Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 100

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Extra – Movie Shoot 3 Translated by Aphelios of Exiled Rebels Translations Editor: Rattie As the Leader of the Martial Arts World, Su XiaoNuo should have a lot of fighting scenes; however, due to the opposition of both Mr Director and Han Wei, all of the dangerous actions were given to a stunt double.

It was really such a shame that he wasn’t able to act in those scenes personally.

Su Nuo sorrowfully took a deep sigh.

Since the next scene was at night; Su Nuo used the break as an opportunity to walk over to the village Auntie by the entrance with Dai An to scrounge for a meal.

He was in an impeccable mood! Furthermore, Auntie Zhang’s son was out of town working, thus it was usually just her at home, so she really liked having Su Nuo eat at her place, and in the beginning she even refused to take payment from them.

It was only after much urging from Dai An that she took the money.

It could be seen from this that Su XiaoNuo was a treasure for Aunties all over and especially doted on by others.

The fragrance from the kitchen pervaded the entire house.

Su Nuo took a sniff and was immediately on cloud nine; no words were able to accurately describe his feelings.

Dai An washed his hands and went to the kitchen to help, and Su Nuo quickly joined in on the fun and washed the dishes.

It was a really joyful and harmonious moment.

Even with the slight language barrier, it was a blessing that the dialect was not that hard to understand and he was able to make out most of it.

“You guys wait outside.

” The kitchen was both hot and tiny.

Dai An was rushing them out of the area.

“I’m fine with this kind of work.

You and Auntie go cool off in the shades.

” “My dear royal concubine, you’re so virtuous!” Su Nuo couldn’t help but praise him.




This type of life was indeed quite good! If they had time in the future, he could come here together with his handsome man.


Director would till the lands while Su Nuo knitted.

Meanwhile, the birds on the trees were all in pairs.

What a wonderful image that would make! In contrast to the leisurely break these two had, the people at the scene were evidently experiencing much hardship.

Not only did they not have the opportunity to eat these delicious fresh pork meat veggie buns, but they also had to endure the OCD-like nature of ZhongLi FengBai’s hysteria.


Qiu, can you please help persuade the director?” These small actors felt like they were going to collapse in tears any second now, and thus entrusted all their hopes to celebrity Qiu.

“I want a grieving impression.

Do you all understand what the hell grieving means?” ZhongLi FengBai berated as he held the script and looked towards the sunset.

“I want you all to give me the feeling of the Yangtze River in decline!” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM Fuck! What kind of feeling did the Yangtze River in decline even give? Could he be any more abstract!? The actors could only dare to rage but not speak as they sat in a circle and gossiped during their break.

The final conclusion they came up with was that the director must not have been satisfied in bed, which was why he became this irritable and unyielding! From this, it could be seen that the origin of all evils was sex! If they let this situation continue on, director would definitely become increasingly demented and evil! This really made them all want to sigh.

“How about I make cardboard cutout of a 1.

85 meter tall Director Mu and place it at the scene?” Actor A suggested.

“I could make it into a 3D sculpture, the kind that’s 360 degrees of perfection and so real it’s as if the actual person is here!” He was quickly held in extreme contempt by the others.

How dare he think up this kind of shitty idea! Let’s not first talk about how creepy that thing would be, even if Director Zhong accepted it, imagine him being able to see it but not be able to touch the actual person, not be able to passionately kiss him, and not be able to fervently linger on his skin; Director Zhong would be even more difficult to deal with than he is now! If that happens, how would everyone endure their remaining days! “Can’t we just secretly write a letter to Mr.

Mu?” Another small fry suggested.

“We can ask the screenwriter to make it more touching so that once Director Mu reads it, he would feel like his heart was being tortured with a knife and couldn’t help but immediately fly to Director Zhong’s side!” As soon as everyone heard that suggestion, they visualized a series of scenarios such as , and were immediately shocked by their own imagination.

“Director Ouyang is not here either, but Nuo Nuo is completely normal.

What gives?” Actor C asked in total confusion.

“That’s because Nuo Nuo is so cold.

He must have a low sex drive!” Everyone was enamored with this topic, and lowered their voices to analyze.

“Maybe once every half a year is enough for him.

” Someone shuddered and took in a deep breath.

“Isn’t it tortuous for Director Ouyang then?” A cold beauty who you can see but not touch sitting by your side every day – it’s plain purgatory for a man! Especially so for Director Ouyang, who looked like someone with a very active libido.

“How can that be!” Everyone began to rebuke that hypothesis one by one.

This was a soulmate pairing; this was what we call true love! Only Plato’s rendition of love was suitable for Nuo Nuo! The mortal version of love would only taint his pure budding soul! “How come your bun has more meat?” The flower like Su XiaoNuo was currently haggling over such minor details at the entrance of the kitchen.

“… How would I know?” Dai An replied meekly.

Su Nuo forcefully took the other half of the bun.

“You go get a new one.

” Dai An almost cried in despair, “Don’t go stealing someone else’s leftovers just to eat an extra bite of meat!” If the paparazzi saw this, there would be hell to pay.

Jesus, he was so stressed out.

“I don’t want to act in that scene tonight!” Su Nuo grumbled as he ate.

“What scene do you ever want to act in?” Dai An spit back.

“There is one! The last scene where I get to kick Qiu ZiYan!” Despite that being three days ago, Su XiaoNuo still felt invigorated over the memory.

“It’s not like you actually hit him.

It was all the stunt double,” Dai An replied in a demeaning manner.

“Even so, I still feel awesome!” Su Nuo wiped his mouth.

“Let’s go see if Director ZhongLi burst into flames yet.

” Dai An : …… “Your acting is no good.

