Waiting For You Online - Chapter 53

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 53


Reversed Truth and Falsehood Faced with such a task, one would think Fire would pull and kiss He Jin directly just as he did before.

But instead, in this awkward situation he put on a false reaction and uttered that question, directly putting He Jin in the abyss of misery and deep fried his heart- how grieving.

“I’m afraid you’ll be scared if I jump you again, so this time you take the initiative.

” Fire also pretended to be considerate and squatted down.

He lifted his chin triumphantly towards He Jin and motioned for him to come over.

He Jin: “…” At this moment He Jin realized, what guilt, what touched, all those feelings went up in the clouds… Playing the couple task with Fire in the game was simply the most absurd decision in his life! -Especially after holographic, this shit was the fastest way to destroy his three views and moral integrity! He Jin looked at Fire’s smirk, He felt uncomfortable.

He himself was also a man, why did he have to react like a little girl who was being teased by another man? Anyway, Fire wouldn’t know his real identity.

He had hugged the man when riding beasts, also had called him husband, why not add a kiss? He thought about it, He Jin let out a sigh.

He tried to ignore Fire’s expression and imagined the other man’s head as that of a soulless pig.

He stepped forward and leaned over quickly.


He meant for it to be a brief touch, but as soon as he came closer, Fire’s hand moved to wrap around him and pulled his body into the man’s embrace like a child! He Jin’s eyes widened.

He looked incredulously at Fire’s face which was so close to his.

The next second, a pair of lips pressed tightly against his own.




…… His brain turned blank.

The characters in the game had a “not-so-real” looking eyebrows, eyes, nose, and flawless skin which appeared like a photoshopped image.

It wasn’t the same as the handsome or beautiful men and women in real life.

Fire’s appearance also wasn’t as delicate and handsome, but it had its charm- especially his eyes, they were so alive.


At that moment, He Jin suddenly associated them with those owned by a friend he knew in real life.

……Qin Yu.

Fire smiled, the smile in his eyes was also so obvious.

Being so close to Ah Jin’s lips, he felt an urge to change their pose and try something new –like sticking out his tongue to lick something–, unfortunately even his title as the first ranked master in the whole server didn’t give him privilege to break the boundaries of the game.

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COM After three seconds, He Jin’s mind returned.

His heart began thumping madly like a drum, just as a “Ding” sound sounded in his ear, indicating the task had been completed.

He Jin pushed Fire away and backed off several steps.

His face turned red as hot clouds, he had no idea where to look at… “I, I’m going first, good night.

” After saying this sentence, He Jin couldn’t continue the couple task with Fire and immediately pulled off his helmets lens and went offline.

His consciousness was instantly pulled away from the young Ah Jin’s body and returned to the adult He Jin’s.

He Jin stretched out his hand and touched his lips, his face still glowed hot.

 Is this how kissing feels like? Hey! Even if the helmet’s effect could make people feel touches on their mouth, it was merely a response to the stimulation sent to their brain.

It wasn’t a real kiss! But the moment their lips touched, Fire should also have this feeling of being kissed, right? Motherfucker, he felt like cursing aloud.

He Jin’s eyes twitched… Damn, he gave his first kiss to a man in a virtual game! “Jin Ge~~~!”A sudden shout came from behind him like gunshots of a commander on field.

The motherfucker responsible screamed and ran forth wildly, trampling on He Jin’s fragile nerves… “Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey…” The monkey rushed forward and began to gossip as soon as he caught up to He Jin, “Quick, quick, leniency to those who confess, severity to those who resist!” He Jin took off his helmet and coughed: “What do you want to know?” ” Hou Dongyan: “How did you hook up with the Great God? How could you be his wife? Such big news and you didn’t tell me!” …… Hook up, what adjective is this! (=_=) He Jin got up, made his bed, and said: “When I was young, he was not a Great God.

We played together for some time, and got married along the way.

” Hou Dongyan: “Got married along the way?” He Jin: “Yeah, eight years ago I played as a spirit and can change my appearance at will… Anyway, we did it to help with our progress.

” Hou Dongyan: “Yet even though you hadn’t been online, he didn’t divorce you?” He Jin: “Yes…” “Fuck me…” Hou Dongyan thought of some details from his heart-to-heart talk with He Jin before and asked anxiously, “Why didn’t he divorce you? Did you tell him about your real gender?” He Jin paused and said: “No.

” Hou Dongyan: ‘So he thought you were a woman till now?” He Jin thought about Fire’s stand on his real identity, and the man’s attitude towards him after he changed his character’s image.

In addition to that, there was Fire’s answer regarding his sexuality… He whispered: “I don’t know whether he still misunderstands or not.

” He Jin got up to go to the bathroom.

Hou Dongyan chased after him and asked: “What do you mean?” After pouring water and squeezing the toothpaste, He Jin lifted his head and looked through the mirror at Hou Dongyan: “I feel that he knows I am a man.

” Hou Dongyan: “…” While brushing his teeth, He Jin thought- yes, in fact, Fire didn’t seem to mind if he was a man.

Even if he told him the truth, most likely their relationship would not change.

