Waiting For You Online - Chapter 16

Waiting For You Online - Chapter 16


Take You to Upgrade Entering smoothly into the game, He Jin saw that his character was still standing on the colorful landscape of Choi Fung Island, the same one he was on before he went offline last time.

He Jin looked around, and found there were some changes in the layout of his game.

He remembered his character information on the upper left corner of the screen was originally pale blue in color, but now it had become silvery white, which flashing and darkening every now and then.

His current level was also displayed on the top of his character’s icon- level 30 (Spirit Pet).

…… Okay? What is this “spirit pet” thing? Right, He Jin thought, I leveled up when we did the husband and wife task before, and then I followed Fire’s suggestion to choose something.

…… Is this a new change in the Spirit race after the game revision? He Jin moved his mouse pointer to the pale-blue icon, and saw his Tsing Yi image turned into an animal with ears, with a “switch shape” tips also surfaced at the same time.

His curiosity prompted him to click at it, and then… “poof” His blue clothed maiden suddenly changed shape into a long white animal He Jin was so familiar with! (= __ =) Feeling so incredibly dumbfounded, He Jin tried pressing a few action keys, but the only think it achieved was making the animal to either walk around, stretch it’s neck, or snooping and probing at anything in sight… I thought my prototype form would only come out when I died? Why does it switched now! (-_-#) .



While He Jin was still immersed in his confusion, his screen suddenly flashed, then, in a dazzling fluorescence, Fire Ruthless appeared in front of his prototype… Fire Ruthless: “Here you are.

” He Jin: “…” If He Jin were really the white animal on the screen right now, he would be showing a truly pitiful expression-and pretending to die! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM He… he hadn’t thought about how to explain himself to Fire, why did Fire suddenly appear here!? He Jin hurriedly changed his character back to human form, fingers typing nervously on the keyboard: “How did you come? Aren’t you supposed to be doing live right now?” “You know? You checked me out? ” He Jin: “…” Cough, he accidentally exposed himself! Fire did not wait for him to answer and continued, “I saw you online, so I come to find you.

” Xiao Xian-Jin: “What about the live broadcast?” Fire Ruthless: “Live broadcast, I can do at any time, but you, you will not be online at any time.

” Xiao Xian-Jin: “…” He Jin didn’t know what to say, there were so many viewers, he saw it himself, but in Fire’s eyes , they did not hold more importance than his own online status … This guilt, this sense of guilt, and this unspeakable feeling, they completely filled his heart… He wanted to say sorry, but would also like to say thank you.

However, he knew that these words held little to no weight, what he should do is to continue to accompany Fire playing this game.

……But not in this way.

He Jin bit his lips and decided to tell Fire about his real identity as a boy.

Although he wasn’t sure whether Fire knew his real gender or not, but he always felt that the other guy must be misunderstanding him- otherwise, which normal men would treat his in-game wife with this kind of attitude after knowing his wife is a boy? He Jin never had any intention of fooling Fire, but to some extent, concealing the truth could also be considered as a hurtful action of him.

If after knowing the truth, Fire still wished to continue to play this role with him in the game, then He Jin would not object anymore.

However, to develop a realistic relationship is certainly impossible; On the other hand, if Fire couldn’t accept this fact and wanted to divorce, then it’s also fine, but, He Jin thought, they should still be able to continue to be friends.

He Jin was about to start confessing, when suddenly he found a lot of people’s voices appeared in the originally quiet Choi Fong Island.

The sound in “Demon God” was based on a real simulation of the real world, so players would be able to hear the voice of nearby players from within a certain distance.

Currently, in He Jin’s ear, he could hear many people calling his in-game name, he could even clearly hear someone saying: “This is Ruthless’s wife ah! What the hell, only level 30!?” He Jin sent a message to ask Fire: “Why suddenly there are so many people?” Fire invited him to ride, also pulled him into a team.

While taking him away from the Choi Fong Island, he explained in the team channel.

〖Team 〗- Fire Ruthless: “In my broadcast room before, when you came online, the system announced it.

” 〖Team 〗- Xiao Xian-Jin: “….


” So, now the whole world knew that he is the wife of this “Fire Ruthless”!? It’s a lie… No way… He Jin glanced nervously at the world channel, and sure enough it blew up! Someone had found his coordinates, and these people were coming for him… The naïve He Jin only now realized, the last time when Yiyi called him “Master’s wife”, that was no hardship, this is the real hardship ah! ……What to do? He Jin hesitated, Fire in “God Demon” was so famous, and because he suddenly came online now, their relationship was known to the whole world.

If he told Fire now, that the “wife” he had been waiting and wanting to meet for eight years was a transvestite… How much would it affect Fire… what to do ah! Or… maybe I should wait.

He Jin swallowed the words back to his belly, decided to wait until he found a more suitable time to confess again.

At this time, He Jin and Fire were sitting on Poor Flame’s back, running to leave Choi Fong island at the fastest speed.

