been here for four months only.

” Host, “…”