Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 104

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Extra – Movie Shoot 7 Translated by Tan of Exiled Rebels Translations Editor: Rattie Just as Su Nuo had expected, once the filming team saw Mr.

Director, they immediately gasped exaggeratedly, feeling that this cute, pure and passionate love was really touching! But at the same time, countless girls heart felt like breaking, complaining that it seemed every good man had become gay! This was really terrible! ZhongLi FengBai sat down, his hand placed on his waist.

The top half of his body was very upright, and it had a dignified appearance! Of course, the main reason was that he could only sit in this position as his waist had not recovered yet! He’d lean only a little and would be clenching his teeth! “Tell me, why doesn’t he just rest for two more days?” Chairman Mu felt very heartache! “If you could convince Director Zhong to stop working for three days, I would worship you.

” OuYang Long also absolutely did not want Su Nuo to act out the part about ‘being kicked into the water’! But Su Nuo obviously did not think that way.

In fact, not only did he want to act, he had high expectations about it! The government soldiers rounded up and attacked the righteous WuLin sect leader1, injuring him heavily and making him fall into the river.

The scene was really magnificent and very very manly! If it were not for his brother and Mr.

Director objecting, he even wanted not to use a stuntman and jump off the bridge himself! “Can’t I really do it myself?” Su XiaoNuo ran towards his man, his eyes filled with expectation! .



“It’s not that I don’t want you to, but these things are no joke.

” OuYang Long was very gentle.

“You don’t even have a martial art base, what would happen if you had an accident?” “Then after I leave this place, I want to learn taekwondo,” Su Nuo made a serious decision.

“…” Mr.

Director handsomely smiled.

“Just agree to it.

” Su Nuo shook him.

Do not think that you could change the topic just by using your appearance! You’re so sly! Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM “Sure.

” OuYang Long fixed his collar which was crooked.

“I agree.

” You are already very stupid anyway, so you should not be able to get any good at it.

My man was definitely very handsome! If it were not for the broad daylight, Su Nuo would almost want to kiss him passionately! “Nuo Nuo! Come here to prepare!” Dai An called from the other side.

Su Nuo happily ran off in that direction.

The crowd could not hold back and they started their praising again.

The strength of love was really very noble, Nuo Nuo looked like he almost wanted to fly! Even though the weather was not too cold, the time when summer was ending but autumn had not yet come was still kind of cooling down.

The temperature of the river was even lower.

Even with many precautions taken, Su Nuo was still very cold, and he sneezed! Mr.

Director really wanted to pull him out! Su Nuo’s opponent in this part was played by an actor named Shen Han.

He was a newbie dug out by ZhongLi FengBai at the Film Academy.

Even though he did not have any experience, he was very diligent and eager to learn.

Even though his facial features were not refined like Su Nuo’s, his eyes were very lively; he was a natural for this job.

However, the newbies had a very common problem, they were very easily nervous and therefore, easily made mistakes.

Su Nuo painfully clutched his shoulder, and he coughed up blood.

“General gave us orders that I must bring you back this time.

” Shen Han pointed his sword towards him.

“General?” Su Nuo laughed coldly, “I never gave a hoot about the general.

” This sentence was from his heart, because that general was Qiu ZiYan! “I really didn’t expect this.

Nuo Nuo’s acting skills were really not bad,” Mu Qiu said.

“I would rather he continue to be a model.

” OuYang Long was still not very pleased! “Then I shall claim your life!” Shen Han turned his sword and directly charged towards Su Nuo.

“Cut!” ZhongLi FengBai stopped the shooting, “Han Han! Be more mindful of the expression in your eyes! You need to be more vicious!” Shen Han fearfully nodded his head.

This is because ZhongLi FengBai’s way of shouting was really scary.

In the second take, Shen Han continued to stab Su Nuo.

But the scene was mercilessly cut again! He focused so hard on being vicious that he forgot to say his lines! Su Nuo sneezed and took a tissue to wipe his nose.

In the next take, Shen Han made a vicious expression, and then said, “Then I shall claim your life!” “Cut!” ZhongLi FengBai had a headache.

“This time, you forgot to stab me.

” Su Nuo also felt very awkward.

“Just rest for a while.

” The temperature in the water was very low, ZhongLi FengBai was scared that they both would get a cold.

“Why don’t we try one last time?” Su Nuo suggested.

Since they would not change their clothes even if they went up to the shore, why not just finish the whole shooting.

“I will be more mindful,” Shen Han assured them.


