Waiting For You Online - Chapter 74

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 74

A Book With Skills When they were still chatting, someone knocked on the door again, then he entered directly, “oh, what a crowd!” It was Jiang Baijian.

When he saw Qin Yu hitting Zhang Xiao, he laughed, “it looks like your injury is not a big deal at all.

” Zhang Xiao kicked away Qin Yu, and Qin Yu took away the racket given by Jiang Baijian and thanked him.

Jiang Baijian smiled at said to Zhang Xiao, “what a great match today.

” Zhang Xiao got down from the bed and stood up, “we lost anyway; it’s a shame.

” Jiang Baijian asked them, “the club suggested to have dinner together tonight, and seeing you in such a great shape,” then he raised his chin to Qin Yu, “let’s go together?” Qin Yu pushed Zhang Xiao, “I am not going, why don’t you bring him along?” Zhang Xiao, “hey! It’s the celebration dinner at Hua University.

It’s got nothing to do with me.

Also, I am not friends with your team leader!” Jiang Baijian looked at Zhang Xiao and raised his eyebrows, “you played with me several times two years ago, you still aren’t familiar enough?” Qin Yu, “right.

Just go and have a drink!” Zhang Xiao, “…” .



Qin Yu then asked them to leave, “my lunch is getting cold, go, go!” Jiang Baijian was about to invite He Jin, but Qin Yu closed the door quickly, leaving Jiang Baijian and Zhang Xiao.

Qin Yu breathed a sigh of relief, while He Jin was still feeling confused.

Qin Yu opened the lunchboxes and placed them on the desk neatly.

Then, he pulled himself a chair and invited He Jin, “come, join me.

” There were six different dishes and two boxes of rice, and the two ate more than enough.

He Jin had thought Qin Yu was really going to eat more for remedy, but he realized that it was actually for the two to eat together.

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COM He Jin took the lunch box, opened the disposable chopsticks, ate one mouthful of rice, and suddenly asked, “you used to play games? What kind of games?” Qin Yu, “you know, ordinary online games.

Sky Sword, something like that.

” Translations by AsianHobbyist Website He Jin, “Oh…” He Jin thought, things can’t be this coincidental.

If Qin Yu happened to be Fire, he wouldn’t know that he was “Ah Jin” in the game.

All in all, he didn’t use his real image, nor his voice in the game.

Moreover, why would Qin Yu hide the fact about playing online games? They might as well play together, right? Now, after knowing that Qin Yu had been admiring somebody for years, and that he’s still waiting for her/him, He Jin dared not relate himself to that person.

He felt heavy in his heart, just like having ended a relationship.

It seems that he and Qin Yu could only be friends…He Jin, do you really think that it’s possible? Qin Yu saw the sad look of He Jin, and he was guessing what he was thinking about.

What did he mean by asking that question? Was he already doubting that he’s Fire? However, it’s not the best time to tell the truth.

If He Jin knew that he’s Fire, then he’d know that he’s gay as well.

He was worried that He Jin would then keep a distance from him, like what’s happening in the game.

After eating, He Jin silently cleaned his desk, “well, I am going now.

Take care and don’t forget about the medicine.

” “Hey, wait!” Qin Yu pulled him again and asked, “can you do me one more favor?” He Jin, “what is it?” “I still haven’t taken a shower after the match.

” Qin Yu took out his clothes, towel, shoved his game helmet further inside the closet and waved his arm, “the doctor said that my arm couldn’t touch the water.

” “You…you want me to help you to take a shower”? He Jin was stunned.

If it were in the game, his face would become red like a tomato! Qin Yin, “I will raise my arm while I do…and it’s not easy for me to put on the shower gel.

Later, you can come inside and help me with it.

Then you’ll hand over the bath towel for me.

It won’t take long, maximum five minutes.

” He Jin was stunned; he found it difficult to reject such a request.

His right arm got hurt, it was indeed difficult for him to take a shower, and it’s not like he’s going to help from the beginning to the end…it should be fine… Translations by AsianHobbyist Website While He Jin was still having a mental struggle, Qin Yu already stepped into the shower.

Like what he said, “guy friends help each other”, it should be easy.

If it were Hou Dongyan who requested, He Jin would not have such weird thoughts.

But this person is Qin Yu! When he thought of Qin Yu’s body and what he might see later, he felt his blood rushing toward the head… He Jin waited anxiously for a minute, then Qin Yu called him through the half-closed door.

He Jin summoned his courage and walked inside.

With the mist, He Jin saw the bare back of Qin Yu.

Without daring to look further down, he took the shower gel and bath ball from Qin Yu.

It was a yellow bottle.

Before opening it, He Jin was entirely into the smell of mist and a young man’s scent, which belonged to Qin Yu.

It was tempting, exciting, and his face slowly reddened.