Waiting For You Online - Chapter 82

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 82

The Name of The Team Fire hadn’t really thought of the name of the team, and although the team was formed under his name, Dead Water had given his effort too.

As for the name, he had to seek the approval of every team member.

“Do you have any suggestions?” asked Fire.

Nine Hall His Highness doubted, “we still have to think of the name? I thought we were going to call it the Ruthless team!” Leisure Cloud analyzed, “yes, Ruthless has a great reputation among the Gods, if we’re called ‘Ruthless team’, we can attract a lot of young gals.

” Fire shook his head and denied, “Ruthless is already in the past.

Our team is a group activity, and I don’t think the name should be used anymore.

Maybe you think there’s no problem, but as time goes by, you will start thinking that you’re fighting for me alone.

” People felt him.

And since Fire seemed a bit arrogant usually, once he said it, people started to see him differently.

And that’s why people were still following him, no matter what the activities were, people agreed to join him willingly.

And also because of what he’d said, people started to feel freer to discuss about the name of the team, they mentioned the first team, Heaven and Earth team, Smooth Water team, and Twig Fence even thought of an English name “niubility “… The first two sounded nothing new.

And no English name could appear in the game.

All ideas had been rejected.

Nine Hall His Highness touched his chin and asked, “what’s the longest name we could have?” Dead Water, “I’m not sure, what do you think?” .



Nine Hall His Highness held his index finger and said thoughtfully, “what if we’re called ‘Your Husband Is Here’ team?” The group instantly burst into laughter, and they immediately thought of female players calling “husband”, “hahaha, are you going to add hatred points to Ruthless?” “!” Nine Hall His Highness shook his head and clarified, “who said that ‘husband’ is ‘Ruthless’? It can be anyone on our team! I…” Wild Crane, “you’re shameless!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Twig Fence, “you’re shameless!” The unreasonable proposal of Nine Hall His Highness was denied by everyone, and Dead Water looked at He Jin who had never said a word, “Ah Jin, what do you think?” Ah Jin murmured, “I feel like everyone’s name is either water or fire, and there’re Wild Crane and Leisure Cloud, all are quite poetic.

What if we’re called ‘The Sentimental Team’?” Leisure Cloud was the first one to nod, “it’s not bad!” Wild Crane said along, “I give full marks for this idea!” Ah Jin thought that his idea was even more ridiculous than their previous ones, and since there’s “sentiment” in the name, it kind of pointed to his feelings to Fire as well.

The group expressed their agreement, and no one had an opinion anymore.

The name of the team had been decided.

At noon the next day, Qin Yu met He Jin for lunch.

Because of the examination week, he and He Jin had not seen each other for a long time in reality.

Recalling what happened in the game recently, as well as the devil baby of him and Ah Jin, Qin Yu couldn’t help but smile warmly.

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website He Jin should be having a good impression on him in the game, and Qin Yu could feel it, especially during the waiting time for Dumpling.

They almost saw each other every day, and He Jin was undergoing a significant change.

The way he looked at himself and the way he was talking revealed a sense of attachment, it’s as if he’d totally got used to his role…if he’s a straight guy, he wouldn’t be so devoted.

Qin Yu sat by the window and smiled like a silly boy crazily in love.

He looked at the direction of the school gate, imagining that when He Jin came after a while, what he’d say to him…and when they would eat together later, should he reveal who he was… However, when He Jin appeared in his sight, Qin Yu’s smile suddenly disappeared.

…Hou Dongyan? He Jin did not show up alone; he also brought Hou Dongyan.

Hou Dongyan booked the plane at night, and seeing that He Jin was going out, He Jin let him tag along.

He Jin thought that Qin Yu wouldn’t mind, since Hou was their classmate after all.

In fact, he was kind of doing this for himself.

He was afraid that Qin Yu would pay for his meal again.

Although Qin Yu was willing to, He Jin didn’t want to owe him.

However, it’d be a different story if Hou was there, since He Jin could buy everyone lunch, and they wouldn’t object.

At the end of January, the temperature in A city had dropped to minus zero, and the heating in the restaurant was on.

When He Jin entered the door, his glasses were covered by a layer of mist.

When he took off his glasses, he saw Qin Yu was sitting near the floor-to-ceiling window, he quickly walked over, “you’re already here? Have you waited for a long time?” “Hi! Handsome Qin Yu! Long time no see!” Hou Dongyan rushed forward and greeted him.

Qin Yu smiled and greeted Hou Dongyan, but the smile on his face was not the kind of heart-warming smile, the one he’d only have when he saw He Jin.

He Jin sat down, he put his glasses on the table, then he took off his scarf and put it somewhere near him.

Qin Yu reached out, “give it to me.

” Qin Yu did not expect that Hou Dongyan would come.

He chose a small table for two.

There were four seats, but generally, only two people could sit down on it.

The other two seats are usually for them to place personal stuff.

Now that Hou Dongyan was there too, it seemed a little too crowded.

He placed He Jin’s scarf on his side and looked at the glasses on the table.

He asked, “do you still wear glasses?” He knew it for the first time.

“Well, my eyesight has become worse a bit recently, so I had to.

” He Jin was looking for paper tissues in his pocket to clean the mist on his glasses before wearing them again.

“My shortsightedness is not serious.

I can still see things without them, but I have been wearing them since this morning, and I’ve forgotten to take them off.

” The glasses made He Jin look sharper than usual, but Qin Yu preferred the way He Jin looked when he squinted his eyes.

“Did you spend too much on games?” Qin Yu jokingly said.

He Jin shook his head and smiled, “I need to use my brain when I’m on the game, not my eyes, so it doesn’t really matter.

I’ve just spent too much time on my revision lately, and I should be fine after resting for a while.

” They ordered some food and a bottle of beer, but the atmosphere was not so good as expected.

He Jin could feel that Qin Yu was quite tensed, and he didn’t talk as freely as usual.

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website Hou Dongyan mentioned about the previous tennis match, and he gave a lot of compliment to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu drank with him with a smile and said, “thank you.

” He acted very different from the way he was, with he’s alone with He Jin.

Hou Dongyan couldn’t feel the awkwardness, he talked some more with Qin Yu, including how difficult it was to buy a ticket to go home, and how he couldn’t get used to the food and climate there, etc.

“Qin Yu, do you remember that your family is in A city?” Hou Dongyan ate a peanut and said while he was chewing, “since it’s so easy to return home, why are you still at school?” Qin Yu looked at He Jin with a quiet look.

He was thinking to himself, who else could he be staying there for? He was waiting for the end of exams, so that he could go out for dinner with He Jin, and suggested to send him to train station…how could he have thought that he’d bring Hou Dongyan along?!