Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 103

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Extra – Movie Shoot 6Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels TranslationsEditor: Rattie The sound of footsteps echoed from the pitch-black fields; it was like a scene straight out of a horror movie! Su Nuo tightly held onto the brick in his hands and reminded himself to not be nervous! Elder brother taught him many times already—when facing a pervert, one must be calm, swift, and ruthless! As the footsteps came nearer, Su Nuo took a deep breath, turned his body, and ‘whoosh’, threw the brick toward the sound! As expected, he was extremely courageous and right on the mark! “Hey!” Director Ouyang was caught off guard and almost got hit straight in his dashing face.

Thank the gods for his quick reflexes that he was able to avoid the brick and along with it, heavy bruising and bloodshed.

However, his shoulder still got caught in the line of fire.

Su Nuo’s entire body froze in shock as he saw who was in front of him.

It was as if Ultraman had descended from the skies.

“Why so aggressive?” Ouyang Long didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Su Nuo collected his thoughts after much difficulty; however, before he even had the chance to be happily surprised, he was pulled into a state of terror.

He saw blood streaming down from his handsome Director’s shoulders and the image of the white dress shirt soaked with blood frightened him.

He quickly ran towards Ouyang to help him, but his foot slipped and bam, he fell right into the dirt.

“Ahhhh!!!!” Dai An was the one who yelled this time.

Originally, he wanted to stealthily return to the scene to take a look, but he didn’t expect that the first thing he would see was Su Nuo’s wretched accident, and he was horrified.

He scampered in Su Nuo’s direction with the intention to help him to his feet, but Mr.

Director was much quicker.

“Are you okay?” Ouyang Long wiped the dirt off Su Nuo’s head.




“How… how… how come you’re here?” A dirty-faced Su Nuo looked at Ouyang; he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“I originally planned to come together with Mu Qiu but was delayed by work at the company.

” Ouyang Long helped him up.

“Did you get hurt?” “I slightly sprained my ankle, but it should be fine tomorrow.

” Su Nuo leaned on him to remain steady.

“Are you actually saying you’re fine with a sprained ankle?” The Royal Concubine shrieked.

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COM But no one paid him any mind! It was a rather pathetic scene.

The field was filled with muddy water.

Su XiaoNuo’s entire body was soaked and completely covered in dirt.

The handsome Mr.

CFO carried the soaked Nuo Nuo back home.

“Is your shoulder okay?” Su Nuo asked despondently.

“I thought you were some sort of a bad guy.

” “It’s fine; just a scrape.

” Ouyang Long prepared the bath.

Despite the wounds they both received and the tiny bathroom, he still very much looked forward to a couple’s bath.

If it weren’t for his sprained ankle and him not being able to steady himself, Su XiaoNuo would really like to do it right then and there.

It had been so long since they had sex, he was all pent up.

“You’re still so skinny.

” Ouyang Long pinched Su Nuo’s shoulders.

“Haven’t you been eating properly?” It wasn’t that bad! Su Nuo was immensely pleased with himself as he wrapped his arms around Ouyang’s neck and replied, “Dai An often goes and sneaks delicious food for me.

” Our dear Royal Concubine was quite capable! Mr.

Director’s face darkened immediately.

“Is ZhongLi FengBai not feeding you?” “It’s not like that.

” Su Nuo steadied himself by holding onto Ouyang Long; his expression was very serious.

“Food that is stolen tastes much better.

” Ouyang couldn’t help but both laugh and cry and reached out to lightly knock on his head.

“You are not allowed to follow bad examples.

” “I only wanted to eat dried sweet potatoes and corn.

The others aren’t even cooked.

” Su XiaoNuo pinched Ouyang’s cheeks.

“You’re the skinny one!” This kind of scene with a couple worrying over each other was very moving, as expected.

“I can’t help it.

Work’s been tiring and on top of that, I missed you.

” Ouyang Long rubbed his earlobes.

Sweet talks were perfect for inciting his passion! The unruly tough Su XiaoNuo immediately turned into a soft and cuddly bottom Suo NuoNuo.

He even took the initiative to grope Mr.

Director’s energetic and bulging penis.

