Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 99

Mr. Fashionable - Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Extra – Movie Shoot 2 Translated by Yoonie of Exiled Rebels TranslationsEditor: Rattie Because the small village was so far away from the urban cities, the villagers were only curious about the shooting equipment and not the actors themselves.

Without any fans’ fanatical behavior, naturally there wouldn’t be any hindrance.

Su Nuo really liked the place where they were shooting at.

If he got to rest early after work, he would usually drag Dai An along to walk around the village.

Or maybe he’d even drink some tea and eat some desserts at the households of the many warm-hearted villagers.

This kind of life really suited Su Nuo.

“This place is actually pretty nice to live in.

” Dan An said as the two lay on the roof and watched the moon with a full stomach after dinner.

“I couldn’t live here forever, though,” Su Nuo immediately refused.

Even if the food over here is top-notch, I can’t stand to not see my handsome Mr.


That cannot happen! After completing the filming, I must leave this place! So I should just try to eat more meals these few days! “At whose house shall we go eat tomorrow?” When this topic was discussed, Su Nuo suddenly turned serious.

“… Village Head, Aunt Zhang?” Dai An suggested, “When I passed by her house yesterday, I saw her cutting vegetables.

I think she’s making those cabbage-filled steamed buns.

” “Then it’s decided.

” Su Nuo used his head to imagine the tastiness of the steamed buns, and was in a very good mood.

“Cough, cough.

” ZhongLi FengBai appeared silently like a ghost at the base of the ladder.

“Ah!” Dai An was startled.




“If you have nothing to do, don’t make those kinds of weird sounds!” Su Nuo looked at the director with an unsatisfied expression, how dare he scare my princess! “I need to make a call.

” ZhongLi FengBai was super cold.

“Then do it.

” Su Nuo went back to laying on the rooftop, and even swung his legs over the edge.



” Facing Su Nuo’s disobedience, ZhongLi FengBai said expressionlessly, “Tomorrow, I’m going to add you and Qiu Ziyan a wet tongue kissing scene.

” Continue reading on MYB0XN0 V E L.

COM What the hell! That’s so mean! Su Nuo sat up angrily, “This kind of gay tv show will never succeed!” “So what? I shoot it, I watch it myself.

” ZhongLi FengBai was very calm.


How could there be such a perverted director in the world?! Su Nuo was not going to back down, but Dai An interfered and dragged him away from the situation.

This was the real role of managers.

ZhongLi FengBai stood on a chair, and dialed Mu Qiu’s phone number.

Although this action seemed very embarrassing, there was no other way around it! According to his experiments, only this rooftop has the best connection.

He could actually have a full conversation on the phone, and standing on the chair made it even better.

It really wasn’t easy.


” Mu Qiu was pretty quick.

“Don’t call me that! So disgusting!” ZhongLi FengBai was grossed out.


” Mu Qiu was very smooth.

“……” Director Zhong was satisfied, “… Did you get off work yet?” “I’m still at the company.

” Mu Qiu informed him.

ZhongLi FengBai suddenly fumed, “Why are you overworking yourself again?” “I’ll go back home soon.

” Mu Qiu coaxed him, “Go to bed early.

” “Your eyes still need more rest! Why are you ignoring the doctor’s ord—AHH!!!” Suddenly a scream came through the phone and Mu Qiu was scared that his heart was going to jump out of his throat, “Baby! What happened?!” “….

I’m fine.

” ZhongLi FengBai’s eyes watered as he lay on the roof.

Because he was too emotional, he accidentally slipped on the chair and fell down with a hard thump.

“Then why did you yell?” Mu Qiu rarely roared, but he really was worried.

“I fell.

” Zhong director stood up with his dust covered face.

“Are you hurt?” Mu Qiu felt very distressed.

“It’s all right.

” ZhongLi FengBai sat down, and rolled up his pants with one hand.

A patch of red blood stained his pants.

“Are you really all right?” Mu Qiu was still worried.

“I’m fine.

” ZhongLi FengBai clenched his teeth.

It fucking hurts on my knee! It’s like! The flames of Hell burning me! Can’t! Stand it! “Ahh!” Su Nuo suddenly yelled on the ladder.

1 Dai An was so surprised that he suddenly stopped and almost fell off the ladder.

My princess was really weak in the heart after all, he gets frightened easily.

“Why are you yelling?” ZhongLi FengBai was kind of shocked too.

“Is that NuoNuo?” Mu Qiu asked on the other side of the phone.

“Why are you bleeding so much?!” Su Nuo ran over to him and yelled into the phone.

“Hey!” ZhongLi FengBai hastened to end the call, but Mu Qiu already heard Su Nuo, “What happened when you fell?!!” “The blood is everywhere!” Su Nuo gave his full out actor voice and said, “Maybe his leg is broken!?” “Don’t listen to him! I… I’m actually fine!” ZhongLi FengBai stuttered for the first time in a while, because he sensed the dark anger rising in Mu Qiu.

“Don’t worry, Mu Qiu! I’ll take him to the hospital!” Su Nuo literally plastered his face onto the phone screen, “Dai An, go and pick up the other half of Zhong director’s leg.

” “Stop messing around!” ZhongLi FengBai was very annoyed, and fumbled with his phone to take a picture of his leg to Mu Qiu so that Mu Qiu won’t fly here overnight.

According to his intelligence and his rash decisions, that was something he would do.

“There’s so much blood and you’re telling me you’re fine?!” After seeing the picture, Mu Qiu got even angrier, “You better come back home tomorrow!!” ZhongLi FengBai wanted to cry, and tried to convince Mu Qiu that ‘it was only a small scrape, and will heal overnight!’ kind of wound, but was interrupted by “Go get it bandaged first!” “But I can’t call you after I’m done.

