Waiting For You Online - Chapter 105

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 105

I Like YouQin Yang totally didn’t expect himself to call the name of He Jin.

In the battle, out of panic, he also murmured something that he’d always kept for himself.

Afterwards, he realized that his helmet was temporarily out of order because of his panic.

This is the first time he was “shocked” in the game, and that’s because he was really nervous about Ah Jin… Fortunately, they were in the air, and during the time when they were fighting, there were also the sound of the wind and that of the special effects, no one could really hear his mumbling…of course, except when he loudly called “Ah Jin”, everyone must have heard it! Qin Yang was caught a bit off-guard.

He wanted to chase the little ferret straight to the human area.

But what then? Was he going to confess to Ah Jin that he’s Qin Yang? Looking at the teammates who were busy fighting, Qin Yang forced himself to calm down.

The only way to deal with an “out-of-control” situation is to concentrate and not to make any fuss, so that the helmet would not reveal his inner thoughts at the most inappropriate time.

In an instant, Qin Yang shouted to his surrounding area, “Leisure Cloud, Mingyue, the far-off archers are scattered in the east, we will fight them from a close distance!” The people who couldn’t avoid being beaten were not getting ready to fight, this was actually the best moment to test their strength! Wild Crane had just successfully got rid of his opponent, and he’s now coming to help Fire.

Dead Water was also assisting with the big mantra.

Just now, Haagen-Dazs and Erlang God hadn’t taken Fire down, and it’s become even more impossible now.

Seeing that the situation had gone from better to worse, Haagen-Dazs was shocked and desperate, and he wanted to retreat! At that time, Fire fluttered in the air at a 180-degree rotation, with his long sword, he pointed to the direction of Flower Yiyi, and released a “flame purgatory”, this is a trapping technique – it’s just the same trick as the way they hurt He Jin, and Flower Yiyi happened to be the main focus that Haagen-Dazs wanted to protect.

Once Fire killed this woman, it would be the same as killing their core.

In the next second, Fire had already moved to the front of Flower Yiyi, his speed was so high that no one could see it clearly.




When seeing his apprentice of the past, he was acting ruthlessly.

Originally, Flower Yiyi didn’t belong to the “attack” category, her tricks had also been taught by Qin Yang.

Of course she would be defeated in no time… “Master…” The white-haired woman looked at Fire and her eyes showed a trace of sadness.

The corner of the Fire’s eyes twitched, and he gave a fatal blow without saying anything – Thunder and Fire! Translations by AsianHobbyist .

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com for legit fan translationsThe blood bar of Flower Yiyi dropped to the bottom, she turned instantly into a corpse and fell to the ground.

This round, it was Haagen-Dazs who shouted Flower Yiyi’s name, “Yiyi—!” It was like in the movie, he went straight to the where the corpse, and everyone fled immediately after seeing that their leader had left.

Those who ran more slowly were caught in a siege, they got an even more serious injury than Fire’s team.

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COM An air battle that could have been fought beautifully had now turned into a joke.

Everyone started counting, and there were four people down in Fire’s team.

Aside from Ah Jin, Twig Fence, Great Leftover and Enormous Wings who had no defense power in the air, those with not a lot of blood left had regained their power under the help of Leisure Cloud and Zhao Mingyue.

The few people who survived came close to discuss among themselves, “what do you think of their power?” Dead Water asked the mates.

Zhao Mingyue was looking down on the opposite team, “I think that Haagen-Dazs shouldn’t have acted like that for a woman.

” Everyone remembered the moment when He Jin fell, and that Fire had screamed out of panic.

However, he’d stayed behind to guide them, and they all felt proud of Fire – after all, he’s more reliable! In fact, they had all misunderstood Qin Yang.

He wanted to chase Ah Jin as well, but he was worried to be asked by Ah Jin for his identity.

Therefore, all he could do was to calm down and to lead the fight.

This would give him time to think of an explanation as well.

(=_=) Wild Crane touched his chin, “how come I feel that Haagen-Dazs was not trying to rescue Flower Yiyi, but he was trying to run away?” Dead Water, “I also feel the same.

I did not see what tactics they used, except for the first few sneaky attacks, they acted with reserve during the whole fight.

” “You guys chat first, I will go to see Ah Jin.

” After Qin Yang said so, he quickly flew to the human area.

At this time, he found the name of Great Leftover from the friends bar… First Thought, “My God, it’s another guy who sticks to his wife…by the way, is this Ah Jin male or female? Doesn’t he look male? And his voice as well?” Finally, someone asked this question which everyone had wanted to ask, Wild Crane hurriedly said, “I initially thought that it’s a female, but recently I think that it’s a male.

” Translations by AsianHobbyist Website.

Nine Hall His Highness scratched his head, “haven’t you found out that Ah Jin has grown taller a bit, comparing to the time when we first knew him?” Dead Water, “yes, he was around 14 to 15 years old, and now he’s about 16 years old.

For his role, his male features should be very obvious now.

” Leisure Cloud, “maybe in the default settings, he had chosen the ‘growth’ type.

” Nine Hall His Highness, “what does the ‘growth’ type mean?” Leisure Cloud, “it means that the role will grow up in the game, and will grow to the player’s real age within a short time.

” Nine Hall His Highness looked at Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane, “then why haven’t you grown up?”