Waiting For You Online - Chapter 52

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 52


Husband and Wife Task Qin Yu ignored the gossips surrounding him.

 Holographic version had just opened, although the upcoming team battle was the primary concern among the game masters, the players also used these days to familiarize themselves with the various functions and changes, after all the purpose of playing a game was mainly to “have fun”.

Dead Water and his team didn’t really care about dungeon first kills.

They had heard that in these two days Copenhagen Dazs had spread his power everywhere, taking first kills for even level forty or fifty dungeons.

This made the low level players frustrated and provoked them to complain to the game company about the unfairness of the situation, how uneven their power was if they had to compete with Great Gods.

However the game company merely responded with: “there are people who can achieve it”.

In which meant, the players with incompetent strength could only look on in jealousy.

Qin Yu’s stance was not so low as to compete with low level players for dungeon first kills.

He disdained doing unchallenging things and members of the masters group built by Dead Water also had the same thought.

The rewards for dungeon first kill were mostly common experience and equipment, nothing rare.

As for the lapis lazuli they got from defeating Huo Ming a few days ago, they only got it because it was reward for holographic’s first kill.

So Qin Yu felt instead of chasing after dungeon first kills, he would rather stroll around the game, seeing the scenery and doing whatever tasks he wanted to.

Who knew, he might stumble into some new harvest, like the land purchase which he inadvertently learned from the Weaving Girl.

Later on, Fire and Ah Jin once again stood in front of the Weaving Girl.

As their couple index had now reached more than 520 points, they successfully received the hidden husband and wife task and opened this mysterious journey.

The reason this task had been deemed as “hidden” was indeed because it was rarely discovered by people.

Also, in addition to the need for both husband and wife to stand together in front of the Weaving Girl (ordinary husband and wife task had the couple stood in front of Weaving Girl and Cowherd respectively), there was also the necessary condition that both spouses had to have been married for at least five years in the game.

This condition set a hard limit for the players.

Even in reality, many couples failed to achieve five years of marriage, not to mention in a game.

Even if there were couples who could maintain such a long-lasting relationship in the game, the players in question might have outlast their interest in the game and rarely played anymore.

In the past eight years, Qin Yu had watched players around him come and go.

Many of them left because of “love.

” His wife ran away with other people; her husband no longer played –the broken hearted spouse(s) then left the game because of these reasons.

There was a saying: in the world of games, feelings are always blind–regardless of love, friendship, brotherhood, when the toxicity of these feelings attack you, then it’s the end of the road for your gaming life.

Those who were able to go through the journey from the beginning to the end must really love this game, the type of people who wouldn’t feel bored even if they had to face this lonely road alone.

They were either those who never bothered with online dating like Dead Water, or those like Leisure Cloud and Wild Crane who were a couple in real life and simply wanted to spend time together in the game.




So like a sand storm, this requirement alone had screened off almost 99.

9% of the players.

Fire and Ah Jin who had been married for eight years was among those really small numbers who actually met the requirements.

Because very few people had done this task, there were no tips about it on internet.

Even the player who mentioned this task to Fire only gave him some vague clues, saying that this task was not difficult but complex and would take a few days to complete.

Sure enough, Fire and Ah Jin discovered that the first few tasks were very simple.

For example, they had to go somewhere to make a wish together, or to kill a monster together, or collect some items, all were level 10 or so tasks.

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COM But this was only the beginning.

There were a total of 81 tasks, so the couples would have to endure 9×9=81 difficulties.

Qin Yu found out that there would be a big test in every nine tasks.

For example, the ninth and eighteenth tasks took quite a bit of time to finish, but after that they could go to the Weaving Girl to receive prizes.

For the ninth pass, they respectively got a bottle of “Goldwind” and a bottle of “Jade Dew.

” Qin Yu, who had deep knowledge of the game, immediately recognized those items as the special prizes from Valentine’s Day activities three years ago.

They weren’t sold in the game shop, and wouldn’t drop from killing monsters, basically very rare treasures.

As long as male and female players took the “Goldwind” and “Jade Dew” together, they could combine… Of course, this was a very harmonious combination (=_=), meaning the couple would be united during combat phase, the attack and skills of both players were combined on this basis.

Their attributes would increase by 50%, making them almost invincible in 1vs1 PK battle.

For the 18th pass, they were given 10 dice and one red bean seed.

Red bean seeds could be sown in the land and the harvested red beans could be used as part of raw material for some rare recipes.

As for the former, if the couple embeded the six surfaces of the dice with the harvested read beans, then threw the dice before a battle, both players would gain additional strength according to the dice result.

For example, if they threw 6, all properties of both players would increase by 60%.

At the 18th pass alone they had already gained these treasures.

He Jin thought, no wonder Fire wanted to do this ah! A look at the time showed it was almost 11 PM.

He Jin asked Fire to do a few more tasks before going offline.

Fire promised, then they went to the Weaving Girl to do tasks 19th and 20th.

At the 20th task Ah Jin was asked to fulfill Fire’s request.

What’s the request? As He Jin was wondering, Fire suddenly said: “Call me husband.

” He Jin: “…” Fire saw the Weaving Girl nodded, meaning that this was the task, He Jin had to do it even if he didn’t want to.

For others, this might be a simple matter, but for He Jin this was harder than any exams… After escaping for so long, he was finally left in a situation with no way out, because if he refused, they couldn’t continue to the following tasks.

After 10 seconds of internal struggle, He Jin gritted his teeth and dropped his eyes, his face showing an extremely tangled expression.

He finally called out in a soft voice: “Husband ~” He Jin: “…”TAT “Isn’t that very easy?…” said the completely relaxed Fire.

The system automatically detected his satisfaction and soon a “Ding” sound was heard: “Task 20 has been completed!” At the next task, it was Fire’s turn to fulfill Ah Jin’s request.

Ah Jin: “Give me a gold coin.

” He Jin reasoned that this looked like the most convenient request.

(=_=) Fire: “…” This round seemed to be about the interaction between the husbands and wives.

Their completion speed was fast, so He Jin wanted to do another one before going offline.

Soon after Fire fulfilled Ah Jin’s request, a new task jumped out.

He Jin was left speechless- Task 22 – Please exchange a kiss between the spouses.

He Jin: “…” This wasn’t a keyboard game in which one only need to move their mouse to make two characters share a kiss, this was a holographic game ah… Who comes up with such a task? (o _ O) Fire was also surprised, but his face soon revealed a happy smirk.

While looking intently at Ah Jin, Fire calmly asked: “Do you want to take the initiative, or do you want to close your eyes and wait for me to kiss you?”