But he still didn’t confess… He Jin was still confused a month ago, only doing these things by instinct, but now he felt a little bit… There was an unprecedented sensation in his heart, an inexplicable feeling, along with the feeling of cautiousness and fear.

Under Fire’s treatment, the surface mask slowly began withering, exposing the dazzling interior within.

Like a Pandora box – dangerous, but full of temptation –, attracting He Jin to explore and taste it.

At 23 years old, he awakened not only a late rebellion, but also a deeply suppressed dust-laden feelings.

It wasn’t Fire that he was afraid to face, but his own feelings towards someone of the same gender.

Hou Dongyan was a little puzzled: “Then what is your situation now?” He Jin spit out the mouthwash, then took a towel to wash his face quickly, “As you said before, this is only a game,” carefully, he wiped his ear, nose, and neck with warm water before bowing his head, “we agreed what happens in the game belongs in the game.

We will not involve reality.

” After He Jin puts the towel back to the shelf, he turned around: “I don’t know who he is in reality, and he also doesn’t know anything about me.

” “Oh, I see!” Hou Dongyan nodded.

He didn’t mind how they did it, and seeing how calm He Jin was acting, he also didn’t want to ridicule him.

He only thought secretly in his heart: I really can’t believe it.

A serious person like Jin Ge unexpectedly can carry on to live as another man’s wife in the game? Sure enough, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

He Jin intended to sleep, Hou Dongyan was still there lamenting : “You are very lucky.

Playing a game, you not only managed to get the helmet reward, but your childhood little partner unexpectedly also become the first master! You must have bought your luck– ah, why haven’t I encountered such a good thing?… Eh, what do you usually do when you are online? Isn’t it cool to play with the Great God? ” He Jin thought back, of the different treatments Fire gave when teaching them PK and couldn’t help the twitch on his mouth –yes ah, it is very “cool”, to be abused so miserably… “Just practice, doing dungeon, doing task, seeing the scenery.

” Hou Dongyan: “Eh, didn’t you also take part in the first holographic kill?” He Jin: “Yeah.

” Hou Dongyan: “Aw ~ Envy! Can you ask the Great God to also let me follow in the group? Once in a while!” He Jin: “Ok, I’ll ask later.

But not only Fire, there are also his friends, they have to agree as well.

” Hou Dongyan: “Great hahaha.

I now understand the meaning of the proverb: a man what, monkey goes to Heaven? What is it again?” He Jin: “A man achieves the Dao, his poultry and dogs rise to Heaven?” Hou Dongyan: “Yes, that’s it!!!” He Jin: “…” ( ̄_ ̄| | |) *** Once Qin Yu logged out, he went looking for the post mentioned in the world channel at the game’s official forum.

He usually did not look at this kind of gossip.

To be where he was today, he had accumulated high popularity.

There were people who liked him, naturally there would also be people who despised him, Qin Yu had long become accustomed to this.

The reason he looked at it now was because the gossip of those netizens involved Ah Jin.

Ah Jin did not go online for eight years, yet to receive such a grand “welcome” once he came back… Qin Yu could understand the slander and jealousy of those female players.

These were nothing, it was better to ignore them.

What Qin Yu found strange was Ah Jin being called a “third person” by more than one person.

Where did this kind of reversed truth and falsehood come from? When he opened the forum, he soon found the so-called hot post.

The post wrote about his marriage to Xiao Xian-Jin, and the fact that Ah Jin abandoned him for eight years.

The post owner said that Ruthless was the one who confessed, so he couldn’t divorce Ah Jin.

Then, during the years he was abandoned, he met Flower Yiyi.

He had good impression on Flower Yiyi and the two began to interact in the name of master- apprentice and engage in ambiguous relationship, until Xiao Xian-Jin found out about this in real life.

He then went back online to regain his husband, which led to Flower Yiyi’s sadness and frustration.

The entire post was written in tens of thousands of words by someone called Qiong YaoFeng.

It was written so sentimentally, describing the dark heart of Ah Jin, Qin Yu’s ruthlessness, and the tragic experience of Flower Yiyi.

Under the post, there was a strange discussion about who was the real “third person”.

At the beginning, most people were supporting Ah Jin and Ruthless, but then suddenly appeared another post by “Deep Love”.

The newly registered user said –”Don’t say anything, I am the fool who believed him.

They are justified, I will leave silently.

” This post came out, the following netizens all blew up.

Most sympathized with Flower Yiyi and began to scold Ruthless as a slag scum.

*** Seeing this, Qin Yu’s body stiffened.

Pulling open a drawer, he couldn’t help but took out a pack of Marlboro, lit one, smoked a mouthful, and slowly breathed out… The matter of Ah Jin not coming online for eight years, except for Dead Water, Qin Yu never told anyone else.

However, even if Dead Water did spill the bean, it must be unintentional.

However, sadly, seemed like the one who got this information had fabricated the story.

Qin Yu also didn’t care to verify whether this “Deep Love” was really Flower Yiyi and directly dialed Peng Yuhao’s phone.

Fire Ruthless wasn’t a superstar, he had no PR team, but in the virtual game world, his influence was comparable to those superstars.

If he encountered such a problematic thing, the first person he had to contact was Assistant Peng.