Waiting For You Online - Chapter 118

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 118

Qin Yang returned to his bedroom and was so excited that he kept punching in the air.

Although, to a certain extent, he was being pushed out by He Jin.

But when he thought how furious He Jin looked, he also felt stuck, and he wanted to solve the issues between the two at once! But anxiety doesn’t help.

This night, not only Qin Yang got to kiss He Jin, but he also got to know that He Jin also liked him.

And Qin Yang was already more than thrilled! He wanted to run in the snow right now, this is really the most meaningful Valentine’s Day for his 22 years.

Since he had slept the whole day, Qin Yang was too excited to go to sleep.

He put on his helmet and went online.

Seeing that Dead Water was online, Qin Yang sent him a message, “play with me for a while.

” After reporting the room number of the arena, after half a minute, Dead Water who’s holding a folded fan flew over, “why only got online now? Have you had jetlag these days? You even went offline without saying anything, what’s happened?” Fire, “I wasn’t in a good mood yesterday.

” Dead Water, “since when have you started to be this emotional?” Qin Yang went straight into the subject, “no more nonsense, let’s start.

” As Ah Jin started the game, Qin Yang spent most of his time training him to upgrade.

They haven’t been into PK for quite some time.

When hearing Qin Yang said so, Dead Water immediately took away his fan and flew over.




Once, the Dead Water was the most powerful player in “Demon God”, Fire Ruthless and him had both reached the “Demon God” level.

In order to keep up with his level, Fire spent two years preparing himself, until their power more or less matched.

The two were very familiar with each other’s moves, ways of attack and defend.

Unfortunately, the PK between one “Demon God” player and another one would be like a competition between twins.

Once they reached a certain level, there were no more sparks.

After Qin Yang got downgraded, he was once ten grades lower than Dead Water.

But very soon, he got back what he’d lost – he learned so many tricks of a “Demon God” player could learn.

It can be said that his account was created for PK.

He was very familiar with being a Demon God, also the Demon Clan.

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COM Dead Water pointed to his fan and made a spell, then started the attack.

A beam of blue light went straight to Fire, Qin Yang’s body shook but avoided it with ease.

With that avoiding trick, all he once depended on was his mouse, speed of his hands and reaction of his muscles.

But now, he had to rely on his rich experience and consciousness too.

Dead Water, “well played! Even until now, I have noticed that you’re adapting well.

” Qin Yang quickly took out his sword, and with a flash, he got very close to Dead Water, “if you have time for nonsense, why don’t you be more cautious? Don’t die too soon later.

” Dead Water jumped up and down, “do you want to fight closely? I can’t do that.

” During the conversation, someone’s curse of light suddenly shot against Fire! While Qin Yang tried to avoid it, he also had to pay attention to the traps set by Dead Water.

Fighting on land wasn’t easy, he had to move his wings and fly up into the air.

Then, Dead Water started flying too.

The attacks of light balls and fire sparkled in the air, just fireworks.

The two players’ figures were inseparable.

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com for legit fan translations “You were in a bad mood yesterday, but it seems that you’re quite happy today?” Dead Water had discovered that his blood level usually decreased more quickly than that of Fire, but both of their blood levels decreased at around the same speed today.

This is a sign that Fire was in a good mood.

If he wasn’t, he would treat Dead Water the way he treated Nine Hall His Highness.

“Uh huh ~” The sound of the bonfire clearly revealed a joy.

Dead Water, “so, what’s new? Did someone give you candies at Valentine’s Day?” Fire, “haha…” There were no candies, but there was a beverage of hot chocolate, and one forced kiss.

That was enough.

Dead Water, “hey, when you fight, can you not show such a disgusting smile? Be more serious!” Fire, “are you jealous of me?” Dead Water, “do you want to die?” Fire, “are you even my competitor?” Dead Water, “…” Then, the two started fighting vigorously again.

Six PKs ended, and it lasted for almost one hour.

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Then, Dead Water had to leave first, “I can’t do it anymore.

I’ve used my brain too much and I can’t take it…” The two resumed their blood level on the game mat.

Dead Water, “so, what do you think? Are you confident for the team match?” Qin Yang laughed lightly, “I should be asking you this, right?” Dead Water, “I have no opinion.

I just feel excited about a new event, and the most important thing is to participate.

” Fire, “that’s what I think as well.

” Dead Water, “no, that’s not true.

For so many years, you’ve been in the first place on the leaderboard, so many people are jealous of your reputation.

” Fire, “in fact, it is lonely being on the high place.

You should be experienced in this.

” Dead Water, “this statement makes me want to beat you up.

Don’t you know that?”