There were a lot of people on the road who watched and tried to attack them, but those people basically only had one shot opportunity, before Fire launched an automatic counterattack at them.

But the players who were killed quickly discovered the benefits, experiences! And the achievement of being killed by the great God! So the world channel blew up once again.

World Channel ‘Rainy Night Gauze’: “For players below level 50, as long as you attack Xiao Xian-Jin, you can have a chance to get the ‘being killed by Fire Ruthless’ achievement! Xiao Xian-Jin’s current coordinates is at the lake 928,410, they are moving to northwest direction! My name is Lei Feng, no need to thank me!” World Channel ‘Karma’: “I was also killed! My experience increased by 450! (≧▽≦) ” World Channel ‘pick up the restaurant plume’: “Let’s make a Xiao Xian-Jin attack team! ” World Channel ‘Ze Ling’: “Add me! add me ah ah Ah! ” World Channel ‘☆ 噯 water dumplings ヽoo’: “Ah ah ah ~ husband’s wife beware~ ~ ” World Channel ‘small white Clouds Son’: “Ruthless although you already have a wife, but I still love you TwT~~” World Channel ‘Red Star’: “(╯‵-′) ╯︵┻━┻ …” *** He Jin stared wide eyed at it, this group of players were actually going to kill him like he were some kind of wild boss?! Soon, He Jin found that his blood had began to fluctuate, he knew that Fire constantly rushed to recover his blood, but no matter how fast his actions were, one person would not be able to block a siege from dozens of or even maybe hundreds of people! Qin Yu frowned when he saw countless players kept on appearing in the area, his finger moved quickly on the keyboard, instantly letting out two group attack skills! Blood ripples began to spread in the whole area, centered around Fire Ruthless and Xiao Xian-Jin’s position.

This attack, not to mention the players who were out in the open, even the hiding second wave players were also hit! Immediately, He Jin could hear a series of curling cries in his ear: “Ah ~ AH ~ AH ~ AH ~ ~” … One after another, the crowd was cut off instantly, like they were only wheats! World Channel ‘Calm Water’: “Ruthless created a lake of blood! So shocking! ” World Channel ‘Green silk’: “Mom, this is much more interesting than the live broadcast ha ha!!” World Channel ‘Rivers’: “Fire Ruthless really is ruthless! I was only passing by, why did you kill me? ” World Channel ‘Rivers”: “Why do I have to die!” *** Qin Yu ignored his small loss of experience, also ignored his constantly flashing friends column–his friends probably already heard of this situation, but he’s not free to pay attention to them right now.

He then right clicked on Ah Jin’s avatar, pressed on the new silver button surrounding his character information.

Immediately, on He Jin’s screen popped up a tips, 〖System 〗: The level-100 Demon God “Fire Ruthless” wants to make a domesticated relationship with you, please select Accept or Reject.

Friendly tips: On domesticated relations, only the domestication master has the right to terminate the relationship, please consider the choice carefully.

He Jin: “??”” 〖Team 〗- Fire Ruthless: “Accept.

” He Jin felt slightly disturbed, but still pressed on the “accept” option obediently.

There was a white flash, and then his form once again changed from the appearance of the Tsing Yi maiden, into the white long-shaped animal! Who was… curling up in Fire Ruthless’s bosom … He Jin: “….


” At the same time, the system showed another tips, 〖System 〗: Dear “Xiao Xian-Jin”, congratulations to you for becoming “Fire Ruthless” spirit pet! Your audio and visual in this mode will follow those of your domestication master “Fire Ruthless”, experience gained by “Fire Ruthless” will also be shared with you.

Friendly tips: After the system testing, you will also become “Fire Ruthless” companion, in the non-combat mode, the relationship between the two parties will be determined by your partner.

Shocking things showing up one after another, yet before He Jin had the time to ask Fire Ruthless what is this “domesticated relationship” about, the Poor Flames they had been sitting on suddenly stomped on the ground, letting out a whoop, and flying up into the air! At this time, a group of players also had returned to Choi Fong Island.

He Jin found out now why he did not see that many players before… Turned out, many of them were floating in the air! Some were riding on Pegasus, some on big birds, there were also those who drove by clouds, as well as players who were flying with wings.

The voices in his headphones came from a bit far away, and the total of players flying in the air were over 50.

However, they could not easily launched an attack on Fire Ruthless and Xiao Xian-Jin, because Poor Flames flew unusually fast, so after a while all of them were left behind.

Poor Flames drove past them, leaving only a burst of wind in it’s wake.

There was a slight “clatter”, and then Fire’s voice sounded in He Jin ears: “Ah Jin, can you hear me?” With his cheek burning hot, He Jin typed: “Hear…” Because of the series of changes that had just occurred, his brain was in a complete mess.

And now, looking at the view of his “prototype” being hugged Fire’s bosom, there were a lot of things He Jin wanted to ask, however, no words came to his mind, instead he’s only able to type one question, Xiao Xian-Jin: “Where are we going now?” The fire: “Celestial, I’ll take you to upgrade.