Waiting For You Online - Chapter 106

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 106

Wild Crane had an evil smile, “because we have chosen the ‘stable’ type, and we never grow up, hahaha!” Nine Hall His Highness, “how low!”……Hou Dongyan died in a very pathetic way.

He was actually only there to watch the fun part, but he ended up being attacked by one of the members of the opposite team.

Also, he was the second one being killed after He Jin.

When he died, the panda was even flying and yelling, “what the hell, what has happened?” Obviously, the panda had a bigger target, why did they kill him first instead of the panda? Moreover, before he died, he still heard Ruthless call the name of “He Jin”?! That made him so confused, is it possible that brother Jin had already known Ruthless in private?? After the players died in the sky, it had to take 30 seconds before the corpse could resurrect.

At this time, Hou Dongyan’s corpse was still in the air.

After choosing resurrection, Hou Dongyan, with only his blood and skin left, refreshed at the nearest point of resurrection in the human area.

While he was meditating and gave himself some blood back, he wanted to send a message and ask the whereabouts of He Jin.

Logically, he had fallen, and he should have appeared at the same point of resurrection.

However, now that when he recalled, he suddenly realized that He Jin hadn’t died when he fell, and he had to die before the resurrection…how miserable that is.

Hou Dongyan waited for a while.

Then, he saw the friends bar flashing, it was a message from Ruthless! It was an exciting thing to be remembered by Ruthless.

Hou Dongyan was excited to check the message.

The next second, his smile on his face froze — Fire, “Hou Dongyan, I’m Qing Yang.

” Hou Dongyan, “…” What the heck? Fire, “He Jin doesn’t know that I’m Qin Yang, please keep this secret for me.

” Hou Dongyan couldn’t reject this request.

He weakly replied, “alright.

” But then, his brain started working – so after all, Qin Yang is Fire? And brother Jin hasn’t realized that Fire is Qin Yang, he foolishly became Qin Yang’s wife in the game, but he doesn’t want to let Qin Yang know his real identity.

However, Qin Yang has known about this earlier on, he had also deceived He Jin, and he doesn’t want He Jin to know that he’s Qin Yang…what the hell! How come he’s involved in such chaotic matters?! .



Fire, “thank you.

Out of urgency, I called his name in the game.

Now, he should start wondering why I’d know.

Then I’ll tell him that’s because you’ve told me, okay?” Hou Dongyan, “…” Can he really say “no”? Wait! His doubt should have been – Ruthless, although you’re such a brave, prestigious player, and you’re so damn handsome in reality, what is it that you want to do to our brother Jin? Hou Dongyan is a straightforward guy, he couldn’t help but ask, “I can.

But can you tell me what your plan is?” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Fire, “I like him, and I’m pursuing him.

” Hou Dongyan,”…” what the f*ck!! “Ah Jin” soon appeared in the resurrection point where Hou Dongyan was located, and he asked, “monkey, did you just hear Fire calling my name?” Hou Dongyan was having cold sweat all over, the balance of his heart was swaying between his relationship with his roommate and his admiration to Ruthless.

In the end, the former gave way to the latter… Translations by AsianHobbyist .

com Website.

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Check novelupdates.

com for legit fan translations“Yes.

I’ve heard it.

Sorry, I accidentally told him your name.

” Hou Dongyan had never been so cooperative before.

When saying this sentence, he felt like he should be punished.

What he was doing was helping a gay junior brother to pursue his straight roommate! He felt so apologetic to his brother Jin! But there was simply no other way, he had a powerful junior brother, both in reality and in the game.

Also, within such a short time, Hou Dongyan found it difficult to accept the whole incident and to think it through.

He really couldn’t betray Qin Yang when he was asking for help.

He could only follow what had been instructed.

In a blink of an eye, Great Leftover sent a message to Fire to report the truth, “He Jin just asked me! He asked me whether I’ve heard you calling his name.

And I told him that I’d told you accidentally! Brother Qin, we’re on the same boat now, don’t trap me!” Fire, “thank you.

I won’t.

When school starts, I’ll pay for lunch.

” Great Leftover, “…” …Fortunately, he has nothing against homosexuals… Ah Jin asked Hou Dongyan, “did you tell him anything else?” Great Leftover, “no, nothing else…oh, in fact, when you weren’t here, Ruthless was leading me to PK, and he asked me about your name, I couldn’t hold it…” When a person is under an urgency, his ability of telling lies also increases.

Hou Dongyan finished explaining while sweating.

Then, he hurriedly told Fire about this too.

He was in such a heavy mental pressure.

Fire then replied to Hou Dongyan, “oh, alright.

Just make it look like it’s me who asked.

” He Jin then said to Hou Dongyan, “okay.

Anyway, he knows that I’m a guy.

I’ve told him that.

But for the other information, please keep them secret.

Don’t tell him even if he asks.

” Translations by AsianHobbyist Website.

Hou Dongyan said with guilt, “okay! I promise that I won’t tell him anything anymore! God will punish me if I do!” While they were chatting, Fire appeared.

He Jin looked at Hou Dongyan and said, “let me talk with Fire alone.

” “Well, okay.

You guys carry on.

It’s pretty late now, I’m going offline.

” When Hou Dongyan finished, he immediately left the hopelessly confusing online world.

He almost had a nervous breakdown.

He Jin looked at Fire and asked calmly, “why did you ask Great Leftover what my name is? Didn’t we agree that we won’t get curious of each other?” Fire was silent for a while, then he replied, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.