Waiting For You Online - Chapter 70

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 70

Chapter 70_Tennis Match This question made He Jin unbelievably embarrassed.

In the same room? They can’t even hug or kiss, let alone “being in the same room”! Also, they would have enough spiritual values by being a hidden couple, why did Fire insist on being in the same room? After getting a “no” as the answer, Fire left in despair.

He Jin squatted while facing his back, and felt depressed too.

He Jin was actually quite curious as to what “being in the same room” meant in the game.

Are they supposed to perform that act? No…they should at least have some morality, right? Well, forget it.

It’s no longer his business anyway.

The “Home System” that scrolled through the bulletin board once again gave the players an opportunity to gossip and discuss.

After more understanding, many couples also followed suit to build their houses.

Although they did not know what specific benefits they would have, most people believed that it’s a good thing to do.

However, for many ordinary players, the price of buying a house was still too high, so the number of people who opened the Home System remained quite low.

In the next few days, the game was upgraded.

It is said that within this week, the official organization had collected a lot of feedback about the bug from the players.

The most common one is the problem of getting temporarily offline, or about going to the toilet.

After this upgrade, the player should be able to retain their roles in the game even taking off their helmets.

They would remain a status as ‘losing soul’ for ten minutes.

If they got online again within ten minutes, they could resume their activities.

However, such an update has both its advantages and disadvantages.

As after this, even a player who goes offline for ten minutes needs to go through a ten-minute standby state.

This naturally makes many people worry about whether they would encounter any unfortunate events if they go offline in the wild.

After the upgrade, players can only go offline in the city or a hidden area.

But this is no big deal for Fire and Ah Jin.

They have their own home.

Since the home system was opened, their meditation operation has been equipped with one more function called “going home with one thought”, and no one can hurt them after they do.

However, despite being hailed by the different parties in the game, He Jin feels that he is not as happy as he used to be.

He’s not sure whether Fire was deliberately keeping a distance from him.

They haven’t been talking a lot lately.

Quite a few times, when He Jin got online, Fire wasn’t there, and he seemed to be playing with Twig Fence more.




Because of this, their husband and wife mission couldn’t advance.

He Jin couldn’t turn himself into a ferret.

He can only take care of his garden, cook or play with his flute.

Although his skills of playing flute have tremendously improved, he felt pretty lonely, as this is obviously not the kind of life he wanted… He and Fire are neither like husband and wife, nor like friends, they’re like two strangers familiar with each other.

One night after getting offline, He Jin took the initiative to send a “good night” to Fire, but Fire did not reply.

He Jin felt very comfortable.

He didn’t know what’s going on, but he couldn’t sleep or eat well, and he wasn’t himself the whole day.

Even Hou Dongyan found that something about him was not right.

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COM This day, when they were eating together in the cafeteria, Hou Dongyan suddenly asked, “brother Jin, what’s up with you lately? Why does it look like you’ve just broken up?” He Jin.


”…” He Jin was stunned.

Broken up? Did he really look like that? Without saying anything, He Jin approved the “description” of Hou Dongyan.

He was baffled – has he actually been dating with Fire? Well, back then, when he was breaking up with Tongxuan, he didn’t feel so depressed.

He only felt guilty when watching Tongxuan counting all his shortcomings.

After that, he hadn’t tried to remedy the relationship, and he felt quite relieved.

Maybe Tongxuan was right.

They aren’t meant for each other.

But this time was different.

He Jin had been feeling regretful to what he told Fire.

He also didn’t understand why Fire was having this inconsistent attitude to him.

Also, he felt quite ashamed of it all.

After looking for an excuse to answer to Hou Dongyan, He Jin heard him asking again, “why haven’t I seen Qin Yu lately? Didn’t he often ask you to go jogging with him?” He Jin, “he will have a competition next week, and he has to train every day.

” Hou Dongyan, “Oh, when?” He Jin, “I think it’s next Saturday.

” Hou Dongyan, “I’ve never seen him play, actually.

I’d like to go.

Will you go?” He Jin was playing with his rice with a spoon, and gently answered, ”yes.

” He was uncertain.

Lately, even Qin Yu was a bit cold to him, and He Jin wasn’t sure whether it was because he’s too busy.

Usually, Qin Yu would immediately invite him to go to an event.

However, he only brought this up when He Jin asked.

…these two guys are really alike.

He Jin suddenly had an idea – if Qin Yu and Fire are the same person, will he let his emotions run wild? He Jin was then a bit shocked at his own thought, since the most inner part of himself has said, “yes.

” He wants to be dating with Qin Yu… Without caring about anything, without worrying about any consequences, just this time… Perhaps, the two are destined to break up in the end.

They’re two men after all, and they’ve got to get married to other people no matter what.

But he felt so strongly about his emotions, and he wants to give it a try… Maybe it’s just an assumption, since Qin Yu and Fire are two different people.

He Jin couldn’t let go of Fire in the game, and in reality, Qin Yu might not fall for him either, he might just be a more enthusiastic junior after all.

He Jin continued to eat his rice with frustration.

It was tasteless.

The tennis match on Saturday was a regional friendly match.

The players were Hua University VS Yan University, and Qin Yu was going to represent Hua University to act like the no.

2 player.

The game was set as the third one in the competition, and the first one in singles.

Since there was no class on the day, and there were still three weeks until the term came to an end, many students attended.

When He Jin and Hou Dongyan arrived, they found that the viewing area was almost full, unlike the usual quietness! Tongxuan came too.

She spotted He Jin immediately and waved from far.

She yelled loudly, “He Jin!” Tongxuan was accompanied by the girls in the students’ club, including Guo Youling.

They occupied the better seats in front, there were still two empty ones, and she invited He Jin over to sit with them.

After getting there, and when He Jin and Hou Dongyan were about to sit down, the two teams appeared.

People were cheering.

When Qin Yu, in his blue uniform, looked at the audience area, the cheerful screaming noises and whistles were so loud that they were almost deafening.

He Jin was looking at Qin Yu firmly, it’s his first time witnessing how popular he was… Feeling that Qin Yu was looking at his side, He Jin got nervous.

Then, he thought to himself, he was sitting with a lot of people, it’s not possible that Qin Yu could spot him from far.

But right at this moment, Qin Yu was facing directly to his side! Many people started looking in the same direction.

They started wondering who was the most popular guy in the school looking at.

He Jin’s heart was beating fast.

He lowered his head and sat down.

…There’s so many people.

He can’t be looking at me, right? But, for some unknown reasons, He Jin felt “locked” by him… Like an ostrich, he hid for a while.

When He Jin raised his head again, he saw that Qin Yu had turned away his head.