Waiting For You Online - Chapter 136

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 136

He Jin felt like the place that was grabbed by Qin Yang was like clamped by an iron tweezer, he was horrified, he wanted to retreat but he couldn’t.

Qin Yang looked more serious, he pulled him and walked for a few steps, “are you mad at me or do you simply hate me?” When facing this question, He Jin opened his mouth wide and couldn’t answer.

Then, Qin Yang grabbed him again and he felt so frustrated that he pulled He Jin into his arms, “so are you going to stop talking to me forever because I’d lied to you?” It’s obvious that he was the angry one, but he looked like he’s been hurt.

He Jin’s attention was fully focused on Qin Yang’s movement, he was afraid that people would see them like that, and he became desperate, “I didn’t…” If he planned not to talk to Qin Yang ever after, he wouldn’t promise him to meet him that day.

And of course, He Jin didn’t hate him, it’s just that he was too embarrassed to face his feelings.

Since the moment he knew that Qin Yang and he were into each other mutually, it had been their first time appearing together in front of so many people.

Qin Yang was even looking at him in such a flirtatious way, He Jin really didn’t know how to face all these… Qin Yang let He Jin go and put his hands back into the pockets of his jeans.

On his face, there was a smile without warmth, it’s like he’s teasing himself, “let’s go back to the dormitory.

” This time, He Jin followed him behind.

He lowered his head and didn’t know what to say to lighten up the atmosphere.

After walking for a distance, He Jin saw a vending machine of soft drinks, he stuttered and asked Qin Yang, who slowed down his footsteps, “yes?” He Jin, “you…you want a 7-up? My treat…” Qin Yang, “…” After half a minute, the two stood in front of the vending machine, and they found out that the card reader of the machine was not working properly.

After searching in his pocket for a long time, He Jin took out a coin, “ugh…” .



Qin Yang looked at him for two seconds and burst into laughter, he was trying his best to hold it, but he couldn’t at last.

He used his hand to cover his mouth and turned his head away, and you could see the smile in his eyes.

This smile had lightened up the heavy atmosphere.

He Jin was so embarrassed that he was dying for the time to go back and bite his tongue.

“Let’s go.

There’s no need to buy any, there’re still some in my room.

” Qin Yang raised his head.

When they returned to Qin Yang’s dormitory, He Jin instantly spotted the beaver doll on his bed! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Isn’t…isn’t this the beaver doll that Qin Yang uses to sleep with daily? He Jin tried his hardest not to think of anything inappropriate, and pretended to have seen nothing…… Qin Yang went to the public lounge area to grab himself a can of 7-up and made a cup of coffee for He Jin.

Then, he dived straight into the topic after returning, “for tomorrow’s final, where do you plan to put on the helmet and go online?” “In the dorm.

” He Jin expressed his thoughts.

Qin Yang, “but then there’s no guarantee that you won’t be disturbed?” He Jin, “then what should I do?” Qin Yang, “I want to rent a motel room near the school.

Why don’t you join me?”   He Jin was stunned, “ah?” Motel room? These words made people imagine too much…… Qin Yang, “I’ve checked the motel near the school, there’s a four-star motel called Jingshan, one km away from the north gate of the University.

The indoor environment is quite nice and quiet, very suitable for our game.

I will rent an hourly room; we’ll be there at 12 and we’ll check out when the game ends.

How does it sound?” Although the idea of being in the same room made He Jin really nervous, he had to consider the big picture.

All in all, it’s really safer to be in a motel room than in the dorm.

They needed to be extra cautious with the final match.

“Yeah…” He Jin hesitated for a moment, then he nodded and agreed, “Okay.