Waiting For You Online - Chapter 73

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 73

The One I’m Into The way Qin Yu said “here you are” almost made He Jin break down in tears.

He was thinking about how silly he had been…just because Qin Yu ignored him a bit, he instantly became vulnerable and lost all his rationality.

He was a lot cooler before… What if Qin Yu was a bit cold to him? He’s always busy, and He Jin just had to be more proactive! He Jin was scolding himself inside, then he went forward and proposed, “let’s go to the hospital and let the doctor treat your wound.

It’d be better to wrap it properly.

” When Qin Yu looked at He Jin, he found out how anxious he was, and he wasn’t so mad at He Jin anymore.

Suddenly, Qin Yu thought that He Jin might be a sympathetic person after all, it’s just that he might not be able to express himself well.

With such a thought, Qin Yu became confident again.

So, maybe He Jin wasn’t straight like he’d thought? He woke up from his own illusion.

Hell, even if He Jin were straight, he’d pursue him, nothing can beat an enthusiastic soul! When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor removed the simply wrapped bandage, and saw that the blood had solidified, and was sticking to the veil.

When the doctor was trying to tear off the bandage, Qin Yu frowned and bit his lip out of pain, He Jin was upset when looking at it, he couldn’t help but put a hand on his shoulder, “do you feel a lot of pain?” If He Jin weren’t there, Qin Yu would never reveal his vulnerable side.

He hadn’t even frowned a bit when he fell on the tennis court.

But now, he was excited to see how nervous He Jin was, and he wanted to act up, “yes, it hurts.

” He Jin, “…” The doctor was a male in his forties, he made fun of Qin Yu, “you’re not a kid, and you can’t bear a little pain?” He raised his head and looked at He Jin, “you’re quite handsome, but you’ve got to be tougher to attract girls, you know?” Qin Yu, “…” (▔_▔|||) .



The doctor checked it once more and decided that it’s just a scratch, no needles were required.

Then, he sterilized the wound, cleaned it and rewrapped it.

Qin Yu didn’t make a sound this time.

The doctor nodded happily and prescribed him some anti-inflammatory drugs, and reminded Qin Yu, “before it heals, don’t let it get into contact with water.

Tomorrow, you’ll come again, and we’ll redo it.

You’ll be fine after a few days.

” Qin Yu replied, “okay.

” Doctor, “…” When they stepped out of the hospital, Qin Yu checked the time, the match was about to end, and he had no intention to return to the tennis court.

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COM He Jin suggested proactively, “why don’t you return to the students’ residence and rest? I will bring you something to eat.

” Qin Yu thought, he still hadn’t taken away the game helmet in his room, it might be better to go back and tidy up first.

He nodded, “okay, I’ll go alone.

Come to the residence after you’re done.

” Then he handed He Jin his student card.

“There’s no need.

I have one myself.

” He Jin waved his hand, quickly turned around and headed to the cafeteria.

It happened to be mealtime, and dishes in the canteen were placed on the shelves accordingly.

He Jin took a menu photo and sent it to Qin Yu, asking him what he wanted.

Qin Yu ordered six dishes and two boxes of rice.

He Jin got himself a disposable lunchbox.

He replied to Qin Yu, “what an appetite.

” Qin Yu replied, “I’m hurt, and I need to eat more.

” He Jin couldn’t help but laugh.

Translations by AsianHobbyist Website On his way back, He Jin met people who finished watching the match.

Hou Dongyan ran toward him and asked, “why are you alone? Aren’t you with Qin Yu? How’s his injury?” “He’s back to the residence.

The doctor said it’s not serious.

” He Jin waved his bag of food, “I am bringing him something to eat.

” Hou Dongyan smelled it and felt hungry, “oh no, you made me hungry too.

I’m going to the canteen.

See you around!” He Jin quickly go to the fourth floor.

When he reached room no.

417, he saw that the door was half closed.

He entered without hesitating but heard instantly another voice in Qin Yu’s room.

He Jin slightly knocked on the door, a teenager in dark red clothes was standing in front of him, it was Zhang Xiao, the one who played with Qin Yu! “He Jin?” Qin Yu looked at his way, “come in!” He Jin smiled slightly to Zhang Xiao, who returned him a smile, closed the door and asked Qin Yu, “is this your classmate?” Qin Yu briefly answered “yes”, before he cleared his desk and let He Jin place the lunchboxes on it.

Zhang Xiao sat on Qin Yu’s bed.

Seeing that his friend was there, he didn’t want to disturb, and was going to leave after giving him the lunchboxes.

Then, Qin Yu pulled his sleeves, “you aren’t disturbing us.

He’s leaving soon.

Come eat with me later.

” Zhang Xiao immediately scolded Qin Yu jokingly, “I rarely come to Hua University, and all you did was to send me away?” Qin Yu pulled a chair for He Jin, then pointed at the lunchboxes on the desk, and said to Zhang Xiao, “you never eat at the canteen anyway.

” Zhang Xiao waved his hand, “let it be.

Next time then.

” He Jin was listening to them talking about the boys and girls in high school, their relationships, who went abroad, who was dating a foreign guy, who got a new car and so on…he felt like an outsider.

Although there are many outstanding students at Hua University, and many outstanding students could apply to study abroad, He Jin thought that it’s not realistic doing so, or he’d never thought about it.

Even after graduation, he would choose to stay in China to pursue his Master and PhD degrees.

Like every teenager, he still yearned about the outside world.

He soon got into their conversation, and he slowly discovered that Zhang Xiao and Qin Yu were on a different level of society.

If the term “private schools” mentioned by Tongxuan had given him a vague idea, then the conversation between Qin Yu and Zhang Xiao made him feel the difference more strongly.

At this moment, Zhang Xiao suddenly said, “by the way, are you still single after so long? Are you still waiting for the right one?” He Jin’s mind went blank and asked, “Is there someone that Qin Yu likes?” In fact, Qin Yu mentioned this to him quite some time ago, but He Jin was only paying attention to the fact that he’s single.

Now, it’s an entirely different story.

Since he’s got special feelings to Qin Yu, he’d naturally grow more sensitive to topics like these.

And Zhang Xiao mentioned, “he’s waiting”, what does that mean? Translations by AsianHobbyist Website Zhang Xiao looked at He Jin and said, “yeah, it’s been years.

I asked him who that is, and he just told me he met that person on a game…” Qin Yu quickly covered the mouth of Zhang Xiao, “shut up!” Zhang Xiao laughed and pushed him away, “you old virgin, I have my freedom of speech!” He Jin looked at Qin Yu, then at Zhang Xiao again.

When he knew that Qin Yu had been an admirer of someone for years, his mood instantly dropped to the lowest point.

But when he mentioned “he met that person in a game”, some delicate thoughts were running in He Jin’s mind…he didn’t know what to feel anymore!