Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 105

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Extra – Movie Shoot 8 Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Translations Editor: Rattie Su Nuo had completely forgotten about Luo Li after the gambling incident, so when he suddenly heard this name again, he immediately had his guard up.

“What about him?” Shen Han waved his hand in front of his face; why was he suddenly stunned? “It’s nothing.

” Su Nuo was at a loss.

“Why did your dear cousin decide to invest in the movie industry all of a sudden?” “Who knows; he probably wanted to make money.

” Shen Han guessed randomly.

It was definitely not something as simple as wanting to make money! Su Nuo thought indignantly; he must have an ulterior motive! Even though they had already come out, they still couldn’t avoid these messy issues.

It was very vexing! Su Xiao Nuo took a narcissistic sigh! “Do you have candy?” Shen Han asked him.




Shen Han’s eyes sparkled as he grabbed the candy bar; it was as if he hadn’t eaten anything for hundreds of years.

“Is Yang Xi not feeding you?” Su Nuo immediately felt a sense of sympathy.


Yang was Shen Han’s manager—a busy-body and a mean one at that.

He was extremely terrifying.

In comparison, his Royal Concubine was much better! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “He said that I’ll get fat if I eat.

He wouldn’t even give me a piece of candy after drinking the herbal medicine,” Shen Han said melancholically.

1 This was too miserable to watch! As a fellow foodie, Su Nuo patted his back sympathetically.

“You didn’t get sick, right?” Shen Han still had his mind on yesterday’s incident as he was eating the chocolate.

“You were in the water for a long time.

” “Of course I’m fine,” Su Nuo replied nonchalantly.

As a man of steel, he mustn’t get sick from a mere dip in the water! Furthermore, the focus shouldn’t be on whether he was sick or not; it should be on that wretched scar-faced Luo Li! “Will your cousin come to watch?” These types of questions must be asked casually.

“He probably won’t,” Shen Han replied.

“We’re not that close.

” Thank god! Su Xiao Nuo let out a breath of relief.

However, the very next second, Shen Han added, “But he’ll definitely come to the set.

” What the fuck! It was like a thunderbolt flashing through what should have been a blue sunny sky.

Su Xiao Nuo almost choked on his spit.

“He’s coming here?” “Yea, he said he wanted to take a look at the scenery,” Shen Han said as he licked the remnants of the chocolate from his fingers.

It was really sweet! Looking at the scenery was obviously just an excuse! What scenery was there in this barren wild fields and mountains? I’m the scenery he wants to see! Even though it sounded narcissistic, it was but the truth.

Su Nuo immediately entered a state of anxiety.

In reality, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but Mr.

Director is here now! What would he do if they got into a fight?! “Is there any more candy?” Shen Han hadn’t had enough.

“If you’re able to convince your cousin to not come, I’ll give you a huge box of imported strawberry chocolates!” Su Nuo opened up his arms and made a wide circle.

“This big!” Shen Han gulped hungrily and then revealed a look of disappointment.

“I probably won’t be able to do that.

My cousin is famous for being stubborn.

” Su Nuo felt really resentful.

Why wouldn’t he just give up! This was giving him a massive migraine.

“So… can I still get the strawberry chocolates?” Shen Han asked pitifully.

“No!” A cold voice from the door answered before Su Nuo had a chance to respond.

“Waahhh!” Shen Han rolled on the bed in despair.

Su Nuo: …… “Sorry for the disturbance, Mr.


Han Han needs to rest.

” Mr.

Yang walked in and pulled the blanket over Shen Han’s head.

Su Nuo: ….


“Excuse me, but do you have any more business here?” Yang Xi asked courteously.

“Nope!” Su Xiao Nuo ditched his friend and took his leave rapidly, completely disregarding the pitiful wailing coming out of the blanket.

“Where’d you run off to?” Dai An was looking for him all over the place.

“The shoot’s about to start.

” “Royal Concubine!” Su Nuo enthusiastically hugged him.

“You’re still the best! Let’s be together forever until we’re gray and old!” “I didn’t do anything!” Dai An’s turned pale in fright because Mr.

Director was standing right by the door! “You don’t need to do anything!” Su Nuo said emotionally.

“You only need to be by my side forever!” Ouyang Long took a deep breath before pulling him away from Dai An.

“Let’s go to the set.

” Dai An was about to dash out, but Su Nuo pulled him back.

“Don’t go yet! I still have things to tell you.

” But it was obvious that the Royal Concubine didn’t not share his telepathic thoughts; he scampered off quickly.

How can he be like that! Su Nuo sighed deeply in annoyance.

“Don’t use the words ‘be together forever’ so casually ever again.

” Ouyang Long pinched Suo Nuo’s nose.

“I’ll get jealous!” “What’s there to be jealous about.

” Su Nuo seemed unconcerned.

“My relationship with him is like….

Like that with Chairman Mu!” “So?” Ouyang Long asked.

“You wouldn’t get jealous if I were to say ‘be together until we’re gray and old’ to Chairman Mu,” Su Nuo replied solemnly.


Director felt a bit distressed.

“Let’s leave this alone.

I have to go to the set now.

” Su Nuo moved closer towards Ouyang to harshly suck on his lips.

“You can go and do your work on the rooftop.

Change the spot if the signal’s no good.

Worst case scenario, you can grab a taller chair!” It’s very useful.

Ouyang Long couldn’t help but laugh and gave him a nod.


” Preparations were already being made at the scene of the shoot as Dai An watched and nibbled on sunflower seeds from his chair.

“Royal Concubine!” Su Nuo squished into Dai An’s chair.

“Why are you here now?” Dai An asked in confusion.

“Your scene’s in the afternoon.

