Waiting For You Online - Chapter 119

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 119

Fire, “come on then, and beat me if you can.

” Dead Water shook his head and sighed, “sigh, when I first knew you, you were just an innocent guy, how evil you’ve become…” Fire, “that’s all because of you.

” “It doesn’t have anything to do with me, right?” Dead Water laughed, and asked, “yesterday, people started guessing whether Ah Jin’s a guy.

And by the way, I still haven’t asked you, is he really a guy?” Fire, “yes.

” “Holy shit…” Dead Water was swinging his fan and said, “it has been really dangerous being with you these years.

” Fire glanced at him, “have we ever been together?” Dead Water, “…” This guy has really gone bad! Fire stood up and said, “for the game, we’ll try our best.

The ranking is not important.

There will be a group of new professional players after the Demon God quits the game.

We’re not the same, we can’t wear our helmets and be in the game every day, as we’ll become amateurs one day.

” Dead Water, “don’t you plan to treat this as your profession? I’ve seen that you’re earning enough.

Even if you go full-time, you won’t end up starving, right? Isn’t it good to be a host also?” Fire, “the changes occur too frequently in this circle, it’s not good for long-term development.

” .



Dead Water said, “um.

” And he touched his chin, “yes, you’re right.

Games are for playing, it isn’t too meaningful if it becomes a job.

” The two chatted for a while, then got offline.

The next day, Qin Yang got up early and went downstairs to wait for He Jin.

He didn’t sleep in that day, but when he saw He Jin packing his things and coming downstairs, he couldn’t help but have a headache… “Do you really have to leave?” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM He Jin lowered his eyes and said, “yes.

” He couldn’t resist Qin Yang kissing him in the car, and living with him made him insecure.

It’s true that he likes Qin Yang too, but he also needs to calm down.

“I have been troubling you for three days now.

” Qin Yang felt a bit bad, “don’t act like a stranger to me.

” He suddenly felt that he was being too optimistic.

He Jin was emotionless toward him, yet he was very friendly to Auntie Jiang.

After breakfast, he said goodbye to the small kids who got up early.

Qin Yang drove him to the coffee shop, and asked on the way, “where are you staying at night? At the guesthouse?” “Yes, the dormitory will be open again after two days.

” He Jin looked outside the window and didn’t really want to respond.

Qin Yang looked at him often, “are you still angry with me?” Translations by AsianHobbyist .

com Website.

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Check novelupdates.

com for legit fan translations He Jin, “…” Did Qin Yang perceive himself as a fish, and that he only had seconds of memory? He Jin had remembered firmly about everything with Qin Yang, and Qin Yang thought that it’d be so easy for him to link Qin Yang and Fire together? He Jin kept thinking about it, and he was a bit furious again, “concentrate on driving and don’t talk to me.

” Qin Yang, “…” When they arrived at the coffee shop, Qin Yang didn’t leave, he followed He Jin inside.

He Jin stopped, “what are you doing?” Qin Yang, “I…am going to buy coffee.

” He Jin, “…” After getting inside, K was there already.

Seeing that He Jin bringing his handsome friend in, he paid attention to him immediately.

After changing into his work outfit, He Jin looked at Qin Yang sitting on a sofa not far away.

He hadn’t ordered anything.

K looked at He Jin who didn’t look happy, and he looked at Qin Yang with his mouth twitched.

Sensing that the environment wasn’t right, he got closer to He Jin and asked, “hey, have you guys done it?” He Jin was a bit confused, then saw K with an evil smile again, “was it painful? It’s normal for the first time.

But I saw that your boyfriend seems to be happy.

He must have enjoyed it.

” He Jin, “…” Qin Yang saw him coming out, he immediately got up and said to He Jin, “I want a tall-sized hazelnut latte.

” Translations by AsianHobbyist Website.

He Jin threw the order to K and started washing cups, K was happy to deal with the order, “tall-size hazelnut latte, right? That’s 36 yuan.

” Unfortunately, Qin Yang didn’t accept it, he looked at He Jin and started acting like a kid, “can I ask him to mix it for me?” K felt like crying and laughing at the same time, is this called showing affection publicly? He called He Jin, “little He! Make one cup of hazelnut latte!” He Jin felt speechless.

He took a cup and forced himself to do it.

After mixing the coffee, he quickly put it on the table, “leave now.

I’m so annoyed when I see you.

” Qin Yang looked at him relaxingly, and said, “oh.

” The way he looked and his tone were like treating a girlfriend who suddenly lost her temper.

K felt that his anticipations were getting more and more accurate.

It seemed that he had to take care of He Jin’s emotions and energy – after all, he still came to work after doing it.

As He Jin was acting rudely, a little coffee was spilled out.

Qin Yang used a tissue to wipe it clean, then had a sip of it…argh, how bitter.