Waiting For You Online - Chapter 139

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 139

Dead Water, “does Ah Jin want to be involved in a guerrilla?” The players in the waiting area could also watch the game, and several people were discussing the situation around the reduced screen of the holographic arena.

Fire was holding his arms, “yeah, this idea is not bad.

” Indeed, given the current strength of Ah Jin, his chance of winning Inuyasha wasn’t very high, but guerrilla might be able to disrupt the rhythm of Inuyasha, and he might be able to find a chance to win.

” Like the ambush of the first time, Ah Jin did the same trick twice.

For the second time, his blood level was dropped to 54%, while that of Inuyasha dropped to 60%.

And for the 3rd time, Ah Jin’s blood level dropped to 28%, and that of Inuyasha dropped to 31%, there was always a missing small opportunity.

Ah Jin always chose to “disappear” after fighting for one minute, then waited for a few more minutes, as if he had to wait for the “instantly moving” trick to pass before appearing again! It has been more than half an hour after the start of the match, and Inuyasha had completely lost his patience! [Arena] “Inuyasha”, “damn it!!! You’re running away again!!!” [Arena] “Inuyasha”, “let me tell you, no matter how far you run away, you won’t win!” [Arena] “Inuyasha”, “are you an electronic pet? And that you have to recharge after one minute?” It’s the same impression that the audience had.

Whenever they were fighting vigorously, and when the audience was very excited, Ah Jin would flee, it’s like taking off your pants and let others see a gourd doll.

During this painful process, the number of votes for the Haagen-Daaz team was increasing rapidly.

It seems that the audience wanted to support Inuyasha through voting so that he could finish Ah Jin off quickly! .



Although the match was a bit dragging, fewer people were insulting Ah Jin now.

After three times of fighting directly, people now realized that Ah Jin was good at attacking, dodging and his other tricks.

He was more than just a cute, useless pet.

Also, some careful people noticed that the difference in blood level between Ah Jin and Inuyasha was decreasing.

In the beginning, there was an 8% difference, and now there was only a 3% difference.

Together with a more objective interpretation of the hosts, the audience didn’t expect Ah Jin to win at first, but now they were clearly impressed by his power, since he’d managed to exhaust Inuyasha, who ranked the first on the leaderboard of fairy pets.

There were people weakly asking in the viewing area, “does Ah Jin intend to continue dragging and exhaust Inuyasha until he dies?” Suddenly, something seemed to want to prove that he’s right – there was a scene that instantly turned the situation around! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Once again, Ah Jin appeared from the wheat field and clawed the back of Inuyasha, who turned quickly, roared and rushed forward.

Some people used a stopwatch to count.

And after one minute, not more nor less, Ah Jin disappeared again! But after this, Ah Jin’s blood level dropped to 5%, and that of Inuyasha fell to 4%, which was lower than that of Ah Jin! The audience was stunned, “no way, almost equal now?” The two hosts were also discussing this — Huang Huang, “since the blood level of Ah Jin is more than that of Inuyasha, why didn’t he seize the opportunity and strike Inuyasha to death?” Xiao Lan, “we can analyze the previous times of ambush and escape of Ah Jin.

The first move was made by Ah Jin, it was also him who moved and disappeared first.

In fact, Ah Jin used more tricks than Inuyasha every time.

The initial difference between the two was Inuyasha’s calm hiding tricks, but he’d gradually lost his patience now, and Ah Jin was in more control of the situation.

That made their difference smaller…but, now that there’s only a difference of 1% in their blood level, I do think Ah Jin should disappear, and attack Inuyasha one more time to play safe!” Huang Huang, “I see…I think Ah Jin is a very patient player!” Xiao Lan, “yeah, every time, she acted very calmly.

Comparing with Inuyasha, she’s more like a wolf.

” Huang Huang, “so, next time, will Ah Jin wait for her ‘instantly moving’ trick to end before appearing again? She’s got only a little blood left.

If she succeeded in her ambush next time, then she probably won’t have to run?” Xiao Lan, “I think so, and now let’s wait for Ah Jin…” Huang Huang, “she’s there!” Inuyasha did not dare to take it lightly, and he was turning around with vigilance, in order to prevent Ah Jin from appearing again from behind, but unexpectedly, Ah Jin (in the form of a ferret) appeared right in front of him, about 5 meters away, staring at Inuyasha with its dark eyes, the white wolf opened its mouth and showed its teeth, rushing toward the ferret furiously, while Ah Jin turned around and fled! The audience was incredibly nervous for Ah Jin.

Up to this moment, they would, of course, want to see a dramatic result, they didn’t want the ferret to be beaten to death by Inuyasha after so many efforts, that’d be such a pity… Translations by AsianHobbyist Website.

Huang Huang, “was that…a mistake?” Xiao Lan, “I don’t think so.

Although Ah Jin is escaping, she’s keeping a certain distance from the white wolf, it looks like she’s making Inuyasha chase her on purpose…” Huang Huang, “Ah Jin is escaping fast!” Xiao Lan, “no, it’s Inuyasha who’s running more slowly.

” Not only Xiao Lan, but the audience also discovered that.

What’s happening? At this critical moment, is Inuyasha going to give up? At the waiting area at the Sentimental team —