Everyone, be more attentive!” ZhongLi FengBai nodded his head in agreement.

“Then I shall claim your life!” Shen Han’s face became vicious as he swung his sword—and his leg slipped, ‘plat’, and he fell into the water.

Shit! Su Nuo got worried and quickly rushed to pull him up.

The staff quickly jumped into the river and pulled both of them on land.

“Cough cough!” Shen Han drank a few gulps of water as he was carried out by the staff.

“See how other people’s assistants reacted as compared to you?!” Su Nuo took this moment to bully the Queen.

“If you continue to be like this, I won’t give you your clothes to change!” Dai An exclaimed angrily.


” OuYang Long took up his luggage and pulled Su Nuo into the room to change.

The Queen became angrier, was marrying another person something to be proud of?! You actually neglect me so much! This was really unbearable! “It was so cold that your face is all pale.

” OuYang Long took Su Nuo’s complicated filming clothes off and used a hot towel to wipe the cold water off Su Nuo’s body.

“Actually, it’s not bad.

” Su Nuo rubbed his nose and obediently let OuYang Long take thick clothes and bundle him up into a ball.

“What if you get a cold?” OuYang Long made him a cup of ginger sugar drink.

“Don’t worry, I had some antibiotics earlier.

” Su Nuo rubbed his nose.

“Ah-choo!” OuYang Long: … “I’m really fine!” Su Nuo raised his hand to swear on it! Since Shen Han injured his knee, the shooting schedule was adjusted; the afternoon showdown scene would be changed to Su Nuo and Qiu ZiYan.

Su XiaoNuo had not even started the shooting and started to laugh like an idiot; he felt really amazing! “Are you so excited for the shooting?” Mr.

Director felt a bit sour! “You don’t understand.

I will be slapping him later!” Su Nuo said excitedly; he was too far easy to please! “Why are you so happy about slapping someone?” OuYang Long knocked his head.

“It’s Qiu ZiYan!” Su Nuo felt very proud.

“It was the scene where I begged, threatened, persuaded and paid a terrible amount of fees for to make Director Zhong add it.

” It was really not easy! OuYang Long did not even know if he should laugh or cry.

What was this dedication? The terrible amount of fees Su Nuo mentioned was that he had to seduce Qiu ZiYan in the film! The antagonist general wanted to take the map in possession of the WuLin’s leader, and so he drugged the leader’s food.

He tried to get the leader to be manipulated by lust and to reveal where he hid the map! It was a really melodramatic scene! But being a protagonist boss2, the master would not be tricked easily.

He instead only acted as though he ate the food and pretended that he was drugged, and he seduced the general.

After that, he attacked the general’s vital point when he let his guard down.

Then, he fiercely slapped him and said, “As a high-ranking official, you do not care about the commoners, and instead you choose to be a government dog! You’re a sad excuse of a man!” Such sentences.

Just thinking about it made him fired up! Hence, even if he needed to seduce Qiu ZiYan first, Su XiaoNuo still found it very exciting! After all, one has to endure hardships before being rewarded! But Mr.

Director obviously did not think the same! “En…” Su Nuo furrowed his eyebrows slightly, and he clutched the wine glass in his hand tighter.

“What happened?” Qiu ZiYan lips curled up, his eyes like that of a cat watching a mouse.

“You… in the food… despicable…” Su Nuo swatted the plates and bowls off the table; he rushed out, staggering and bumping into everything.

Soon, he fell down under the tree in the yard.

What is this lousy plot! OuYang Long clenched his teeth.

“Leader, are you alright?” Qiu ZiYan squatted down, and he raised Su Nuo’s chin up with his hand.

“Wan Er…” Su Nuo’s eyes were unfocused, he obviously thought that Qiu ZiYan was his lover.


” Qiu ZiYan agreed with him; his fingers slid across those defined eyebrows and stopped in between them.

It was obvious he wanted to deepen that atmosphere.

“Do you need me to hold you down?” Mu Qiu asked OuYang Long seriously.

“You actually invested in this shitty movie!” OuYang Long said angrily.

“Excuse me!” Mu Qiu became angry as well, “The director is my man, please be more mindful of your words!” Is this a declaration of a fight?! “Why don’t we return back to our room?” Qiu ZiYan moved closer towards him.

“No, let’s just do it here.

” Su Nuo’s pitch went slightly higher, his eyes filled with lust, it was really seductive! All the girls at the scene were going crazy! They all want to scream! And even was to insanely break up this CP! “Sure, let’s do it here.

