Waiting For You Online - Chapter 147

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 147

The audience, “are you kidding me?” Were these guys simply flattering each other, or they both had respective talents, no one could tell for sure… The host then asked how the other members felt.

Unlike Ah Jin, Twig Fence boldly said that the results had been out of his expectations.

Leisure Cloud said that he’d been ready to accept whatever results waiting for them.

Host, “what about Dead Water?” Dead Water was still swaying his fan, held it and sighed, “it’s a pity that Nine Hall wasn’t with us.

” Everyone laughed, they looked at the audience and waved.

Each of them greeted Nine Hall, Fire smiled, “Nine, don’t be upset.

We’ll share the bonus with you!” Nine Hall His Highness in front of the screen, “damn…” Host, “it seems like Ruthless has a close relationship with his mates!” “Yeah, except Ah Jin and Twig Fence, we have known each other for a few years…” Wild Crane looked at Fire and Ah Jin and smiled, “but I’ve heard that Fire and Ah Jin have known each other for even longer.

They got married during the ‘Immortals’ era!” This news was…extremely shocking! The host was speechless, he looked at the couple who hadn’t separated their hands since the beginning, “this long? Then how come Ah Jin said that he was on the game for just half a year?” .



Fire glanced at Ah Jin, “because he wasn’t online for eight years in between.

” He Jin, “…” how come he sounded so bitter? The host’s mouth became O-shaped, “eight years? Then, Fire, haven’t you got divorced?” Fire, “no.

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COM That’s what normal people would think, right? He Jin was a bit embarrassed, he was silently praying that this topic could be ended soon.

But Dead Water continued to say something more about Fire, “in fact, this guy got dumped.

That’s why he changed his name to Ruthless.

When Ah Jin came back, he changed it back to Fire.

” Fire, “hey!!” Everyone, “hahaha…” Ah Jin, “…” The audience in front of the screen also laughed so much that they felt like crying.

They hadn’t expected the usually cold Ruthless to have such a naïve and innocent experience.

Dead Water don’t stop! Tell the audience more! In this case, the fact that Ruthless has a wife isn’t so depressing after all.

His love toward his wife and all these details made the fans fall in love with his image even more! The host coughed for a while and turned to Ah Jin, ‘in fact, I don’t quite understand.

Why did Ah Jin choose a male image? And her voice sounds like a guy too…” He Jin’s heart tightened and didn’t know what to respond.

At this time, Fire suddenly held He Jin’s hand tightly, and encouragingly looked at him.

Then, he said with his magnetic voice, “Ah Jin’s a guy.

” He Jin felt a long silence next to him, as if a thousand pairs of eyes were looking at him and Fire…what he was worried the most wasn’t an issue for Qin Yang at all.

It’s so bold, so desperate.

Qin Yang wasn’t afraid to be dumped or hated against.

He didn’t worry about his reputation.

And he just boldly told everyone that he’s in love with a guy! In the live broadcast room, there was a long, awkward silence.

Even the audience in front of the screen went silent.

Then, people started chattering — “What? Ah Jin is a guy?” “The wife of Ruthless is a guy…so Ruthless is gay?” “Damn it, what those girls have said turned out to be true.

This is the biggest news in ‘Demon God’!” …… The host was dumbfounded.

He had never expected to receive such a bomb after such a casual question! “Um, so technically you’re friends?” The host wanted to ease the tense environment.

Fire held Ah Jin’s hand tightly and didn’t let him escape, “no, we’re a couple.

” He Jin, “…” The host didn’t dare to ask any more questions.

He quickly shifted the topic and asked everyone what they planned after getting the bonus, “this time we shall start with Twig Fence?” Twig Fence thought for a while, “that 500,000-bonus? If we divide among the ten of us, we’ll get 50,000 only, what can we do with this…” The host wanted to spit blood, it’s 50,000, almost his salary for half a year, and it’s so valueless for this guy! “It looks like Twig Fence is a rich guy!” The host joked a bit, then looked at Dead Water, “what about Dead Water?” Dead Water looked down on his fan and said, “well, I will put some diamond on my fan then.

” The host went speechless again.

What the ****, he’d even spend 50,000 on his fan… Dead Water sighed again, “yeah, it’s such a small amount…” The host decided to ignore this pair of master and pet, then he looked at Wild Crane and Leisure Cloud, who looked at each other, then Wild Crane nodded, “yeah, it’s really a small amount…” Leisure Cloud, “buy something for your wife later?” Wild Crane, “good idea.

” The host went completely speechless.

For Fire, there’s no need to ask, he didn’t need any more money, it’s no longer news that he was earning a million per year by being a host.

He Jin was wondering why the host had stopped asking.

It’s 50,000! Gosh, for someone like He Jin who’s never had a savings of over 5 figures, it’s an imaginable number! Once he realized that he could get the money, he’s so excited that he didn’t know what to say at all.

He’d even forgotten the embarrassing words of Fire…with 50,000 yuan, he’d no longer have to work part-time.

And he’d have enough money to pay for the last year’s tuition fee! That means he’ll be free! At this time, He Jin hadn’t realized that what he’s going to get is far more than just 50,000 yuan.