Waiting For You Online - Chapter 135

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 135

Chapter 135 – Stay Away From Me After the two previous matches, He Jin was instantly welcomed by Hou Dongyan by a warm hug after getting offline, “that’s too awesome, brother Jin! We’re going to try for the championship!” Although He Jin’s performance was still not as good as expected by Hou Dongyan, brother Jin’s role had certainly become increasingly important! He Jin massaged his temples and only realized how much energy one has to consume when he pays full attention to a game.

He hadn’t felt anything, but once he removed the helmet, a surge of fatigue quickly rushed in.

At night, when Hou Dongyan went to bed, he whispered to He Jin on another bed, “if we win, we’ll have a bonus of 500,000 Yuan, I’m sure you’ll share a part of it?” He Jin was kind of stunned.

He was too focused in the game itself, and he had almost forgotten about the bonus…were they going to win after all? If they did, he would be able to return the money to Qin Yang, and he wouldn’t have to worry about the tuition fee of the coming semester…when he thought of that, He Jin felt an inexplicable pleasure.

However, not long after that, he felt ashamed by such a thought.

It’s just like people who have bought a lottery hoping to get the first prize – the probability of winning the bonus was not high, He Jin didn’t want himself to only think of profit when it’s about the game.

But then again, he was indeed quite pressurized when thinking about the final match the day after the next day.

He felt even more stressed than he was having his college entrance examination! At this moment, Hou Dongyan started to stutter, “oh, by the way, brother Jin, I suddenly realized that I’ll need to attend a village’s meeting in the afternoon on the day of the final match.

And I won’t be able to guard the door for you.

What should we do?” “Oh? I see.

” He Jin didn’t notice the guilt feelings in Hou Dongyan’s tone, he thought for a bit then responded, “it’s alright.

I will lock the door then.

And I’ll stick a Do Not Disturb notice outside.

That should be fine.

” Hou Dongyan couldn’t care what method He Jin had, he just had to finish what Qin Yang had asked him to.

And that enabled him to pay back for the dinner as well – Ruthless, this is all I could do! Early the next morning, He Jin received a text message from Qin Yang and asked if he’d have time at noon.




Since school started again, the two people didn’t see each other offline, but they have been communicating on and off via text messages.

The previous week, after Qin Yang asked Hou Dongyan to deliver the sweet and sour pork ribs, He Jin hadn’t replied to any of Qin Yang’s messages for three days.

That’s why Qin Yang had been the only one making efforts, it’s like he’s talking to himself, sending “good morning” and “good night” to He Jin every night and day.

This time, when Qin Yang sent a message to He Jin, he mentioned that all he wanted to do is to have lunch with He Jin, or even just for a cup of coffee, and it’s mainly about the final match.

Initially, He Jin wanted to suggest discussing it in the game, after putting their helmets on, and that it’s not necessary to meet in real person, but then he re-considered it and realized that since it’d be the final match, Qin Yang could have something important to remind him, and he didn’t want to miss it.

“Then I’ll see you at 12 sharp at the second canteen.

” He Jin replied.

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COM After having waited for so many days, Qin Yang finally found a suitable excuse to see his sweetheart, he’s excited just like a guy who fell in love for the first time.

He suddenly jumped off his bed, took a shower while singing, changed into a white shirt, dark blue wool pullover, jeans from Levi’s and a pair of embossed, casual-looking shoes made in leather…after cleaning himself from head to toes, he even sprayed a few drops of men’s perfume from Versace on his wrists.

When he was about to step out, he suddenly heard this “dong dong” sound at the door.

“Qin Yang! Are you there?” When Qin Yang opened the door, Jiang Baijian, without even saying anything, was completely shocked and started stepping back, “da…darn it…what…what are you doing…” “It’s me who should ask! What are you doing?” Qin Yang looked at his bracelet and obviously didn’t have the patience for a chat now.

Jiang Baijian, “why did you make yourself look so handsome? Are you going on a date?” Qin Yang smiled and he squeezed Jiang Baijian out of the room, “yeah.

” Jiang Baijian, “……” Qin Yang, “so what’s the matter?” “Nothing…” Jiang Baijian was going to ask Qin Yang to have lunch together, and he was always teasing Qin Yang for being sexually uninterested, with so many admirers around him, he hasn’t had a girlfriend all these times.

However, now that Qin Yang’s really going on a date, Jiang Baijian started feeling depressed.

“Then I should go, I am going for lunch with someone.

” Qin Yang quickly waved his hands and hurried downstairs.

When he reached the third floor, he deliberately paused and checked whether He Jin would step out from room 306, but he should have left by now…Qin Yang had no idea why He Jin asked him to meet in the canteen, instead of downstairs at the dormitory.

This made Qin Yang a little frustrated.

When he arrived at the entrance of the second canteen, Qin Yang didn’t see He Jin, then he sent him a message, “where are you?” He Jin, “on the second floor, queuing at window 3.

” Qin Yang quickly went up, it was mealtime and the canteen was packed with people.

He’d always attracted people’s attention at the University.

He was handsome and he looked good in whatever clothes he wore.

Obviously, after dressing up, he looked even brighter.

On his way, every girl couldn’t help but look at him.

When He Jin saw him, he started regretting, he shouldn’t have said yes for the lunch! The two bought the same lunch sets, and after looking around once, they found two seats amidst the crowd.

Once they sat down, the girls surrounding them all started checking them out.

This day, Qin Yang really looked different, he’s just like a dispenser of hormones! He Jin buried himself in the meal and dared not talk much with Qin Yang.

Then, he suddenly heard a sound of “Ah!”, it’s a familiar voice, when He Jin looked up, it was Jiang Baijian, holding his plate and looking at Qin Yang and He Jin with surprise.

“How come you’re here?” Jiang Baijian asked Qin Yang first, then he looked at He Jin, “it turns out you’re eating with He Jin!” He Jin looked like he’d found a savior, he instantly patted on the vacant seat next to him, “it’s President Jiang! Come, there’s a seat here.

” “Am I interfering you?” Jiang Baijian casually asked and naturally sat down.

Then, he started laughing, “I was going to ask Qin Yang for lunch, and he lied to me that he’s got a date and dumped me!” He Jin, “…” He Jin wasn’t sure whether he was having an illusion.

He felt a silence of a few seconds next to him, then he seemed to have heard a sniffing noise with a smile, like a group of birds that were scared in a wheat field.

With a sound of “wow”, they all flew away.

He couldn’t explain it either.

After trying to smile, he hurried stuff some rice in his mouth and tried to leave.

It was Hou Dongyan at first, then it’s Jiang Baijian…soon enough, everyone in the school would know… “Hey, why are you leaving so soon?” The two already left far away from the canteen.

Qin Yang followed him, and he found it funny when looking at He Jin in such a hurry, “why don’t we find a place and talk?” Qin Yang quickly followed and wanted to walk side by side with He Jin.

Unexpectedly, He Jin pushed him and said coldly, “stay away from me.

” Qin Yang’s facial expression instantly changed.

His smile was frozen on his face and he looked very embarrassed.

He Jin had realized that he overreacted, but it was too late to take back what he’d said.

He hardened his neck and tilted his head, “let’s go to the cafeteria in the school.

” Then, they didn’t talk any further.

When they arrived at the cafeteria, there were quite many people! Right, it’s a Saturday, and the term just started, you’d see groups of students everywhere… He Jin seemed to have a panic attack, and he hesitated whether to enter.

At this moment, Qin Yang suddenly grabbed his hand and pulled him outside.