It was so manly.

“You missed it?” Ouyang Long chuckled.

Of course he missed it! Suo Nuo was in nirvana from the kisses he received, and he groaned as his ass was being groped.

Still worried about his sprained ankle, Mr.

Director would obviously not do it in the bathroom like a beast! He helped the dummy wash all the mud from his body before he wrapped him in a towel and placed him on the bed.

Then, he applied medicine on the sprain and blow-dried Nuo Nuo’s hair.

It was almost half an hour later and they still haven’t gotten to the main course yet.

Su XiaoNuo was already getting rather anxious, but on the outside, he looked calm and not irritable at all.

That was because he had to be not only aloof but also classy! “The sprain is not that bad.

You should be alright by tomorrow.

” Ouyang Long wrapped his foot in bandages for him to avoid the medication getting on the bed sheets.

”Mmhm, it’s much better already.

” Su Nuo said as he lay on the bed naked.

His stomach was covered by a flowery pink towel – one that was purchased by Dai An on a whim while shopping.

“What if it turned out to actually be a bad guy back there instead of me?” Ouyang Long lay on his body without putting much weight on it.

“What would you have done?” Then I must continue to retaliate! Su Nuo replied seriously, “Then I would have continued to hit him with a brick and if I successfully knocked him out, I would rush up to stomp relentlessly on his penis!” The little brother who has been personally taught by the elder brother was vicious, as expected.

Ouyang Long was temporarily frozen in shock by the savage expression on Nuo Nuo’s face.

“… Isn’t that too brutal?” Su Nuo quickly changed his tune in guilt as soon as he saw his handsome man in silence.

“I was just randomly saying crap.

If the person was actually a bad guy, I would use the power of love to reform him.

” This sounded a lot more refined; he was taking the moral high ground, just like a pure angel.

“I rather like the idea of you stomping his penis until it exploded.

” Ouyang Long ruthlessly nibbled his lips.

My man is so savage! But at the same time, very manly! Su Nuo immediately let out a breath of relief and silently gave him a thumbs up.

A dummy who just finished showering smelled fragrant and felt malleable.

His naked body couldn’t be any more sensual! Mr.

CFO trailed kisses from his lips to his chest, and finally towards his naval! “That tickles.

” Su Nuo giggled like a dummy.

But a beauty who giggled foolishly was still beautiful.

Thus, in the very next second, the big bad wolf devoured XiaoNuo’s penis.


” Suo Nuo bit his lower lips as his brows lightly wrinkled in bliss.

Ouyang Long propped up Nuo Nuo’s butt in order to pleasure him even more.

“Honey…” As someone who was highly sensitive, Su Nuo was utterly defeated by Ouyang’s technique.

He finished really quickly.

“That was fast,” Ouyang chuckled.

Su Nuo limply lay on the bed.

His small stomach rose and fell at a fast pace, and his face was still a dashing shade of red.

It was really satisfying! “Can you lie on your stomach?” Ouyang Long whispered into his ears.

Su Nuo obediently hugged his blanket and rolled onto his stomach, and after a quick thought, turned and reminded him in worry.

“Remember to be gentle.

” “Don’t worry,” Ouyang Long lightly nibbled at his nose.

“I couldn’t bear to hurt you.

” I wasn’t afraid of being hurt! Su Nuo explained seriously, “I was afraid that the bed might collapse.

” We must learn from our predecessors and not repeat the same mistake.

Furthermore, Director Zhong paid a hefty price to teach them this experience; his sacrifices cannot be in vain! Ouyang couldn’t help but laugh.

How can you laugh! I was being serious! Su XiaoNuo wanted to call attention to this very important matter but was quickly silenced by a passionate kiss on the lips.


” Su Nuo opened his mouth slightly, and immediately a scorching hot tongue invaded inside and began a passionate dance with its partner.

Su Nuo almost forgot to breathe.

“You’re not allowed to talk again.

” Ouyang Long released him before beginning preparations below with his fingers.

Su Nuo looked on in a daze as his cheeks flushed red; there were droplets of moisture on his lips and eyelids.

