Waiting For You Online - Chapter 17

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 17


Reciprocity The world map of “Demon God” is divided into a total of three layers, namely: the Ordinary World, the Celestial Domain, and the Demon Area.

 Players below level 30 only able to do activities in ordinary world, while level 30 and above players could go to the celestial domain.

But to go to Celestial Domain, the players had to fly, so it was required for them to have a flying mount.

After a player rose to level 30, they could form a team to go to “Fairy Island” to do a dungeon task.

The ultimate boss of this dungeon was a demonized crane, which might drop once you killed it.

However, according to statistics, the drop rate of a “Crane” was only one-tenth, meaning you might be able to obtain them only after doing this task for ten times.

Also, “Demon God” made a limitation of doing this task to only once per week for each player, therefore, many level 30-40 players still remained stuck in the Ordinary World.

On the contrary, it was rare for level 30 players to appear in Celestial Domain, even for those who liked to spend real money to advance in this game, because only level 35 players and above were able buy flying mounts at the game shop.

He Jin did not know these, he had never been to Celestial.

This was also the first time for him to enjoy the feeling of flying so high in the game, so he was filled with a trace of excitement.

He saw Poor Flames stroding straight easily over layers of mist… He Jin beamed as they got closer and closer to the floating islands.

He took a look at the looming pavilions ahead, as well as the mountains covered by clouds and fogs; they really gave off a dreamy feeling.

“See that waterfall over there?” Fire’s voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

Xiao Xian-Jin: “Yes, I see it, so beautiful …” The view of that silent waterfall hanging by the clouds… everything seemed to be something out of a fantasy movie.

“The view has changed a lot these years, it wasn’t this beautiful before…” The sound of Fire’s voice felt somehow ethereal being carried off in the wind, “that waterfall is connected to the Choi Fung Island, there is a hidden husband and wife task there, few people know about it.

Later, when you reach level 50, I’ll take you to try it.

” Hearing Qin Yu’s gentle intonation, that soft nostalgic voice of his… It felt as if he was talking about a treasure, something that he had kept hidden for many years, because he was waiting for He Jin to come online so that he could tell him all about it… .



He Jin’s heart once again began to feel sour.

The only thing he could do now was to give a soft “okay” as an answer, even if he didn’t know whether there would really come a time for them to do so or not.

After flying for a while, they finally landed on one of the islands.

Three golden characters emerged briefly on the screen: Fairy Island Xiao Xian-Jin: “Eh, this place is called Fairy Island too?” Fire Ruthless: “Here is the Celestial’s Fairy Island, different from the one in Ordinary World.

I think the people who designed this game is a bit lazy to think of a new name hehe… But the monster levels, dungeons, and NPCs are different.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Indeed, the Immortal Island in Ordinary World was located in the East China Sea.

On the other hand, He Jin could see that this island was floating on clouds, the shore was not water but a roll of white clouds instead.

Fire canceled their riding status, meanwhile, He Jin turned his focus back on his “prototype” body.

He would like to click at his character icon on the screen’s upper left corner to change his shape, however, when he moved the cursor there, he was surprised to find that the “switch shape” function had disappeared.

And the outer ring of his icon had changed from silver to platinum gold as well! Xiao Xian-Jin: “How did it become like this?” The animal on the screen was shrinking its head.

He Jin tried to make it run around a few steps, but there’s still no change… As he was still pondering about this, his white-furred character suddenly ran uncontrollably to Fire’s side, and no matter what keys He Jin pressed, it would do nothing but spin around Fire’s body.

Xiao Xian-Jin: “What’s going on?” “I just pressed the ‘ follow ‘ button, so you can only come to me, and, wait a minute …” Fire paused, and then, a moment later, He Jin saw “himself” began clutching and climbing up Fire’s robe, only stopping once it had wrapped snuggly around Fire’s neck, furry head rubbing softly on the other guy’s face.

“It’s called ‘intimacy’, can increase our feelings when used.

” Fire explained with a very pleased tone.

He Jin looked flushed.

Although the small animal on the screen weren’t really him, but after all, he was the one controlling this stuff, so this thing Fire did is really, really… he couldn’t bear to look at this ah! Orz… Orz… Xiao Xian-Jin: “Why did this happen ah?” Ah, He Jin suddenly remembered; back then, Fire told him that he was going to take him to “find memories”.

Also, when they were young, Fire once thought that he was a system pet and could be domesticated.

So maybe he did this now to remind He Jin of that… “Because you have been domesticated by me,” without waiting for him to ask, Fire already confirmed his suspicion, “This is the new development of spirit race after Demon God’s revision.

The direction of your cultivation now is the spirit pet, with 10-level spirit pet as the highest level.

Spirit pets are free to switch their shape, however, once they are domesticated, the master will be the one with the power to control it.

” Xiao Xian-Jin: “…….


” He Jin felt thunderstruck, like he was being pulled into a deepest pit by Fire Ruthless! Just as he wanted to express his protest, a sudden appearance of a man wearing a very ugly purple robe in the distant stopped him- “My gosh~ brother, why did you never reply to my messages!” The person had yet to arrive, but his voice had already been introduced to He Jin’s ears.

“What’s the matter?” Fire asked this to the purple man, the tone of his voice two degrees lower than when he was talking to He Jin.

“What about your wife?” The purple man looked around, on the top of his head hanging the words ‘Nine Hall His Highness’… He Jin was surprised, he remembered this person from the Ranking List.

