Waiting For You Online - Chapter 140

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 140

Dead Water, “if I’m right, Inuyasha has reached his limit.

” Every player has a certain limit, and it’s not a psychological limit, but the actual index in the game.

The limit of spiritual pets is determined by the potential star levels and the original form of spiritual pets.

They’re often around three to four hundred.

They usually can run quickly for ten minutes, then restore the power after resting.

Inuyasha, who had a six-star potential had a limit of 870 points, which is very high among the fairy pets.

He can run in an empty space for about 20 minutes.

Also, he usually flies and doesn’t have to run, only while he’s fighting.

That’s why he’d never thought that his limit would be used up one day! He slowed down and found out that there’s no meaning in chasing Ah Jin like that.

He paused and rested on a side and waited for the ferret to fall on his trap.

Anyway, he couldn’t catch the ferret and he refused to consume more energy.

When the ferret appeared again, he’s going to use the most powerful trick – with his 5% left! But, when he stopped, Ah Jin stopped as well! The ferret turned, lifted its paws and looked at him, as if it’s saying, “why aren’t you chasing now?” Inuyasha, “……” damn, this ferret really deserves to die! The audience thought exactly the same — “Damn it…it’s such an ‘I like pissed off you are, yet you can’t kill me’ look!” “Is there a time limit for this game? I missed my tutoring lesson for this match, not for watching this stupid chasing game!” .



“I feel like I’ve known Ruthless’ wife for the first time…” “Damn! She’s doing this ‘cute-ifying’ trick again!” Really, when He Jin saw that Inuyasha’s not chasing anymore, he suddenly lied down and revealed its belly… It’s not really “showing cuteness”, but more like an act of sarcasm to its enemy.

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COM The host emotionally reported, “Inuyasha has taken one of the ‘cute-ifying’ tricks from Ah Jin, and he can’t attack within 3 seconds.

His attack power will also be cut half 5 seconds later! Ah Jin is now rushing forward, Inuyasha is going to flee! Ah Jin has almost caught him now! And Inuyasha can’t attack anymore! …Inuyasha is dead!” This whole process only happened in 5 seconds.

Finally, Ah Jin won this match, with only 4% blood left.

When the name of Sentimental team appeared on the bullet screen as the winning team, the audience couldn’t react at all…hell, how could this little ferret that looked like a weasel win Inuyasha who ranked first on the fairy pets leaderboard? Was it because of her power? This is not a contest where only luck or relationship count! And the hosts went on discussing — Xiao Lan, “the victory of Ah Jin makes me think.

I am starting to doubt whether she had wanted to test the limit of Inuyasha since the beginning.

I remember that there were a few times when Ah Jin deliberately appeared in front of Inuyasha, then suddenly disappeared.

” Huang Huang, “are you saying that Ah Jin has calculated all his hiding time?” Xiao Lan, “yes.

Otherwise, why would she appear right in front of Inuyasha one last time? She also made him run after her for some time, then started this ‘cute-ifying’ trick.

We have already seen that many small spiritual pets would repeatedly use the same trick, but Ah Jin only used it once.

And she did it when Inuyasha was almost exhausted to run any further.

Although she was left with 5% blood, she was still very calm, and only struck Inuyasha when she was 100% sure that she would succeed!” Huang Huang, “now that you’ve mentioned, it seems that she’s really good at calculating.

” Xiao Lan, “there’s one undeniable fact, that is, this wheat field is really more advantageous to Ah Jin.

” …… After Ah Jin left the arena, the audience still found it unbelievable.

And people kept discussing over it on the bullet screen.

The number of votes for the Sentimental team raised crazily.

Within a few minutes, this number already surpassed that of Haagen-Daaz.

Under the applause, He Jin went back to the waiting area.

Twig Fence showed his thumb, “I didn’t expect that you could win Inuyasha.

You’re damn good!” Dead Water shook his fan and said, “fortunately, it’s Ah Jin who was there.

If it was Twig Fence, the data that we’d painstakingly collected would go in vain.

” He looked at Twig Fence and said, “panda, it’s our turn.

” He Jin, “good luck!” After Dead Water and Twig Fence disappeared from the waiting area, Qin Yang went close to He Jin and said, “you were really patient.

” He Jin smiled, and he looked a bit tired.

Although he was patient, a match that had made him nervous for 40 minutes almost pushed him to the limit.

Qin Yang went silent for a while, then suddenly turned his head and asked, “Hey, are you going to torture me in reality with the same trick?” He Jin, “……” Qin Yang, “I saw the match between you and Inuyasha, it’s like I saw you beating me in reality…” Qin Yang, “are you always that calm?” He Jin turned his head and said, “game is game.

Can you not guess randomly?” “Haha.

” Qin Yang laughed lightly and looked at the arena.

The opponent of Dead Water would be “I Am God Erlang” and his spiritual pet “Spell”, a phoenix that ranked the third on the fairy pets leaderboard.

Both the master and his spiritual pet were air combat players.

This was very uncommon in “Demon God”.

The panda stayed alone on the ground, looking at his master being besieged by one person and one bird in the air, and he’s very desperate.

Although the power of Dead Water alone was higher than that of I Am God Erlang, he could only accept the reality facing this kind of tactics.

The Sentimental team lost in this match.

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When Dead Water went back to the arena, he sighed, “I tried my best.

” Twig Fence lowered his head, looking defeated.

Fire, “we anticipated this, didn’t we?” Twig Fence hurried to comfort them, “yeah, for the first two matches, we didn’t have a high chance to win anyway.

And Ah Jin had won one of them, that’s already something.

Well, Fire won’t lose anyway! And for the team match, we’ll win for sure!” Leisure Cloud, “yeah.

” Fire stood up and passed by Dead Water, the two clapped their hands, “when I win the next one, we’ll still be the leading team.

” Seeing Qin Yang walking toward the transfer station, He Jin quickly got up, “Qin…Fire, good luck.

” Qin Yang paused, turned around and looked at him, “only one sentence?” He opened his arms and asked He Jin to hug him.

He Jin flushed.