” Qiu ZiYan laughed evilly as his fingers slowly took off his belt.

Su Nuo slightly raised his head and sensually bit his lip! “You sure you don’t want to withdraw your investment?” The cup in OuYang Long’s hand was being crushed into a piece of modern art.

“Of course!” Mu Qiu was very determined! This is my wife’s movie! “Cut!” ZhongLi FengBai was very strict.

“Nuo Nuo, your expression has to be sexier!” It was sexy enough! OuYang Long was very angry in his heart! But his expression was very calm! There were many eyes around, and if he weren’t careful, he might give a topic towards the paparazzi.

How much more seductive do you want me to be? Su Nuo was confused as he felt that he was already trying very hard to be seductive! As a manly man, this sort of thing was really not easy! “Let me show you.

” ZhongLi FengBai stood up slowly.

Mu Qiu was shocked; he immediately went up to hold him back, but he was cruelly shoved away.

“Don’t get in the way.

” ZhongLi FengBai was merciless! Mu Qiu: … “Now, I’m trying to seduce Qiu ZiYan.

Study my expression carefully,” ZhongLi FengBai said.


” Su Nuo helped him up.

As his waist was aching, ZhongLi FengBai was not able to do such difficult acts as leaning seductively.

Still, this did not interfere with his lustful eyes! Seeing his own wife sending such signals towards another man, Mu Qiu was bleeding from his heart! And shouldn’t those expressions be seen only by him in his house! How could he show this in front of everyone! OuYang Long patted his shoulder, gloating.

Truly like brothers in troubled times.

In the whole afternoon of shooting, Su Nuo was sending countless signals towards Qiu ZiYan and was even being touched by Qiu ZiYan on his face, neck and hands! Mr.

Director looked calm on the surface, but he felt very bitter on the inside.

He really wanted to become a barbaric thug and just drag Su Nuo back home.

“Was my acting good?” At night, Su Nuo was still very excited.

Seeing his sparkling eyes, OuYang Long could only nod his head.

“I knew it!” Su Nuo took out a piece of tissue to wipe his nose.

“Why are you still sick?” OuYang Long hugged the person closely to his chest.

“No worries.

” Su Nuo raised his head and kissed him.

“I just need to rest for a night.

” “I really don’t want you to act,” OuYang Long sighed.

“Why do you need to be so hardworking?” “I like this career.

” Su Nuo cuddled up to him and faced him while lying down.

“I’m also learning a lot of things.

” “I just don’t want you to overwork yourself.

” OuYang Long touched his forehead.

“Feels like you’re running a bit of a fever.

” “I’m not going to be tired for my whole life.

” Su Nuo’s smile reached his eyes.

“When I’m forty years old, I will resign and cook food for you at home.

” OuYang Long smiled and hugged the other tightly.

The night was very cold, but their embrace kept them warm.

The next morning, Su Nuo’s throat was a bit scratchy, but luckily, it was not too serious.

Comparatively, Shen Han was in a bad mood, as he had a night of fever and only recovered in the morning.

“I’ll go see him.

” Shen Han was the youngest in the team, so Su Nuo was usually very caring towards him.

“Sob sob sob.

” When he entered the house, Shen Han was crying on the bed.

This is because his medicine was too bitter! His manger forcefully pinched his nose and forced him to swallow! What a tyrant! “What are you crying?” Su Nuo sat on the bed.

Shen Han raised his head, and he looked at him in a daze.

“Who are you?” Wait a minute, he lost his memories? Su Nuo was shocked by this cliché! “My head was very painful.

” Shen Han held his head in agony.

“If that’s the case, I will sell all your equipment in that game,” Su Nuo said calmly.

“Don’t be so evil!” Shen Han was immediately anxious! Of course he was just acting.

Su XiaoNuo looked at him in disdain.

“I just wanted to test my acting skills.

” Shen Han was depressed.

“I was caught by you again.

” “Since you overact, it will instead look fake.

” Su Nuo cut an apple for him.

“Acting and the like, you have to slowly master it.

You can’t force it.

” “But I feel really bad for Director Zhong.

” Shen Han became depressed.

“I don’t want others to say that I was only hired because of my cousin.

” “Cousin?” Su Nuo was curious, “How is this related to your cousin?” “He was like Chairman Mu, an investor in this movie.

” Shen Han said, “He’s just a distant relative, but he seems really nice.

” “Who was it?” Su Nuo asked.

Then Shen Han said a shocking statement, “Luo Li.

” Shit! Su XiaoNuo couldn’t believe his ears!