Waiting For You Online - Chapter 81

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 81

Leisure Cloud, “aren’t these the devil’s horns?” Twig Fence, “was it born by Ah Jin? But how?” The Great Leftover, “…” In fact, Hou Dongyan wanted to ask this question as well, but he dared not to… Ah Jin pretended as if he didn’t hear anything, he only answered the two questions of Dead Water, and ignored Twig Fence, who asked again, “how did you give birth to it, Ah Jin?” He Jin was feeling unbelievably embarrassed, but he didn’t know what to respond at all.

At this moment, Dumpling suddenly turned to the panda, and squirted fire in its face! Twig Fence screamed out of pain, “damn it, this shxtty thing just squirted fire in my face!” Dumpling got out of Fire’s arms and rushed toward Twig Fence, and started to release all the tricks it’s got, “Ka…ah…Ha!” Twig Fence, “this baby is so destructive! Help!” Ah Jin hurriedly called, “dumpling!”, who stopped its attack and flew back to Ah Jin… The group was dumbfounded, Nine Hall His Highness asked, “what is going on? What made it suddenly go wild?” .



Dead Water gave some blood to Twig Fence and explained, “it’s because Twig Fence asked something that he’s not supposed to.

” Hou Dongyan felt lucky that he had kept silent, otherwise it would be really shameful to be hit by a newly born baby in the system.

Although Dumpling was recalled by He Jin, it still had a fierce look.

Its pair of eyes were in bloody red, and it was smoldering with fire from its nose.

The black wings behind him were waving fast, just like a little demon.

However, after that, everyone began to be curious about the attack power and attributes of the devil baby.

When they heard Fire saying that it’s got 100,000 points of life value, they were completely shocked.

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COM Dead Water, “it should be almost a little boss’ amount of blood, right?” Leisure Cloud, “it was quite powerful when it fought Twig Fence, and the pets from the system aren’t supposed to be this powerful.

” Translations by AsianHobbyist Website The Great Leftover, “well, it’s a baby created by players, it must be more powerful than other pets of the system.

” Wild Crane, “I want to have one too!” Leisure Cloud, “…” It seemed that he had to learn from Fire and Ah Jin… When thinking about what had happened, Ah Jin looked at Dumpling and educated it, “Twig Fence is our friend, you can’t attack anyone randomly.

” And he wasn’t sure whether it understood what he was saying… Unexpectedly, when Dumpling heard He Jin, its original fierce expression turned to a pitiful one.

Its two big red eyes were filled with tears, and its tail pointed down.

It looked very aggrieved.

He Jin was having cold sweat…This little guy is smart, it even knew how to act pitiful! “Well, I’m not blaming you.

” He Jin comforted it, and Dumpling instantly turned to normal, and waved its tail.

He Jin was speechless… They were discussing around the Devil Baby for a while, and Dead Water suddenly mentioned the game of the team, “Fire, you should be on holiday now, right? Let us take time to prepare for the game, fill out the registration form, and discuss about new tactics.

Can you arrange it?” “Well, now that everyone is on the team list, I guess you all know which part you’ll play?” When Fire said this, he was looking at Twig Fence.

Twig Fence was excited, “Yes, I know it! My master is pushing me to practice every day!” Fire, “the team has a total of ten places.

Two of the eight official players are spiritual pets.

They have already set Ah Jin and Twig Fence, and we still need one team player and two for reserve.

I have made my choices.

Later, I will send you a list of several people, and we can decide upon the most suitable people to cooperate with us.

After the selection, I will send an invitation, and everything will be confirmed within one week.

” Hou Dongyan couldn’t help but ask, “hey, can I come and watch at that time? I promise that I won’t leak any tactical secrets of your training!” Fire was stunned, he looked at He Jin who had no problem with it.

But he didn’t have much say in this game either.

After all, it involved a large sum of money, he couldn’t be the guarantor of Hou Dongyan.

However, Fire quickly agreed, “yes, you’re very welcome.

” Previously, when Qin Yu took Hou Dongyan to seize a copy of the treasure, everyone appeared on the TV together, but Hou Dongyan did not bring any trouble to him.

Alone with this fact, Qin Yu knew that Hou Dongyan was a trustworthy guy.

Dead Water sent him a private message, “is he reliable?” Fire, “yes, I know him in reality, but he doesn’t know that.

” Dead Water, “Haha, you’re even hiding your identity.

” Translations by AsianHobbyist Website Fire, “I am afraid of trouble.

” After briefing about these, Fire and Ah Jin took Dumpling and went to the wild to kill some monsters.

The crowds watched them and all felt the strength of the Devil Baby.

Dead Water, “you two had this baby at the right time.

When the game happens, you must bring it along, it will undoubtedly surprise everyone.

” Nine Hall His Highness, “did Ice-cream think that he’d won after taking Flower Yiyi away? Surely, they have no idea about our secret weapon! Hahaha!” Fire looked He Jin in the eye.

He hadn’t prepared the gear of He Jin.

After he’s done, he would be a secret weapon too.

Wild Crane suddenly asked, “by the way, Fire, what’s the name of our team?”