” “I know, but I needed to talk to you about something,” Su Nuo replied solemnly.

“What happened?” Dai An asked.

“Promise me you’ll be calm after hearing this.

” Su Nuo held onto his hands.

“Luo Li is coming!” “Luo Li?” Dai An blanked for a bit.

“You mean that pervert with weird intentions?” “Yea!” Su Nuo nodded his head furiously.

“Why is he coming?” Dai An didn’t understand.

“You already came out to the public.

Furthermore, Director Ouyang is here!” “That’s because he hasn’t given up his evil intentions yet,” Su Nuo said sagely.

“That’s no good! You can’t afford a scandal now.

” Dai An said.

“Director Zhong won’t just let anyone in to visit so things should be fine.

” “He invested in the movie, though.

” Su Nuo was conflicted.

Damn those rich bastards! “… you don’t have to worry too much.

” Dai An said.

“Does Director Ouyang know about this?” “No… I don’t know how to tell him.

” Su Nuo replied distressed.

“I think the earlier you tell him, the better,” Dai An suggested seriously.

“The longer you wait, the easier it will be for him to misunderstand.

” “Mmm.

” Su Nuo nodded his head as he leaned on the chair and sigh deeply from his heart.

The feeling of being lusted after was awful! He wasn’t Su NuoNuo! The remainder of the day passed tortuously slow due to the rock sitting in his gut.

Night finally arrived; Su Nuo went and scrubbed himself clean in the shower before putting on a large v-neck T-shirt and shorts and climbed to the roof where Ouyang Long was watching the stars.

The whole getup screamed ‘take me’.

“Aren’t you afraid of getting bitten by mosquitoes wearing this little?” Ouyang Long brought Su Nuo into an embrace.

“Did you change your soap?” “Mmm.

” In reality, he snatched it from Director Zhong’s place.

He thought the fresh rose scent might help relax his mind.

“Watching the stars?” “The stars in the mountains are spectacular.

” Ouyang Long hugged him even tighter.

“Do you really like it here?” Su Nuo was looking for words to say while thinking about how he was going to get to the main subject.

“I like being together like this; calm and peaceful.

” Ouyang Long kissed him.

Words of endearment said from time to time were really moving! Soft moments like these should be reserved for lingering touches and French kisses; if he mentioned scar-faced Luo Li now, it would ruin the mood! Still, he had to say it.

This was too difficult! Ouyang Long snuck his right hand up Su Nuo’s T-shirt and flirtatiously pinched the protruding pink bud on his chest.

“Stop touching!” Su Nuo’s face bloomed red as he avoided Ouyang.

Ouyang Long chuckled and sucked lightly on his delicate white neck.

It was both ticklish and numbing.

Don’t randomly kiss me in public! Su Nuo’s face and ears were flushed red as he curled up in a ball.

Ouyang Long bit his ears.

“You lttle caterpillar.

” “Stop messing around,” Su Nuo whispered.

In reality, he was already feeling excited.

Was this the rumored temptation that couldn’t be resisted? “Let’s go to bed?” Ouyang asked him quietly.


” Su Nuo was very obedient.

He must service his husband well first before breaking the bad news.

Afterwards, he can make his requests! He was such a villain! A light pleasant fragrance filled the air in the tiny room; Su Nuo specially lit the aroma therapeutic oil earlier.

Not only did it make the atmosphere more romantic, it also, according to rumors, had a magical effect on the users.

The rumors were true; the oils really had a magical effect.

At the very least, Su Xiao Nuo personally and physically felt the magic—and so did the poor wooden bed.

Really, having too much stamina was not a good thing either.

An hour later, Su Nuo was still catching his breath as he lay spent on the bed.

His eyes were foggy, his chest was littered with hickeys, and his cheeks were still a nice shade of red.

Ouyang Long placed lingering kisses on his soft stomach, seemingly unwilling to part with that piece of flesh.

“Hurry and put out the oil lamp,” Su Nuo whispered with closed eyes.

What if the beast was released again if he continued to smell the fragrance! His waist couldn’t take it anymore! “You tired?” Ouyang Long asked as he pressed onto him lightly.


” He was not just tired—he was on the verge of passing out.

“I’ll go grab some hot water to wipe you off.

” Ouyang Long covered him with a blanket.

“You’ll be uncomfortable otherwise.

” “Okay.

” Su Nuo mewled; he was about to pass out the very next second.

Screw Luo Li; he was unimportant right now.

“Did you tell him?” Dai An interrogated Su Nuo the very next morning.

“Uhhh…” Su Nuo squatted down to look at ants in the courtyard.

“What’s ‘uhhhh’? Did you tell him or not?” Dai An asked again anxiously.

“No…” Su Nuo finally answered as he threw away the wooden stick.

“Something unexpected happened yesterday.

” What happened?” Dai An gossiped.

“Not telling you.

” Su Nuo replied.

“What’s there to hide?” Dai An asked stubbornly.

“I’m not saying anything.

” Su Nuo had his principles too.

“My mom just mailed me a bunch of crispy sesame pancakes 2, beef tendon stew, and there’s also ripe peaches, and—” “I initially planned on using my charms yesterday to please him first, but I miscalculated the intensity, so….

” Su Nuo quickly jumped to the ending.

“So, I didn’t get a chance to tell him before I passed out.

” Dai An: ….


“So… where’s the crispy pancakes?” Su Nuo asked.

“Can’t you just man up!” Dai An hated iron for not becoming steel.

3 “Regardless, you must find a chance today to come clean to Mr.

Ouyang because Luo Li is arriving tomorrow.

” Why were there so many obstacles and problems at this damn movie shoot? It was mentally and physically exhausting.