Fire Ruthless: “What do you need my wife for?” Nine Hall His Highness said: “Geez, my in love brother, you still ask me this? You’re so good at making news ah! What happened to your wife? It has been spread all over the forum, even now people are still talking about it on TV!” This TV that he mentioned refered to the world channel.

Fire Ruthless: “So?” His Highness urged him urgently: “Let me see! I come to see your wife!” The fire: “She is my wife, not yours, even if you see her, she still will not be yours.

So, what’s the point in you seeing her?” Nine Hall His Highness vomited blood: “I am curious! To make you ditch your live broadcast, and create such a blood bath on the lake before, I want to know which girl can get such attention from Demon God’s first master ah… Don’t hide sister, let me see you!” Nine Hall His Highness called around for a while, then suddenly saw He Jin who was hanging on Fire’s neck: “Wow, when did you change your pet, what is this? A ferret?” He Jin: “…” Fire: “Yes.

” Nine Hall His Highness: “Why the change? Is this stuff good? Where’s Xiao Hong? (He Jin: What is Xiao Hong? The Blazing Soul Rosefinch? ) [T/N: Xiao Hong = Little Red; Xiao Bai = Little White; I decided to keep the chinese name instead of translating it.

] Fire Ruthless: “I put it away.

” (Blazing Soul Rosefinch: This baby is not satisfied, baby heart bitter! TwT) He Jin took a look, sure enough, the beast whooriginally always flew around Fire had now disappeared… So that thing is also called Xiao Hong.

(=_=) “What’s the name of your new pet?” His Highness took a look closely, “Xiao Xian-Jin?” Fire Ruthless: “Called Xiao Bai.

” He Jin: “….


…” “Eh, it is not called Xiao Xian-Jin? Wait a minute, why is this name so familiar?….


Ah! Isn’t this your wife’s name?” cried Nine Hall His Highness.

He Jin: “….

” Can I pretend to die! (=_=) “WTH! Your wife is playing as a spirit pet? …… She’s a pet! It’s! Really! Not! An usual! Character!” After exclaiming this, His Highness whispered softly, “Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai, do you hear me?” He Jin: “….

” Can I just die?? Fire Ruthless interrupted impatiently: “Well, you have seen her, now go away.

” Your highness: “No, I want to say hello to Xiao Bai sister-in-law, her level is still low, does she want to train? I can help to accompany her ah.

” Fire finally could not hold back his irritation any longer, and immediately launched an attack on Nine Hall His Highness, making the white animal hanging on his neck ended up being flung around following his movements.

Not long after, the beaten purple clothed man quickly released his wings and flew up: “Bai sister-in-law, hey, I’m not safe her, I’ll go first ah ~” Fire Ruthless raised his hands, preparing his next attack, and Nine Hall His Highness hurriedly ran away.

After a moment, even his shadow could no longer be seen.

A while later, He Jin was finally turned back into his human form by Fire.

This “domesticated relationship” really made him feel painful ah, and Nine Hall’s nonsense just now only made He Jin even more depressed.

However, he did not have time to question Fire, because a system prompt suddenly appeared on his screen- 〖System〗: Your Husband “Fire Ruthless” wants to give a flying mount “Poor Flames” as a gift to you, please select Accept/Reject.

Xiao Xian-Jin: “Why are you sending me this?” ” The fire: “Don’t you want this?” He Jin: “….

” Actually, he had guessed Fire would give him this answer.

Because, at the last husband and wife task, there was a question about what he would want as a gift, and in order to test whether Fire’s mind really aligned with his, He Jin had filled the answer with “Poor Flames”… But he never thought Fire would really give it to him! Not to mention, there was also a question later which asked what kind of gifts should be given to Fire.

That was a question that He Jin had answered wrong, because the other guy had filled it with “yourself”a.


a He Jin himself….

So he shouldn’taccept this gift from Fire, right?? Since accepting would mean he also had to give himself to him… Unexpectedly, Fire Ruthless said: “Reciprocity.

” He Jin wondered: “What do you mean?” Fire Ruthless: “I also have gotten the gift that I wanted- I accepted you as my spirit pet, so you are mine now.

” He Jin was startled, so this was what he actually meant? Fire is really so understanding? Fire continued to lure him: “Level 30 and above players need to fly to reach Celestial , so it will be useful for you.

” Xiao Xian-Jin: “… What about you? ” The fire: “I can just fly, previously I used this just because I wanted to take you along.

” He Jin recalled the cool appearance Poor Flames and felt his heart stirred.

After pondering for a while, he finally clicked on the “accept” option… While waiting for Poor Flames to be transferred into his inventory, he suddenly realized, doesn’t this mean I also become Fire’s pet willingly? …… No way … I feel fooled! Orz.

Fire Ruthless smiled, and explained how to use Poor Flames: “At this level in Celestial, you have to be careful, don’t fall down, you won’t be able to summon mounts in falling state.

If you fell, you will fall directly to your dead.

” After that, Fire also sent 10 stealth tickets to him: “I’m guessing after this there will be many people coming to give you trouble, so when you are alone, remember to use this, each ticket can be used 20 times, each time lasting for 1 hour.

After you use it, others will not be able to look for your coordinates.

But it’s not actually that necessary though, because whenever you are online, I will accompany you.

”   The author has something to say: This chapter Ah Jin can see Nine Hall His Highness is because he is in “pet” mode, so the state of his vision will follow Fire’s, therefore when he changed back to human form, he will no longer be able to see players who are 50 levels or above higher than his.

Yesterday this had been written as a system prompt, but I’m afraid some people might not understand the meaning of “visual will follow the domestication master” and have doubts about it, so I’m explaining it here.