There’s no other place with connection!” ZhongLi FengBai was conflicted.

“Rest assured, Director Mu, Director Zhong is fine.

” Dai An couldn’t stand the situation anymore, and he took the phone, “I will take Zhong Director to get his leg bandaged, please rest easy.

” “Princess, you’re so nice.

” Su Nuo squatted on the side and sighed.

“If something happens, call me.

” Fortunately, there was a reliable man at the scene, so Mu Qiu released a breath of relief.


” Dai An ended the call quickly because in the blink of an eye, ZhongLi FengBai and Su Nuo were already wrestling.

Dai An didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“You’re still hurt, so how can you still be so violent?!!!” Su Nuo tried to avoid ZhongLi FengBai’s punches while trying not to touch his wound.

“If I’m going down, you’re going down too!” ZhongLi FengBai was very mad.

“Ah, you’re pinching my stomach!!” “….


” “Stop it! OW!” “…….

” “Hehehehehe, so ticklish.

” “You two, stop.

” Dai An sat on the side with a look of defeat.

How could these two be so idiotic? What would happen if the reporters got their hands on this?! Ten minutes later, the two breathless men finally got dragged back to their room by Dai An.

ZhongLi FengBai was sitting on the couch and his leg was getting bandaged, and he looked at Su Nuo with vengeance.

“ I will give you and Qiu ZiYan a sex scene tomorrow!” “Childish.

” Su Nuo nibbled on the apple with a disgusted expression, “I won’t do it.

” “I’ll also let him play your role in the show! And he will be ‘Lord of Wulin League’!” ZhongLi FengBai was very vicious.

Fuck! Su Nuo was alert in an instant, “What about me?” “The Lord still needs a boy toy.

” ZhongLi FengBai was very calm.

“Princess!!!” Su Nuo looked at Dai An angrily, “Did you just hear what he said?” “Yes, I heard it.

” Dai An’s head was buzzing due to their arguing.

After treating ZhongLi FengBai’s wound, he dragged Su Nuo back to their own room.

“He’s actually kidding about me taking the role of that ab man’s boy toy, right?” Su Nuo complained, “I’m this manly, so I probably couldn’t act out that role anyway.

” “IF YOU EVEN THINK JUST A LITTLE, IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!” Dai An pushed the glass cup towards Su Nuo, “Drink your milk!” “Princess you’re so aggressive today.

” Su Nuo’s expression was very forced.

“Don’t create trouble again!” Dai An washed his hands in the sink.

Originally, he was going to help ZhongLi FengBai after he fell, but that just created more problems.


” Su Nuo gave him the glass cup back with a circle of white around his mouth, “I was just trying to help him.

” “Tch.

Help him in what way?” Dai An didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“President Mu probably really wanted to see him, so I pushed a little and helped him.

” Su Nuo lay on the bed, showing his stomach.

“If you did cooperate with me tonight, maybe Mu Qiu might come here tomorrow!” …… So I was the one who’s wrong this entire time?! Dai An’s feelings suddenly turned complicated.

“Let’s sleep now!” Su Nuo patted the other side of the bed.

“I’m sleeping in the other room tonight!” Dai An was on alert.

“Why?” Su Nuo was dissatisfied.

In this boring world without any drama, it would be better if the two could still talk.

“Because you called me hubby after you fell asleep last night!” Dai An’s tone was full of resentment.

Holy Shit! Even if Su Nuo doesn’t get embarrassed easily, right now his ears are a little bit red.

Can’t believe I’ve been this thirsty to see my man! This is so scary! The next day of filming went on as usual, with ZhongLi FengBai sitting in the director’s chair, watching Qiu Ziyan and Su Nuo act like rivals.

“Hand it over!” The general in the silver war robes looked very aggressive and manly.

“You’re telling me to hand it over, but why should I listen to you?” The man in black smiled softly, and his eyes were full of playfulness.

“Cut!” ZhongLi FengBai interrupted the scene, “NuoNuo, you’re supposed to act like the cold and indifferent lord of Wulin League!” Not the flirtatious servant! Why the hell are you smiling like that?! You’re supposed to show disdain to the other, not to try to seduce him! Of course, the latter section was just purely ZhongLi FengBai’s annoyance.

He was still very calm in front of the production team.

“Let’s take ten.

” It was too hot outside, so the production team brought everyone ice creams and drinks.

“Why does Qiu ZiYan’s robe look flashier than mine?” During the break, Su Nuo complained.

“Because he’s a court official, so of course his clothes are a bit more fancy than yours.

” Dai An wiped off his sweat for Su Nuo, “We won’t take that kind of flamboyant role, the character is too superficial!” “But I also want to embroider a tiger onto my clothes!” Su Nuo was very jealous.

“You’re living in the mountains right now, you can change your clothes after we finish shooting this show.

” Dai An comforted him.

“And the neckline of this costume is too big!” Su Nuo complained again.

Showing my collarbones makes me look like a girl ah! Dai An was silent while helping Su Nuo scoop his ice cream.

In fact, there was a reason for the exposed collarbones.

Because Su Nuo was voted to have ‘the most beautiful and exquisite collarbones’ in a ‘your favorite actor’s body parts’ popular website.

Of course, Qiu ZiYan was in the voting section too, and almost everyone agreed that he has the best abs in the entertainment industry.

Su Nuo was very annoyed and jealous for a long time over this matter.

So I mustn’t mention this in front of him.