Even a eunuch would not be able to resist such a sight! Let’s not forget, though, that Mr.

Director was most definitely not a eunuch; he was a powerful beast alright! “Umph… slow… down… a bit… The bed!” Even if he was in the middle of an act of passion, Su XiaoNuo still did not forget about this problem.

“Hush…” Ouyang Long wished he could just swallow him whole.

“The bed…Ah…Umph….

Bed…” He was so stubborn! Ouyang Long couldn’t take the noise anymore and eventually bent his waist and hoisted Su Nuo up so that Nuo Nuo’s arms were wrapped around his neck.

“Hold on tight.

” “What.


?” Su Nuo opened his eyes with much effort and didn’t even get a chance to ask what was going on before he felt a tightening of his waist and he was lifted up in an embrace.

“Ahhh!” The deepest part of his body got grazed and he cried out in a hoarse voice before wrapping his legs around Ouyang’s waist even tighter.

“If it’s like this, the bed should be okay right?” Ouyang Long pushed him onto the wall before increasing his movements.

“Honey…” Su Nuo’s breathing was coming out in short bursts as his eyes reddened.

He wanted to push him away, but was afraid to move his arms.

His entire body was suspended midair and it was only due to his legs wrapped around Ouyang’s waist that he was still upright.

It was as if his soul was pierced with the intense emotions and Ouyang’s manhood wreaked havoc in his lower half without a moment’s rest.

The slight drizzle of spring rain and the feel of blossoming love all created a beautiful scene.

Except for our resident Royal Concubine.

That was because he lived right next to Su XiaoNuo.

Those thin walls did little to block out neighboring noises, thus he had no choice but to cover his ears and head with a blanket.

It was beyond stifling.

The morning of the next day, Ouyang felt soft movements from the person next to him and lazily opened his eyes.

He saw Suo Nuo doing his best to grab his shirt from the chair without getting up.

“You’re not sleeping anymore?” Mr.

Director asked.

Su XiaoNuo didn’t expect his man to wake up this early and rolled off the bed with the blanket in surprise.

Ouyang Long: “…….

” “Morning.

” Su Nuo climbed back onto the bed, face and ears flushed.

Why was he always so embarrassing? This doesn’t make any logical sense! “Does your ankle still hurt?” Ouyang Long asked.

“No…” Su Nuo replied and swallowed back the rest of that sentence – that his ass and waist hurt like hell – before blushing profusely.

Even though Mr.

Director’s manhood was hidden inside the blanket, it was apparently very much awake.

“Let me take a look.

” Ouyang Long sat up and helped him take off the bandages on his ankle.

After seeing that there were no apparent bruising and swelling, he pulled Su Nuo’s ankle closer and placed a kiss on it.

“You rest a bit more.

” Su Nuo pulled back his ankle.

“I need to head for the shoot.

” Even though he was really tired, he couldn’t drag down the entire team’s progress.

Dawdling on the bed only works on elder brother, his husband, and the Royal Concubine.

“I’ll come with you.

” Ouyang Long sat up.

“All right, but the members of the team will definitely cause a ruckus.

You should be prepared,” Su Nuo told him.


” Ouyang Long pinched his ear.

“There’s nothing we can do about it.

Who told me to fall in love with a celebrity?” “Though, they already caused a fuss over Director Mu, so you don’t have to worry too much,” Su Nuo said as he sat on the bed as Ouyang helped him get dressed.

“If you get bored, you can escape to the rooftop and surf the net.

” “There’s no way I would be bored.

” Ouyang Long kneeled down to help him wear his shoes.

“One of my favorite things to do is watch you act.

” “Really?” Su Nuo asked in pleasant surprise.

“The scene this morning is really interesting!” “What is it?” Ouyang Long asked.

“It’s a scene where I am being chased by killers and then fall into a pond,” Su Nuo replied.


” Mr.

CFO immediately felt a sense of apprehension, but was able to hold it in.

“Let’s go.

” Su Nuo, on the other hand, was in high spirits because he thought he would definitely look dashing jumping into the pond dressed in all white.

Not only that, this was the scene where he would discover a rare book and become a supreme master.

Just thinking about it was exhilarating!