It’s too fake!” ZhongLi FengBai threw away the script.

“You must show your inner rage, and viciously attack him!” “……” The newbie looked at Qiu ZiYan in fear; big shots can’t be hit.

“It’s fine.

If you can’t get the feel accurately, then just hit me for real.

” Qiu ZiYan jokingly said to him in an attempt to help him relax.

“Don’t be nervous.

” “Hit me now.

” ZhongLi FengBai commanded.

“What…?” The newbie’s face turned ashen immediately.

Who would dare hit such a prideful director.

“Hurry!” ZhongLi FengBai rushed as he stood in front of him.

“First slap me on the face, then kick me to the floor! Remember, it must feel genuine!” The newbie could only take a deep breath, raised his hand and slapped down.

Of course it was only acting.

It looked like he used a lot of strength, but in reality, it wasn’t that hard.

ZhongLi FengBai’s face tilted to the side, and then the newbie raised his leg and was about to land the final kick when he suddenly heard a rage filled voice.

“Do you want to die!?” Fuck! The world became silent.

ZhongLi FengBai immediately calmed down as well.

Mu Qiu stomped over in fury and looked as if he was about to help his wife in a fight.

ZhongLi FengBai was still in shock and could only look at Mu Qiu with his mouth open.

However, the audience had already responded! Everyone was moved to tears and some even began to clap in vigor! ‘Clap’, ‘clap’, ‘clap’, the sounds of applause deafened the scene.

“Why are you here?” ZhongLi FengBai finally snapped out of his daze amongst the thunderous applause.

“I missed you.

” Mu Qiu replied quietly.

Director Zhong’s ears reddened in a flash! Saying! This kind of mushy! Words! In front! Of all these people! He is! So! Shameless! “Is your leg okay?” Mu Qiu was still worried about his wound.


It’s fine.

” Seeing the surrounding audience eagerly waiting to hear gossip, Director Zhong had no choice but to pause the shoot and dragged Mu Qiu back to his room.

The entire cast was moved to tears after witnessing such a moving scene straight out of an idol love story.

As to what those two were up to after returning to their room, well, no one dared to visualize that scene! Such precious love was hard to come by.

This was too moving.

“Who told you to come here?” ZhongLi FengBai began to rage quietly as soon as they both entered the room.

“I’ve more or less finished work at the company, so I decided to come see you.

” Mu Qiu pulled his wife in for an intense kissing session.

“Did you miss me these days?” “Not even an ounce!” ZhongLi FengBai answered coldly.

Thank the gods that Mu Qiu was used to this and wasn’t affected at all.

Rather, he thought FengBai’s response was quite cute, and once again, he pushed him onto the bed for another round of passionate kisses before letting up in satisfaction.

This was what one called the life of a successful man! “You’re heavy as hell.

” ZhongLi FengBai pushed him away as he sat up to fix his clothes, his ears reddened.

“Do you still need to go to the scene?” MU Qiu asked.

“Of course!” Director Zhong stared at him in annoyance.

“You will wait here! You’re looking for a divorce if you dare leave the room!” “Even if I promise not to mess around?” Mu Qiu really wanted to look at him every second of the day! “No!” ZhongLi FengBai threw a pillow at his face.

He could just imagine the mess if he let Mu Qiu head to the scene with him.

There would definitely be all kinds of trouble.

Even if there weren’t any messing around, people would flock around and stare at Mu Qiu.

My man is not someone that others can easily gawk at! He’s not a monkey in a zoo! “All right,” Mu Qiu compromised.

“Then I’ll just take a nap here.

I’m a bit sleepy after staying up all night to fly here.

” Director Zhong felt kind of bad after he saw how pale Mi Qiu was, his stubble and the exhaustion written in his eyes.

Thus he, in a moment of passion, pulled Mu Qiu in a five-minute-long French kiss? Of course not! He wasn’t Su XiaoNuo! The reality was that he released a “humph” of rage, turned his head away and left.

It could be said that creatures such as these artistic youths could be unbelievably prideful to an extreme degree.

Simultaneously, Su XiaoNuo had already returned to the scene, and he had roughly heard about the tear-jerking story of “Director Mu came?” Dai An was shocked as well.

“Yes! Covered in dust and looking quite pale! One can immediately tell that he took no rest all night just to rush here!” The extras were all immersed in their self-given roles and unconsciously visualized the face of Mu Qiu.



” I wanted to see my handsome Mr.

Director too! Su XiaoNuo felt just a tiny bit envious.

The royal concubine was quite sharp and immediately saw through the inner thoughts of Su Nuo; he quickly pulled Nuo Nuo aside and asked, “Do you want me to get you some cold snow fungus soup?” “No.

” Su Nuo sigh internally.

It was just a thought! He was so busy with work.

“Man, are you okay?” Dai An was slightly worried.

Su Nuo took a look at his cautious expression and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Of course I’m fine.

” “Are you sure?” Dai An was still worried and had to confirm again.

“Yes, I’m sure.

” Su Nuo revealed honestly, “It’s just that I miss him a little bit.

But it’s okay!” He is not missing Ouyang just a little bit, Dai An thought to himself.

Nuo Nuo was already hugging him at night and screaming ‘Husband’ in his sleep! Dai An couldn’t help but feel sorry for him.

“Let’s go change and prepare for the shoot.

” Su Nuo stood up.

“The quicker we finish, the quicker we get to eat a delicious meal.

” Despite not having the handsome Mr.

Director by his side, at least he has his moonlight-dried sweet potatoes – sweet and tough – it counts as happiness, he guessed.

Anyway… A foodie is a type of creature that’s easily satisfied! Su XiaoNuo rubbed his nose and thought to himself that he was quite sensible.