Waiting For You Online - Chapter 69

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 69

Chapter 69 – Home SystemWhen he came out of the arena, He Jin saw that Fire was sending messages through Horn.

[Horn] “Fire” : “Fire and Ah Jin bless Copenhagen Dazs and Flower Yiyi a happy marriage.

” Qin Yang was pleased with the phrase “I am with you”, and he was instantly in a good mood.

Because of the different in height, he gently stroked Ah Jin’s head.

Such a move wasn’t that awkward, and Ah Jin found it a bit enjoyable too.

[Horn] “Copenhagen Dazs”: “Ruthless, are you offline already?” No one could believe that Fire would get offline.

In the game, even without adding each other as friends, one could still see the online status of one another.

Therefore, the way Copenhagen Dazs asked this question was not merely to check whether he had gone offline.

It was obvious that he was being offensive by not replying to the message.

After five seconds, Fire’s new messages went on top of Copenhagen Dazs’ Horn.

[Horn] “Fire”: “I am busy.

What’s the matter?” The audience went speechless… [World]: “Zhu Jia Yin”: “Jaw Dropped.

jpg” [World] “Love and Kill Each Other”: “Master, your tone is awesome…” [World] “Ah Ruo”: “Just…say…say what you want!” .



[World] “Ice Cream Cone with Price Rised”: “Haha, I guess Copenhagen Dazs is pissed off!” [World] “Dead Water”: “This is the usual style of Ruthless.

Don’t make a fuss.

” [World] “Guy on The Other Side”: “Oh…Master Dead Water!” [World] “Jiu Zhan”: “Dead Water, will you take it?” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Copenhagen Dazs was furious.

One month ago, on his live PK with Ruthless Fire, the other party typed “gg” right after “wife is coming” turned him into a joke to the audience.

And this time, he just coldly said, “what’s the matter?” It utterly showed how little he cared.

Damn, he ranked the second on the game after all.

What did Ruthless mean? Was he looking down on him? [Horn] “Copenhagen Dazs”: “last time when your wife came suddenly, our PK didn’t get to finish.

Well, today is a good day, why don’t we continue?” [Horn] “Leaf dyed green”: “Oh, there’s going to be a PK! How cool!” [World] “I am handsome”: “Copenhagen Dazs has got some courage.

How faceless he’ll become if he dies?” [World] “Frost Under Moon”: “That’s right! Ruthless has always been a PK winner.

Was he too pissed off that he lost his mind?” [World] “Xuan Ba Li”: “Didn’t he say it would be a friendly PK? I don’t think he’ll die.

They will stop when necessary.

” [World] “Flower In Tea”: “Honey, go go!” [Horn] “Fire”: “today is a good day, there shouldn’t be any casualty.

For the sake of your love as a couple, we’ll PK some other day.

” Everyone got speechless… Does he need to be so serious? It’s not a real marriage.

In the game, many players get engaged in a friendly PK when they get married, and that’s for the sake of making the atmosphere livelier.

Many people still reckoned the reason Ruthless avoided the PK was because of Flower Yiyi, but some rational players didn’t want him to go for it.

If he did, it wouldn’t suit his character.

From the beginning, Flower Yiyi hadn’t said anything.

People talked some time in the channel, before getting quiet again.

Just when the marriage of Ice Cream and Flower Yiyi was about to end, the system made an announcement and there was a new message – Congratulations to the couple “Fire” and “Ah Jin” who have successfully built the home system – the “God Magic” Home! Well, right on.

After one week, the house of Ah Jin and Fire was built! The crowd, after the disappointment just now, opened their eyes wide again – Home System? What the heck? Dead Water, Nine Hall His Highness and the guys sent a message to ask immediately.

Fire sent his coordinates directly and the other people all went to have a look.

When they glanced at the little villa built near the Immortal Tea Village, everyone was stunned! Nine Hall His Highness, “Ruthless, you’re superb! What a great idea to build a house on the map of the game!” Dead Water, “how much money did you spend?” Fire explained everything in a simple way and invited the people to have a look.

They checked out everything from inside and outside, Wild Crane said, “it’s actually not that expensive.

People who can’t afford houses in reality can build villas in the game.

At night, they just have to find a cheap place to stay, and when they put on their helmet and lie on the bed, they can immediately transmigrate themselves to a luxury villa!” Nine Hall His Highness said, “what an amazing idea!” When they got to the second floor, they were going to push open a door to have a look, then, they got a message, “this room is only reserved for the couple of this house.

” Nine Hall His Highness, “what the, there’s even a couple room?” Fire, “yes.

It’s said that being intimate can add spiritual values.

” The people who were single were like “what the heck is spiritual values?” He Jin didn’t want to see the way the people looked at him and Fire.

He sneaked out and went to look for something to eat in the city.

There’s nothing in the “new home” to welcome his guests anyway, he’d better get some in the city.

Wild Crane, “brother, this is just awesome! We’ll build one too.

” Nine Hall His Highness looked at Wild Crane, “this is for a couple.

Are you going to get married?” Twig Fence, who turned into a panda, looked at Wild Crane, and finally asked something which he’d always wanted to ask, “are you actually male or female?” After He Jin came back, he saw Panda Twig Fence hanging out in his yard.

Dead Water and the other people were sitting on a wicker chair under the peach tree and chatting.

At this time, they heard He Jin reading a poem, “how many days has he not returned? I’ve spent all my time at the fence, feeling the Autumn wind.

” He Jin brought some packaged candied haws, duck blood soup and dumplings to share with his guests.

While he was listening to the people chat, he went to check out the area that’s surrounded by fences.

Nine Hall His Highness, “Oh, there’s your name in the poem, panda.

” Twig Fence got up and said, “there’s where my name comes from.

” Nine Hall His Highness, “I didn’t know that you’re quite academic.

” Twig Fence, “I randomly picked it in the 300 Tang poems.

” Nine Hall His Highness, “……”   Dead Water smiled and asked Twig Fence, “then, do you still remember what this poem is called?” Twig Fence, “I’ve forgotten.

” Dead Water shook his head, “it’s called ‘Chrysanthemum’.

” All of them, “…” Well, what a misery to be Dead Water’s pet.

He Jin put the seeds of red beans and bamboo in the field, and planted also some of the rice that’s required to make “Bamboo Cake”.

After a while, Fire appeared behind him and asked in a low voice, “do you still like this house?” He Jin nodded.

When he thought of the reason why Fire built the house.

He couldn’t help but flush.

Fire went silent for a while, then asked, “so, we can’t even be in the same room?”